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I think DD is done nursing

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Well, I think DD has weaned herself. She will be 4 in August.

We may not have been 100% child-led 100% of the time, but I am posting this here because I was always committed to letting her nurse for as long as she liked and I feel that it was truly her decision to wean (as strong willed as she is, there is little she does that is not her decision!).

She went a week without nursing and when I told her it had been a week she said "that's because I am big now and I don't need mama milk anymore. I am saving it all for the baby" (even though we had talked about sharing "nursies" and I explained that my body would make as much as it needed to). Then she asked to nurse a couple of mornings later, nursed for a little longer than usual (for quite some time she has been nursing for just a couple of seconds per side), stopped and said that no milk was coming out. I told her that sometimes it just takes a little while, so she nursed a little longer, announced that she had gotten some milk, and was done. She hasn't wanted to nurse since then.

It is bittersweet. I am just over 5 months pregnant and it has been very painful to nurse for the past few months. In some ways I am relieved, but it is also such a big milestone. I can't believe that she is done, and I am a little teary eyed after typing all of this.
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Congrats to both of you! I teared up a little reading your post. My DS recently weaned himself at nearly 4. I am committed to CLW, but I don't especially enjoy nursing past 3 or so. My DD nursed until 5 and I was soooo ready for her to wean. I know I was not as patient w/ her as I should have been. I intended to be more patient w/ DS but then he weaned himself easily long before I expected. I wasn't sad, but it is definitely a change. Hugs!
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Hugs to you both! You've done great, mama! My dd will be 4 in November and is down to once every 2-3 days-- I'm at the point of wondering when she simply won't ask again. I feel fortunate that she and I are both coming to feel truly "done" around the same time.
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