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I once babysat for this 2 year old kid when I was in college. He was talking, but not in sentences. We were sitting on the porch and he turned to me and said "You will die in water". Scared me to death! Still scares me actually 10 years later.

ellen - who avoids boats
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OMG Ellen that is Freaky!
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Still trying to get thru 8 pages of posts! But before I go for today, I thought I would add my story....

My mum has always sworn she 'feels' things, or 'knows' things. The night her brother was badly, badly injured in a car accident, she sat up in bed, wide awake & gasping & knowing he'd been hurt. A few days later we realised that she woke up at the exact same time the accident occurred. There are other cases as well.

I sometimes get 'funny' feelings about places. I've got an outdoor site right now where I'm doing some research, & I DO NOT like to be at this place on my own. I'll do it if I have to, but I don't like it. I've had shadows swoop past me, no wind, no birds- nothing, & been left with the hair on my arms standing straight up. I think it may have once been a significant or sacred site- not sure tho.... I also once lived in a house where I'm sure it was haunted. And nasty too. I once woke up (or was it a dream state?) to a man hovering over the bed, holding a shiny long-bladed knife. I couldn't wake up, yet I could see everything. Fuh-reaky!! I remember it like yesterday, & it was 15 years ago. My boyfriend at the time didn't believe me. I'm sure it was real.

ANd now, DD seems to know stuff. I would never tell this to DH, as he would laugh endlessly at me, but here goes. We live in a house that's over 100 years old. it has a long history, been moved from another town, etc. etc. Well, just after we moved in, my DD, who was not yet 2 at the time, said something like 'Look at that lady, mummy'. Me:'What lady?' She: 'That Aboriginal lady standing by the bathroom with the pink dress on.' (she was a verbal child- still is). It is entirely plausible that an Aboriginal woman once lived in our house, altho I've never checked.... DD's knowing things stopped for a while, but lately she takes great pleasure in reading my mind. the weird thing is, she's often right, even knows the words I'm going to use, even if I haven't said anything about whatever topic it is.....

WHatever else I may or may not believe in, one thing is for sure..... I believe in ghosts. And spirits. Don't know how that fits in with my mechanistic world view, but nonetheless, I'm sure they're there.......
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[QUOTE=StarMama]I LOVE the idea of the parking angel!

I was too scared to be without ALL my covers. I remember one time laying in bed, petrifed, and seeing a short "devil" appear on my toy chest. He was red, and had horns and glowed. It was VERY real to me, and I was VERY scared. QUOTE]

OMG--This *Same* thing happened to me when I was about six years old--except, there were two of these 'little devils' and they had a 'scroll' of some sort that they wanted me to sign--??? That is just NUTS!!

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Woah! Totally bizarre! Wonder what the scroll was about?
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Originally Posted by Dar
When Rain was 2 and 3 she would occasionally mention things that had happened "when I was the mommy and you were the little girl". She was very matter-of-fact, like she thought for sure I'd remember. It was like she was talking about something that happened last week.
My cousin used to say the exact same thing to my aunt! freaky!

My cousin also said she saw our (died a few months earlier) grandfather drive by and wave to her.. I think she was about 2 or 3 then.
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Oh, man. Some of these stories are freaky.

I wanted to comment on this one, though.

Originally Posted by steff
This happen to dh. He said we were both sleeping and then he woke up. He said he couldn't really move but figured he was tired. Then he said he heard someone walking up my stairs and calling my name. Stephanie. He said He tried to shout out to them and move(because he was in his underwear) he thought it was my Mom. He kept trying to move and then he realized what was going on. He said he started to panic and scream at me but nothing would come out. He said the foot steps were getting closer and he was freaking out in his mind because he felt he needed to protect me from who was coming up the stairs. He said he couldn't move and it felt like there was something holding his chest down. He said once the foot steps got to the door he was able to move again. The footsteps were gone and noone was calling my name. He didn't see anyone but was COMPLETELY Freaked out.

This sounds like something that has happened to me my whole life. It's a phenomenon called sleep paralysis. It's where you have a dream but you are waking up at the tail end of it, but your body stays paralyzed. Yet you are not fully awake enough to be sure it's still a dream so it feels very, very real...and you remember it quite well when you finally wake up.

Anyway, it's not uncommon. It is very scary to experience. I think that may be what your dh experienced--the feeling of something sitting on your chest or holding your chest down is a hallmark of this phenomenon.
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Originally Posted by slightly crunchy
the feeling of something sitting on your chest or holding your chest down is a hallmark of this phenomenon.
This has happened to me too. It was horrible. I literally couldn't breath. It was when I was trying to fall asleep though. I hadn't even fallen asleep yet.
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Originally Posted by MamaAllNatural
This has happened to me too. It was horrible. I literally couldn't breath. It was when I was trying to fall asleep though. I hadn't even fallen asleep yet.
I think it can also happen at the beginning of sleep. I used to transcribe sleep studies and I remember the doc mentioning that a lot.
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It's a phenomenon called sleep paralysis.
Ugh. This happened to me too. It was terrifying! It was a couple of years ago and I was at my dad's house. I felt like I was in between awake and asleep, and a large, dark, form that I sensed was evil came in through the window and sort of hovered over me. I couldn't move a muscle, and I couldn't speak. I tried really hard to move, and to call out to my then boyfriend (now DH) who was down the hall, but I was completely paralyzed. Finally I mustered a noise through closed lips, and that brought me to a more awake state where I could move again. I went down the hall, woke my boyfriend up, and made him come sleep with me! (Shh..Dad still doesn't know LOL)

Anyway, I was telling my dad and his wife about it over breakfast, and they thought it was an incubus, although it didn't do anything sexual, just hovered there paralyzing me. My dad's wife said she had an incubus that visited her alot when she was dating my dad (who was married to my mom at the time ), and she felt like it was a punishment for that. It would also come in through the window, but it looked like a man, and he would beat and rape her. Her friends told her to pray about it, and she did, and it stopped.

I love reading these stories! Keep 'em coming!

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Well, back to the original idea...

My DD told me today about "when I was a baby and I was growing and I was inside your tummy and I would be crying and then Tony was there sometimes." Tony is my younger child and is very much affected by others' emotions.
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I was an ultra sensitive kid, remember those Time Life books on the unexplained that they used to advertise....man did they freak me out! I wouldn't even sleep like the person on the cover as I was afraid I'd have an out of body experience :LOL And some of you mentioned the being covered thing, I could not sleep if my foot was hanging over the bed, thought something would drag me away..I'd crawl into my parents bed and had to be in the middle under the covers! The way I would close off my mind with fear actually makes me wonder if there was I time when I saw things but I overrode it?? When I was in highschool the paranormal totally intruiged me and my best friend and I used to try to train ourselves to see auras (which we could but for me it was more a feeling or sense about the person that I got, I never was able to see colors). I do trust my intuition and try to use it in my everyday life...and I read a few other things that I do as well, asking for a white light of protection when we are on a trip and that kind of thing...I will have to try the parking technique

My DD, well she has said lots of things that totally amaze me...but it doesn't give me the chills like it once would have, it just awes me (for lack of better discription). The first ever was when she was learning to talk at, her name is Ember Trinity and at about 14 months she called herself Ember TT...TT was my nephew Tanner's nickname who died a few years before she was born...she was the next baby born in the family so I always felt like she and him had spent time together. She also put on her sunglasses upside down like he did all, which I am sure lots of kids do but still.
She frequently tells me about "when she was the mom". When I was pregnant with her I had a dream in which a little girl about 3 or 4 was there and I said "oh your finally here now" and I honestly woke with the feeling that I'd been waiting for her from a past life, actually I didn't know I was pregnant at the time but this dream was the first thing that made me think I was. We are very attached and I do feel that there is more than just these 3.5 years between us.
When I was pregnant last fall we had discussed names and she knew that Oakley was our boy name and Annisty was our girls...she started calling the baby Oakley on her own and was sure it was a boy. When I had a m/c (the day before her 3rd b-day) she told me plain as day that the next time I had a baby in my tummy it would Oakley, the same baby, the baby that we wanted. When I got pregnant again and was about 5 weeks along one day she was sittting on my lap and put her hands directly on my abdomen and exclaimed...Mommy your baby's back, Oakley's back! This was about 3 months later and we had not talked about the name or babies since.
Most recently she has told me that she remembers being born...that she was scared and was crying and shaking and was stuck. She has always panicked and freaked when I put a shirt over her head and it gets stuck or is too tight and I pushed for 4 hrs with her so I've always wondered if it is related...It was neat to find the link about that in this thread.
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I am currently going through a miscarriage....Last week, after 5 y/o ds was asleep, I laid on the couch and just cried--very quitly, no noise, just a lot of tears....I pressed my eyes onto the pillow and felt a hand touch my neck. There was my beautiful little son (who did not know I was even pregnant) rubbing my neck. he wiped away my tears, gave me a kiss on the cheek, (which is very like him-he's so empathetic), and said to me very softly, "Don't worry momma....you still have me".

Major chills.

When I told yes, I know I'll always have you sweetie, but what makes you say that, all he said was "Don't worry.", walked away, crawled into bed, and when I followed him and asked him if he wanted to talk, he said nothing more than "no thanks, I'm sleepy" and fell right back asleep.....

I was born with a "veil"-the amniotic sac, and I've always been very attuned and had premonitions, deja vu (but stronger), and now I'm wondering if he wasn't born in the caul as well....his was a quick delivery and he was born with cardiac problems, so I didn't get to see.

Thanks for letting me share.
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Kelly sorry to hear about your m/c
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Kelly. I'm sorry about your miscarriage, too. What a beautiful soul your ds is!

Amie--I loved your story about your dd and Oakley. Thanks for sharing it. It reminded me of my family. My mom had a baby boy 4 years before I was born that died an hour after he was born. I was the next baby, then my sister was born 21 months after me. Up until she was about 5 years old, my sister would insist she was a boy. She would get very angry if you would correct her. Now we think it's possible she is the soul of our brother.
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Darlene- Thanks, and what a very neat possilbility to think that your sister had reason to insist she was a boy...of course I believe that she very well could be.
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Originally Posted by magnoliablue
My older son, as well as myself, have premonition dreams, and he has often said outloud exactly what I am thinking, which reallllyy freaks me out
My son has always done this, too! I remember one night I woke up from a horrible nightmare and ds was asleep next to me. He cried out in his sleep, I think he was having the same dream. He's often read my mind and said what I was thinking.

We are both high functioning autistic, and I've always been very empathic. I wonder if he will be/is too.

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I found out what happened to Michael.

That week he was in an evening swim program that was like boot camp survival instead of a normal friendly swim class.

My BIL and SIL vacation at Mihael's Aunts' summer house on the Outer Banks and there is a pool right there and SIL wanted Michael to know how to survive if someone left the gate open and he fell into the water.

Day one was rough and Michael was crying. Day two (the day Julianna prayed) Michael was crying hard and wouldn't work with the instructor.

About the time Julianna was praying SIL realized that Michael wasn't understanding why the teacher was forcing him to float on his back and gently *explained* that the instructor was his friend and she was trying to help him.

After that Michael was fine, didn't cry anymore (wasn't afraid) and completed the program well.

Debra Baker
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Ok It has been over a month, but ds#1 just shared this with me.

"Mama when I was in your tummy there was another baby. IT was a girl. She went back to heaven though and said that she would come back later. When will she come back?"

Needless to say I was surprised. I did have a miscarriage in 98 and I strongly feel the baby was a girl. With both pg's I measured big and had "spotting" so the sharing thing might be true.

Just thought I would share!
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