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DONE with work!!

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I am very excited! I am done with the end of the school year! Today I cleaned out my classroom (and hoped labor would start, but it didn't), turned in my keys, turned in my grades, said Peace Out and left. This is my 6th year teaching. I've taught 9, 10, 11, 12, yearbook, and newspaper in those 6 years, and I somehow cleaned out so well that I managed just one copier-paper box of books and one crate of lessons. Everything else was either recycled, thrown out, or left for the other teachers to fight like buzzards over my white board markers and 6 staplers.

In the fall I will teach one night class twice a week and also teach some online courses.

AND another teacher gave me this huge trash bag full of nikki's prefold-ish diapers, inserts, and covers! WHOOOHOOOO~!!@

Now that I've finished at work and have seen my one last concert to go to, Soda 7 can come on out! I'm going to spend some time explaining this to her and thanking her for staying put until I get this stuff done.
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it's amazing that you didn't amass more . . . stuff! i come from a family of teachers, and that stuff accumulates quickly! Good job!
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I think a combo of things really helped me eliminate--I am heavily nesting and tossing anyway, AND I am really jaded right now and not sentimental! I was like, bye bye everything! Set it freeee!
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year 12 for me. lucky (?) i didn't come back after spring break.

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Wow, congratulations on getting it done and not taking home too much clutter!
I'm a teacher too (this was my 3rd year) and at first I wasn't planning on going back next year but they talked me into part time. It resulted in my not really cleaning with nearly as much finality. I did have to clean out one of my offices a little better because that one will go to the lovely lady I'm job-sharing with next year. But my other office, I had some things that I just stuffed on shelves and then covered them up.
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Yay!!! :

Today was my last day at work too!
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