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Has your kid ever given you the chills?

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My 20 mo DD gave me chills tonight. We were reading bedtime stories in her room and she was wound up. She was pointing urgently at her bedroom door, looking back and forth from the door to me and back. I got up and asked her to show me what was taking her attention. She walked right out her bedroom door and pointed at a picture of her great grandma & grandpa on their wedding day. Both of them died last summer/fall. She was pointing, saying, "Boppa, mamamama!" really urgently and looking from the picture to me and back. All of us grandchildren called them Mom-ma and Pop-pa.

I still have a strange sensation. What could it mean?
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I know what you are talking about.

I have been hearing it more and more. I met a mom this fall who told me that her husband's mother died and everyone was upset. But the mom told me that the 3 year old daughter said,
"why is everyone crying. Grandma came to me last night and said she is happier now."

take a look at this........ for more info...

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I have that book ~

I was in a bookstore in Mt. Shasta, CA and the owner of the store was squatted down posting a flyer below the counter. DDs were in their stroller at her eye level. She said, "Oh, crystal children!" DH and I looked it up and found the book you linked to.

Just before this happened, there were two Buddhist monks looking at books. They made eye contact with the girls and just stared and finally told DH and me that the girls were so beautiful.

All in all, we felt the girls were affecting people in a special way. I'll go get that book out and read it more carefully.

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All three of them, all of the time...but my dd was the most perceptive to spritual when she was between 3 and 5. She would see apparitions and describe them in detail...we later found out that one of the spirits she was describing described the woman who grew up in our home. My older son, as well as myself, have premonition dreams, and he has often said outloud exactly what I am thinking, which reallllyy freaks me out!..the other night, for an example, I was at another site and the game Tiddlywinks came up..and turned into a talk about Beatrix Potter (long story..lol)....when I was tucking him into bed. he said to me, "Tiddlywinks!".. I said 'What made you say that?" He said, " I don't know...but remember the frog in the Beatrix Potter book always went around saying "Tiddlywinks? I felt like saying it"...needless to say, though it was not profound, it gave me the chills.
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My ds #2 has always been extremely spiritual/perceptive. When he was 3 my grandfather died. My ds hardly knew him because we lived far away, but a few days after the death ds said "Don't be sad Mom, your grandpa is happy with is mommy and daddy now. Someone told me!" We had never discussed death or the afterlife with him. Years later, when our 13 year old dog died, we were all incredibly sad. This same ds told us all very calmly that on the way into the house he had seen Sophie (the dog) sitting on our roof watching over us all. It made him smile.
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I lived in this icky house once. I never saw anything but would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like someone was looking at me. One evening, a friend and her little boy, who was about 2 1/2, were over. We were in the living room talking and he was playing. He started to look scared and said, we have to get out of here NOW, very urgently. We looked at each other, packed up my baby, and went to her house to sleep. I moved out a couple weeks later.
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i lived somewhere haunted once and it was horrible.
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Woooo, I like reading these stories! Plum, tell the story.

I have always had some kind of "premonition" although it is often not exactly right. For example, I had the "feeling" my work friend A was going to tell me she is pg. Instead, on the way to meet her for lunch, my friend B stopped me and said, I'm Pg!! Huh.

Also, during Christmas break, I had this sad feeling a guy I work with was going to kill himself - he didn't THANKFULLY but the day we came back to work I found out a woman at work (I don't know her) was killed in a house fire over that weekend.

And, since I was 14 I have been telling EVERYONE I was going to have twins one day. Lo and behold, they're here!

I hear someone in this house we live in now, only in the babies' room. It is not scary at all. I think the girls see something.

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I think my house is haunted, Alex now sleeps in the room Daria used to, I moved the two girls into the bigger bedroom and him into the smaller one. Anyway he never sleeps good anymore in there, and Daria never did either but since she was a baby I never thought much about her not sleeping well. She always slept better on the couch with me or in our bedroom. Alex often is scared or wakes up upset or talking in his sleep and he has started wanting to sleep with a toy everynight so he "doesn't have bad dreams" he says. Now before this kid never was attached to anything,no lovey and he also thought sleeping with toys was quote "stupid" his words!

As for Daria I really think she might be a crystal child I will need to get that book. Every single person that has ever seen her or looked at her tells me she is beautiful and special. I have had so many strangers just stop me dead in a store to tell me that, this kid must have one heck of an aura! I mean people comment my other kids are cute but never all the time like that. Actually one person almost didn't even notice my other kids, just Daria! And then looked right at me and told me she was special and I was very blessed. I feel that way but it sorta made me feel funky or something :LOL

I believe she has an angel watching over her or spiritual connections. The night Daria was born (no one but my mom knew I was in labor and she didn't know the time of birth until 8am that morning) my aunt Karen had a dream that her mom (my grandma who is dead) was talking to her at a party then suddenly told her to rush in the other room and take the blanket off the baby girl's face she can't breath!! My aunt awoke with a jump and the clock said 1:43 am, the time Daria was born, she had the cord around her neck (the only one of my kids that did) and the doc barely made it into the room, she was half out before he got there.

My mom called my aunt to tell her I had the baby but no time etc, my aunt said I figured and then told my mom the dream.

Here's where the angel thing comes in, ever since I can remember Daria has "talked" either cooing as an infant, toddler gibberish etc to the ceiling or wall, sometimes dead air. She would smile and often reach her hand out like someone was there. A few times last week she tried "feeding" no one.

She was sitting on the floor with some froot loops,(I'm ducking from organic oaties :LOL) the other kids were in bed and dh and I were sitting behind her where she couldn't really see us. She suddenly looked up facing the wall away from us and said "hi" and waved then held out a few froot loops to thin air , she then said "hi" again and waved (she says hi for both hi and bye sometimes) then went back to eating as if nothing happened. I just looked at dh like whoa:LOL.

And there have been times where someone just "protected"her kwim? She had a pretty bad vax reaction and thankfully recovered without any serious problems although there are a few effects. But I mean she can still walk, talk eat etc. There is so much love just pouring from her, something really special that I just can't put my finger on. Not just because she is my kid either.

ETA I read through that whole excerpt that trabot posted on that book and DAria is very fond of nature! She doesn't care what season it is, how cold or wet or whatever it is outside she want's to play outside! She is really into the dirt and everything.And she rolls in the grass and points to the flowers and just loves it. Alex will play out but he could care less about nature, just wants to toss a ball around :LOL.
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Yesterday my other dd opened a locket I received from my grandmother - it has a picture of my grandpa on one side and grandma on the other both as 60ish year old adults - pointed at my grandpa and said Pop-pa. That's what we all called him.

How she recognizes him, I have no idea. Neither dd has ever seen him before.

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Originally posted by honey
I lived in this icky house once. I never saw anything but would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like someone was looking at me. One evening, a friend and her little boy, who was about 2 1/2, were over. We were in the living room talking and he was playing. He started to look scared and said, we have to get out of here NOW, very urgently. We looked at each other, packed up my baby, and went to her house to sleep. I moved out a couple weeks later.
Your story makes my eyes water. FREAKY!

I hate reading stories like these, but I cant stop.
DD looks and points and talks to 'air' I dont like when she does it at bed time, I dont want to have ghosts in bed with us. Im too afraid.
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I grew up in a house with a ghost- my brother was the only one who saw her and could describe her, but we all heard the latches, doors and footsteps upstairs when no one was there. It was a very old house- a log cabin under the clapboards.

Children are amazing. I think we all had the ability to know things and perceive the other side as young children, but many of us lost the ability.

I was terrified of seeing the ghost and when I felt the presence, would pull the covers over my head or clamp my eyes shut. It didn't think I'd be harmed, I just didn't want to see.

When we were shopping for houses- an old lady had died in one (the one we ended up buying) but I checked it out for a ghost (can sense these things pretty good) and it was all clear. I always check. We lived there happily for two years.

I prefer to not have a ghost- it can be sort of noisy and disturbing and I like it quiet.
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OMG! I just read about the crystal children-I thought it was just some thing that my kids do...hug trees! They have since they were very little-well, the older ones have, the others still are little! When my baby coos & giggles at "nothing" up in the air, we say she is talking to her angels. That's what we've said for all of them. I think children are closer to god/goddess/yaweh/allah/whomever and can still see angels and stuff. It's too bad that most of us lose that ability. I myself have very stong "feelings," and dreams. Sometimes they're scary, but I've learned to listen. And you can be sure if a child says we have to get out now...BYE!
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When Rain was 2 and 3 she would occasionally mention things that had happened "when I was the mommy and you were the little girl". She was very matter-of-fact, like she thought for sure I'd remember. It was like she was talking about something that happened last week. She talked abut a house fire for a while, from back then. Now she doesn't remember it at all.

My mother died when she was 8. We were all in the living room at my dad's house when the hospital called, and we just sat there in shock and cried for a little while. The next day, Rain asked me if seeing things that weren't really there meant someone was crazy, and I told her that she was definitely not crazy, and that there were all sorts of reasons people saw things that weren't pysically there... and she told me that right after my mom died, she'd seen her sitting on the couch in the living room while we were all talking, where she'd sat a lot during her illness.. just watching.

I'm a very pragnatic, practical person, so this all threw me for a loop... but who knows?

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Since I was a baby I have been freaking my mother out!! :LOL She would be feeding me in the high chair and I would look over her should and ask "who's that?" I remember 3 friends that I had and played with every day. No one else saw them of course but I can still remember playing with them and it feels so REAL ya know? But wherever we moved (and we moved a lot when I was little) I would talk to the air and weird things would happen around me. Animals would come to me too when I was little. Like birds and lizards and a hawk once but my mom said he might have just wanted to eat me! lol
Even now I get "premonition" type things and they are always right. I get creeped out. But I think that as I get older I tell myself that such a thing can't be possible so you kind of lose touch with "the other world". Okay...now that you all think I am crazy!!
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My 15 month old will wake up at night, sit up in the bed (we co-sleep) look around the room, point at the floor and say "kitty!" This 'ghost-kitty' then walks around the room and DS follows him with his finger...'kitty, kitty' I think it is a cat I had for 10 years, who passed away in this house one night 2 years before DS was born.
DS also stops what he is doing at times, and turns his head as if to listen to some one speaking to him. Then he makes some type of baby talk reply as if to answer. : I am not sure what that is all about.

My older DS has never had any type of thing like that happen.

However, all the women on my mother's side of the family, including me..have some type of special gift, each is different. We just know stuff, or just feel stuff...LOL
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Whenever my 3 yo sees a particular building in town he says "I hate that building. It's a bad building". And something about the balconies on the outside of the building. Part of the building is an older adult apartment/condo complex, part is high end condo apartments. I have been in the building, but no one else in the family has. He is very matter of fact, no fear, just very pragmatic. And he has never said he has "hated" anything else in his life. I have asked him several times if he use to live in that building, he sometimes answers yes, sometimes no. Even my non-believer dh is being to wonder...

I have never read the crystal child book, but every person I know has commented on how "beautiful" my son is. And his pre-school teachers have commented that he exhibits an infectious kind of wonder and innocence that they haven't seen in many children in a long time (they are all older crunchy hippy types, and the pre-school attracts a lot of AP/NL types...we are proabaly more mainstream than mosts, so I have no idea what to attribute it too).
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i think everyone here should read crystal children... it is really about everything posted...

i am curious.... there is a similiarity.... in other ways,

my maternal side has always been a bit..'gifted.'
psychic..if you will...

I see a few have postings have said such....

I think my son has it too.

something feels like it..
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freaked out

wow, i'm sitting here alone in my parents' house reading this, everyone is asleep and i'm getting all freaked out! i have always scared easily (i'm such a little piglet). my first son does the mind reading thing, ever since he was a baby, he would wake from a nap and talk about what he had eaten when it was really something i had eaten while he was asleep. a few months ago (he's almost 9 now) i was doing dishes and it was really storming out (when you live in a camper this is a big deal) and i was thinking about that movie..the name all of sudden just flew out of my brain...but it was about this boy whose mother is struck by lightening while stepping in a puddle of water while she's pregnant and he's born totally white...powder...that's the name of it i think...anyway i'm standing thinking about my hands in the water and lightening outside and samuel comes up to me and says "do you remember that movie we saw about that boy who was all white and he was like a magnet" or something like that and chills went all over me...he does this all the time...just out of nowhere. sadie, she's almost four now, will talk about her other family and give me these really unusual names like her other dad's name is caiden (sounds like ki-den). and she talks about when she was older and had little brothers and will point places out while we're on the highway and talk about when she had been there (like this fence she says she helped her little brothers over when she was six)...she will also always say that she is six and a half when asked how old she is. i've not noticed anything with silas, he's six, except that his eyes are amazing and everyone mistakes him for a girl, he has unusual things happen when he has high fevers though. oh man look how long this is...i'm also freezing, does anyone get real cold when talking about spooky stuff. i was thinking about houses also and how we moved out of a house we suspected was not entirely empty when we left it. the one room that we had planned on the boys having was always cold and i never liked going in there, we've always just all slept in our king size bed, but we decided samuel could sleep across the hall and be fine (he was 6 then i think) and that night my husband got up feeling something unusual (he also is sensitive, very sensitive actually) and he found that samuel had been sleepwalking, something he had never done before and hasn't done since. he had somehow gotten the front door unlocked and was standing in front of the screen door, he was really cold and we were never sure if he had gone outside or how long he'd been there. we never put them in that room again and just put another mattress in our room for him. okay i'm done now. i hate being freaked out!!!!
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EEEEEEK!!!! I was sitting here at the computer and have you ever heard coyotes make a kill?? They sound like banshees! I live in a neighborhood that is NOT in the boonies at all but there is a pack of coyotes or SOMETHING that are so scary. It woke baby Owen up and my 5 year old son. Poor things. I am still all scared and reading all of your scary posts doesn't help!!!

On the topic of 'haunted houses', I am all for friendly ghosts and spirits but things that make rooms seem cold or when you sense an evil presence is not cool! lol Yikes!!
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