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Potty learning-did you use 1 potty or 2 for twins?

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I'm thinking we might start here pretty soon and I've heard a lot of people talk about using only a seat that fits on the regular toilet, instead of teaching them to use a potty chair and then on the toilet. I don't remember having much difficulty with that stage with my older 2, but I suppose it's worth a shot. I'm wondering though, with twins, is it even going to work since there is only one toilet and 2 little butts.

So, oh wise mommas that have been through this stage already, what worked for you?

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Crashing to say that with my toddler, even babysitting or ECing with two and just one potty is hard- cannot imagine how hard it would be with twins with only one little pot! Though I suppose you ladies have your amazing ways of dealing with sharing. Poops take a long time, though, you know? And one could easily have to pee when the other, well, you get the point!
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I used 2 potties. I think it worked out well for them. It made them feel important having their own. That way too, if Mommy couldn't get their fast enough or if one was in use, they could use the other one. We also used a little seat on the toilet as well that way they would be used to using a regular sized toilet when we were out. I bought a travel seat for those occasions.

Good Luck!
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we did both. two little seats for each girl and two that attach to the toilet. the small ones got old quick and it was such a chore to clean them out. we now only use the toilet attachment. i think it depends upon the child as some have a fear of the big toilet/falling in.
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We did the same--started with two little potties smack dab in the middle of the hall between kitchen and living room, then gradually moved on to a potty seat that fits on the potty (one in the kitchen/downstairs bathroom and one in the kids' bathroom upstairs). Just one potty would be very tricky!
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We have 2 little potties and a kid-sized potty seat in both bathrooms. I don't any missed opportunities. Of course, my kids are still not using the potty full-time at 3.5, so it's not like it's been a magic bullet.
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We are only in the midst of this, but we've been using nothing.

It's working great!

Meaning. . . we have one toilet. We ditched the potties because they're a PITA. We ditched the smaller but still inconvenient ring for the toilet. We sit them on the toilet backwards. I read about that here on MDC. Man, I sure wish I'd known about that for the first three kids! Works so awesome!! They can hang on, relax, no big deal that things are different when we are out of the house. . . they can even climb on and off by themselves. Yay! It's been zero issue of having only one facility. Sometimes we've got a little nakey-bum standing beside his brother waiting for his turn, but it's not frantic.
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5 potties.... 2 upstairs, 2 downstairs, 1 in the van.

We used potties & toilets, just whatever was handy, but definitely found that having 2 potties was essential for us. The kids never had any problems with using toilets when out somewhere even though it was mostly potties at home.
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One potty but my twins pottied trained almost a year apart from each other.
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Awesome ladies, thanks for the posts.

Wish me luck, I'm so nervous about PLing twin boys. My oldest DS was over 4 before he learned, but my dd was a breeze at 2 yo.
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One reason I liked having two potties was that it gets a little crazy trying to keep track of who went what when.... so, at least in the beginning, I tried to sit them down together at regular intervals. We quickly moved from the potties to the regular toilet with kid-seat though. I do have an extra potty in the bathroom for "emergencies" where they both have to go at the same time (but that hasn't happened yet). And we have two potties in our minivan which I have them sit on before we go in somewhere and when we get out (but I'm a little paranoid about having an accident in public or in their carseats) lol! So far, we started pl about three weeks ago, they are doing so great! It's been much easier than I expected. One other piece of advice, I say skip pull-ups all together. We went right to underwear, starting with the thicker training pant type, and I think that is why they "got it" so quickly. Good luck!
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We had two potties at first. then, we switched them to the soft seat insert for a toilet-- we have two of those now, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

Best advice for little boys is naked, outside if possible. And, learn to pee standing up at the toilet.

I like the idea of backwards on the toilet. I may have to try that sometime when we're out without the soft seat.
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If you have two boys, someday you might find them both peeing at the same time!

But until then I also recommend two of something -- one ring + one potty, or two potties.
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