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I feel GOOD!

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Today I'm 41 weeks and I actually feel good. That may not be saying much since I've had the pregnancy from h***, but I have to say, If I'd felt like this my entire pregnancy I really might have enjoyed it!
Two weeks ago I was crying myself to sleep at night because I literally didn't think I could handle another day, and now here I am a week over and feeling totally fine about the whole thing!
I'm really achy, I'm so huge I can hardly walk, and I sleep all day, but that's nothing compared to the icky sick miserable desperate way I felt for the rest of the pregnancy.
Is this totally weird or what? I always heard the last few weeks were the WORST!
What is going on??
Anybody else?
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I've always felt great once the m/s went away. Maybe your baby dropped, or maybe labor is coming soon so you have a burst of energy. Either way I'm glad you feel great!
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I have felt great these last few weeks too (currently 40w2d)! My first pregnancy was a complete breeze so I was taken aback when this pregnancy proved not to be as smooth and easy for me to deal with but I have had more energy and felt much better than any other point since hitting 38 weeks or so. It is nice to end in such a positive way...
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I can relate - I have had severe hyperemesis with both pregnancies. With dd it didn't let up at all but with this pg I started to feel MUCH better around 36 weeks and now 4 days short of my EDD I feel fabulous! I only wish I could feel this way throughout my pregnancies!

So glad to hear you ladies are feeling good too!
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