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pumping milk after they self-wean

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I've been wondering lately about this question. My toddler is still nursing tons and at this rate won't be weaning for a while. I was wondering if anyone pumped milk for their kids to drink instead of giving them some other form of milk once they have weaned or are decreasing their breastmilk intake? I guess the milk gradually slows down as the child slows down. I seem to be as full of milk as always and I do still pump some milk for dd to have with her cereal and such. just wondering.
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For DD it could have worked because I was nursing DS at the time (so had plenty of milk). I just didn't find it necessary because DD was already over 4.

For DS, since he was over 5.5 not only was my milk supply WAY down, I don't think he would have gone for it at all. He was happy about weaning and wouldn't have wanted bmilk in a cup.

For a younger toddler (under 2-2.5) I would definately investigate the possiblity, but with an older *child* I think part of CLW is the child actually not *needing* any milk at that point. Oh, this would also obviously be different for a child w/a medical condition that could be helped by bmilk.
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Yes I think the occasional cup of pumped milk can be nice for some kids. Even when ds was 5 and had weaned a few months prior he still wanted some pumped milk. Mostly because he had a new baby sister.
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I have been pumping since 2003, and I have always given the kids BM with their cereal, mac & cheese - pretty much anything that requires milk. They also drink cow's milk, too, and I see nothing wrong with giving them BM mixed in other food.

A few ears ago, I made my first daughter some mac & cheese with BM and left what she didn't eat on the counter. My husband came in from doing yard work, saw the leftovers, and immediately scoffed them down. He said, "Oh, Kirsten, what did you DO to this??? It's delicious!!!!!"
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What a wonderful story

about the mac and cheese.

IMHO, great idea about pumping and giving to your dc.
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