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I sleep with a fan on at night because otherwise it sounds like there is a radio or tv on in the other room that is just barely audible.. I can't sleep trying to figuire it out..
Wow, Dyan! I have had this exact thing happen many times. I'll check the clock-radio numerous times and, of course, it's never on. I've about gone nuts trying so hard to hear exactly what is on this "radio"! Sometimes it sounds more like scanning through the channels, if you know what I mean.

In my psychadelic drug using pre child days.. ( boy is THAT a mouth full.. !!) We used to drop and I would see Patterns in everything.. Sometimes entire scenes..(like a japanese gazebo with flowers and a river.. Sometimes just a repeating hexagonal ( or something similiar) shape in the sand that made up the cement.. I loved it.. It made me feel very childlike.. Perhaps that is what i felt like as a small child full of wonder for the world.. I read the tibetian book of the dead, and how sometimes hallucinegenics are used in meditation..
ETA: OMG! Me too again! The exact same feelings and everything! Yes, I even read the Tibetan Book of thr Dead!
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Ok I'm sure this was only freaky because of my overactive imagination but last night ds FREAKED me out!

First, I thought he was asleep next to me, so I turned on the light (a dimmer, so only a little on) to make sure he wasn't too close to my pillow, and he was just laying there with his eyes open. I had to touch his eyelid to make him blink. Which was freaky, my babe just staring into space like that. He also does NOT lay down unless he's asleep or nursing, he's very go-go-go-go so that was weird.

Then later, when he got up and was babbling I was holding him in the dark as he was just engaging in baby babble. And this is where I'm sure my imagination got to me. I *swear* he was sitting there "De de de de DIE de d deee de" and then a few minutes later: "ba ba. Baaaa. Ba. Baaaaaaa. BLOOD. Ba. Ba. ba ba". OMG! I wanted to jump out of my SKIN! Like I said, I think it was just me over reacting, I'm already scared of the dark, and the turn on the light see him staring into space, had to check to make sure he was breathing thing earlier probably tainted me and I was already a bit spooked.

So anyways, even though I'm sure it was a lot of imagination helping along this freak out, I still wanted to come post it.
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Wow, that is wierd!
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Yeah Jessica, that is weird! Like I said, I'm sure it was just my overactive imagination...
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A few years back, when we first moved to our current city, we lived in an apartment complex near downtown. The apartment where we lived was rather spacious (two floors and 3 bedrooms) and our boys (2 years apart) each had their own room. A few weeks after we moved in, our oldest started having really severe nightmares in which he would wake us up saying "the scary lady is in my room and wants me to fly out the window with her." He described a really hideous woman with snaggled teeth (although he didn't use that term), gray hair, horns, and red eyes ! He said she would come into his room at night and stand at the foot of his bed and tell him that he should come to her and they would fly out the window together (all of our bedrooms were on the second floor). This happened several times. Then, our youngest started waking us up saying the same sort of thing (with only a few variations...the lady had "sharp teeth" for him and was dressed in red), including that she wanted him to fly out the window with her. I don't think our oldest had said anything to his brother about it...at least not in my presence.
One night when I went into the oldest ds's room after he started crying again, he told me I had JUST missed seeing the woman, and that she had just flown out the window before I opened the door. Needless to say, we soon moved to another part of town and they had no more nightmares. However, later I was mentioning the incident to a longtime resident of that area and she told me "Oh ...that's weird. I think that's the same apartment where the lady lived who killed her 2 year old son !" Apparently, a few years before, a lady had lived there who killed her son, claiming he had been "possessed by Satan" and she was "freeing his soul." I looked up the facts of the case, and sure enough, she had indeed lived in that same apartment and killed her son there by strangulation, saying that Satan kept coming to him at night and possessing him ! No one had bothered to tell us that that had happened in that apartment or we would not have lived there in the first place.
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Shann, I got chills reading your post. That is totally scary!
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Ugh Shann that is terrible!!!
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Okay, I know this thread is old, but reading through it got me thinking of my MIL telling me about the circumstances of her two DS's deaths. (Long, sorry.)

Her two DS's died in a housefire in 1982. (This was before DH was even concieved.) The older boy was 2yrs, 3mo. The younger one was 1yr, 1mo. They were both upstairs in the nursery, the older one playing on the floor, the younger one in the crib. By the time MIL realized there was a fire in the house, it was already between her and the boys, and there was no way she could've gotten to them. She got herself out, praying, "Dear God, please don't let my babies burn. Please don't let my babies burn." The media & community really ostrasized (sp?) her for not "saving" her two boys. Like, because she hadn't risked her life and braved the flames, the boy's death was her fault. Her church actually kicked her out for it.
There were some very strange things about that fire:
The boys didn't die from the flames, they died from smoke inhalation. She was praying, "Don't let my babies burn," and they didn't. The fire had reached their room, but there were circles of unburned areas around the boys - like something was protecting them from the flames.
Someone found a bible from the house in the front yard. It was smoking, and the pages were scorched. No-one could figure out how it got in the yard. No other household object was in the yard like that. It looked like someone had just chucked it out of a window into the yard.
She asked the workers to find a heavy silver cross that had been hanging in the boys's room. Nobody could find it. The nail it had been hanging on was empty. It wasn't something that would've been destroyed by the fire. They searched that house up-and-down, and never found it. Later, one of MIL's friends, who was somewat psycic, said that the boys had taken it with them, so "They could be identified."
A few weeks later, MIL had a dream about them. She was sitting in a chair, and they were standing in front of her, dressed in white. The older one told her, "It's okay, Mommy. Don't worry. We're okay now."

If we ever have a boy, DH & I are planning on naming him Austin Wayne, the two middle names of DH's older brothers.
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Boy, I'm glad I'm not home alone tonight reading this!

I had a few experiences with my now 9 yo ds. Once, when he was 4, he was playing on the back porch while I was in the kitchen doing dishes. I had the screen door open so I could keep an eye on him. Beautiful cloudless day, no construction or anything in the area... all of a sudden the lights flickered on and off. Immediately afterwards, he calls through the door, "Its okay, Mommy, they're gone now!". I tried to ask him who he was talking about, but he only looked confused for a minute and went back to his playing.

Shortly after, my mom and my sister came over to babysit one night. I arrived home pretty late to find my mom waiting for me on the couch, and my sister and all three kids zonked out in a row on the living room floor, my sister on the far end. I sat down to chat with my mom for a few, and J sat up, stared at my sister, and asked my mom and me, "Who's that?" We said that's Aunt Kelly... he said, no next to her. We told him, that's your brother. He said, "No, on the other side." He looked confused when we told him no one, then laid back down and went to sleep. Funny, this didn't scare me at all... I do believe he saw something, but I've never felt anything remotely bad in this house. Took a while to get my mom to come babysit again, though!

One interesting thing a woman I worked with around this time whom claimed to have a very psychic grandmother told me... When I gave birth to my DS, his head emerged before my water had broken. This woman claimed that meant that he had 'the gift'. Anybody ever hear anything like this before?
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Yikes! I just read this whole thread and mostly I think the stories of kids seeing, connecting, remebering are very cool! Some of the ghost stories, esp the last one about the apt are too scary!!!! Mostly they make me want to connect more with the spirit of my unborn child and help her develop/keep those spiritual -psychic qualities! Some day when it's not so late, I'll add some of my own stories! Thanks for sharing!!
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Originally Posted by mazajo
One interesting thing a woman I worked with around this time whom claimed to have a very psychic grandmother told me... When I gave birth to my DS, his head emerged before my water had broken. This woman claimed that meant that he had 'the gift'. Anybody ever hear anything like this before?
Its called being born in the caul, I'm sure others here will have plenty more info for you, but yea, its supposed to be linked to psychic abilities
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This is the COOLEST thread!!

I know this is an old subject, but I just found it today, and it's fascinating! I haven't even finished the stories yet, but I had to reply.

Seriously, you all should check out The Shadowlands Ghost Page. There are hundreds of true ghost stories listed on there. Some are not that great, but there are some REALLY good ones. You can post your own stories, too....I have a few of my own on there : Your stories are too good to not pass on, you know!


I love, love, LOVE ghost stories, and there are some scary ones on here. I am amazed at how many babies "see" things. My oldest niece was the first grandchild in my family, and we were all very excited about her being born. We had an aunt that was only 14 years older than me that we were all really close to. She couldn't wait for my niece to be born. Anyway, we always loved to tell ghost stories to each other, and she had always promised us that if she died, she would come back and "give us a sign".

Well, she died suddenly a few months before my niece was born. We were all shocked by this. At her funeral, the preacher gave a sermon that made alot of the family very unhappy. During this sermon, a door in the funeral home blew wide open, and shut itself. It's very windy where I live, so we didn't think alot about it, but for a second, I was thinking it was my aunt, making a dramatic exit. After the funeral, the family and friends all met up at a bar (yeah, we're that kind of family!LOL) and we got to talking about how awful the sermon was. It turned out most of the people there thought that it WAS my aunt leaving when the door blew open, and that she was unhappy with what the preacher was saying!

A few months later, my niece was born, and my sister named her after my aunt. While she was a baby, she would stare off at a corner and start smiling and laughing, or she'd look over your shoulder like she was looking at someone. She would "talk" to nobody. She had a plastic caterpillar toy that lit up when you picked it up, and it would light up when nobody was even near it! We have always thought this was probably my aunt.

BTW, my eyes ALWAYS tear up when I tell or hear ghost stories. That's cool that it happens to others. I'v been straight up crying over some of these stories!
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A couple months ago my DS who is 30 months old said a few things like this for a couple weeks that made it hard to sleep at night.
We were lying there going to sleep and he says
"mommy why is there a man outside?"
We live out in the country....there shouldn't be a man there!!
I quickly dismissed it and said there was no one there.
and he said "Yes there is he is looking in the window!"

He was insistent that there was someone out there that night.

And now I even get the chills when I have my back to something and he looks over my shoulder like something has caught his attention! Just instantly gives me goosebumps!

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Originally Posted by Jessica36

Also, welcome to the two new members! :
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EEEEEEK!!!! I was sitting here at the computer and have you ever heard coyotes make a kill?? They sound like banshees!
Yes! we live out in the country & hear their sinister "giggles" all the time. They'll kill one of my neighbor's pygmy goats every once & a while. We also hear them catch feral cats sometimes- that's the worst!. It makes my blood run cold!
I feel sorry for them cause the burbs are starting to close in on us. : But man, those are some creepy bastards!
BTW- DP is outta town this weekend... I'm getting totally freaked out & you guys have me analyzing all of dd's weird little quirks...Thanks alot!!! :
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My DD who is 2.4 months would tell me while I was pregnant "Mommy look there is hummus!" while on the swings. Hummus was the baby's name while in the womb, and she would say this while pointing over my head and into the sky. I used to think the baby's soul was flying over my head and staying near.

When it came near to my birth time I would ask DD. Is the baby coming on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday et. al. She would reply the baby is coming on Ali Noor. Ali Noor is the name of the man who takes care of our mosque - thus she refers to the mosque by that name. Muslims attend services on
Fridays. And sure enough my DS was born on a Friday - just like my DD said! She just said it in kid language - instead of Friday she refered to it as Ali Noor the day we go to the mosque.

As a last tidbit when the baby was in the womb I would ask DD is the baby's name this or this or this and give her all the names. There was one name she blurted out one day and never changed her mind about. In fact if I told her "No the baby's name is not that." she would get very upset. Because she saw the baby often enough, and told me the day he was born, I listened to her and named him exactly what she said.
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Yeah, the coyotes are a little scary at times. I also live in the country, and we hear alot of unusual sounds : the neighbors' mules, horses whinnying, birds that sound like people laughing, etc. The coyotes do sound like banshees, but I've gotten to where I like the sound they make. The thing that has freaked me out the most is our horses. They look sort of eerie at night, and if they whinny, it's spooky. Especially this white/gray horse we have. He looks like a ghost horse in the dark!
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