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Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
And November DDC totally rocks the bi socks
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Thank you, thank you Ocelotmom, for your reply...

While I understand your frustration with experimenting bisexuals, LibraryLady, I, too, must also express my frustration with lesbians who use the tag of bisexual as a half-way house on their way to fully accepting their sexuality since it is much more societally acceptable to be bi than be fully homosexual. For those of us who honestly would be happy with either gender, having someone say she's only into women, but bisexual is dishonest as hell. Ok, enough snark.

Having played on both sides of the gender fence and enjoyed my fair share of the many permutations of sex, in the end, I chose the socially acceptable outcome of being in a heterosexual marriage. Do I regret it? Sometimes. And then there are times when being in a conventional marriage does have its benefits, which makes me all the more an advocate for gay rights.

Before I tied the knot, there were a lot of discussions about sexuality, needs, desires and wishes. Both RJ and Tryst understand that, while I chose to be with them, I am bisexual, and I do love and enjoy being with women. Hell, at least we can all have fun conversations about our favorite female film stars and go chick-watching at the mall together.
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Thank you for this thread.

I married at 19 and didn't really accept my attraction to women until a few years into our marriage. Wanting a baby had a lot to do with why I got married and I'm sure there will always be a lot of "what if's". I married a man who does not believe it is possible to love more than one person at a time. I've been very honest about my feelings with him and my desires to further explore my sexual attraction to women, so I know how uncomfortable DH would be with any sort of exploration. I have a friend who is poly and has a live in girlfriend (in addition to his wife) and even talking about this friend makes my husband uncomfortable and he throws a fit any time I want to spend any time over there. My husband would be ok with a purely sexual relationship, but if I were to admit to any emotional feelings, he would be heartbroken. I think a large part of it has to do with his own insecurities and he has even told me that he would be more open to adding another women into our bedroom if he thought anyone would be attracted to both of us.

I've never done more than makeout with a woman and I just feel like I'll always have this part of me missing and unfufillied.

Sorry this is such a disjointed post. The kid I'm a nanny for is waking up so I gotta cut it short. Thanks again for such an information packed thread.
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My new anthology has essays by women in your shoes, SimplyRochelle. The link for it is www.dearjohnilovejane.com. There's also a website called LavenderVisions.com that is a community for women trying to figure these things out. The name is kind of corny, but I've heard good things about it.

Why does your DH feel like a woman wouldn't be attracted to both of you?
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He's just generally insecure about himself in general, which can be tiring.

And I'm already a fan of your book on facebook! Hoping to pick it up soon. Although when it showed up on DHs page that I had "liked" it, he just replied with nervousness, so I'm not sure it will be a welcome addition to our bookshelf from his viewpoint.
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