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I have always "felt", "seen", and "heard" things since I was a child. It started when I was 9yrs. old. My first experience was seeing the dining room door in our house open and close three times by itself. No one was in the house except my younger sister, my mother and myself. My sister was in the kitchen with my mother. There was no one else to open and close the door. I was in the living room when this happened. I just sat there and watched it.

After that, all kinds of things happened around me.

Now that I am married with two children. I have had incidents with my ds. The first time he "saw" anything he said it was an elephant coming towards our house with a black man walking beside it. He was emphatic about me looking at it. But there was nothing there I could see.

Then I saw an aparition of a little girl standing in my doorway one morning. She was looking at my son who was asleep on the floor. I watched her walk out of my door way, stand in the hallway and "disappear", Poof, gone. I have never seen her since.

The other freaky thing that happened after that with my son was when I went to my room to get dressed for the day and he was in his room getting dressed. I heard him call my name. I finished getting dressed and went to him and asked him what he wanted and he said " I don't want anything." I asked why he called me then? and he said " I didn't call you Mommy, you were calling me."
THAT freaked me out. He told me he heard me call him from my room, and I told him I heard him call me from mine. He just kinda stood there and looked a bit freaked out. I asked him if he had ever heard that before, and he said "yes". I asked when and he said " sometimes when I am in my room at night I hear someone calling me." I asked him what it sounded like and he said " sometimes I hear someone whispering.....D a n i e l ". He said he just ignores it.

I have experienced a perfume odor in one of the rooms of our house. No one came to visit. Don't know how it got there. And the odor lasted for a few days. My best friend came over to smell it because I freaked her out when I told her about it. She could smell it too, and in one area of the room she walked into , she busted out crying and didnt' know why. When she stepped away from that area of the room, her tears dried up immediately. She stepped back over to that area again, and instantly tears were pooring down her cheeks. She said she could feel this odd vibrating sensation through her feet when that occurred. She steped out of it and into it several times, and each time it was either tears dried up immediately or a crying frenzy with tears streaming down her face. The perfume odor lasted a few days. But that first nigth was the strongest. We tore the room apart looking for something that would make that odor and there was NOTHING!!!! Odd, huh? It has been about 4 years since that happened.
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Originally posted by plum

i lived somewhere haunted once and it was horrible.

Oh Plum.....I am soooo curious now........I hope you will share!!!!
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sorry, double post, computer acting up!!
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I have experienced a perfume odor in one of the rooms of our house. No one came to visit. Don't know how it got there.

My Aunt lived in a house they believed was haunted and once she was there all alone and tripped and broke her ankle. So she was on the floor and she starts smelling cigar smoke. luckily my uncle got there right then but I would just have been freaking out!
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My MIL died when dd was 5 and a half. They were very close. DD talked quite a bit about G'ma comingto visit her in her dreams and all the things they talked about and did. Interesting, but...One day, a friend of mine was visiting whose father had died a year before MIL. DD walked up to her and out of the blue said,"My grandma met your Daddy. He was fishing." This man was an AVID fisherman in life. Wow..that really freaked us out. As she got older, visits from Grandma were fewer and farther between. Perhaps G'ma moved on or maybe dd lost her "gift".
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My parents' house was built in 1891 in old historic Vancouver, Washington, near Fort Vancouver. I grew up there from age 7 until I moved out when I was 20.
My parents and I firmly believe there is something in that house. I have seen and heard things in that house that would make your skin crawl.
My elder son was about 2 1/2, speaking fairly well and we were alone in the house. We were playing and he was in my lap and he suddenly jerks and looks up. I ask him what's wrong and he said "The girl screamed mommy." I didn't hear anything so I didn't think much of it. Then he looks up in the doorway and said "That girl is sad again."
It felt very cold in the room so I was a little creeped out, and got up to take him to bed. On our way up the stairs, he looks over my shoulder and says "Good night girl."
I booked up those stairs and shut the door without looking back. He still talks about the "girl at Nana's and Papa's." and sometimes when we go there, I hear him talking upstairs and when I ask him who he was talking to he answers "It's that girl again."
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What a fascinating thread!

When my sister was little, she used to talk very seriously about "when I was a man and I fell off a boat". It became a bit of a family joke, but now I wonder...!

When I'm around children of a certain age - like 3-5 year olds - I just get the sense that they're really open and intuitive. I feel a kind of energy. One little boy I babysit will get this look on his face, almost like he's listening to something I can't hear. Does that make sense? Like he's picking up vibrations or something. It's not creepy or anything - it's actually kind of calming. Do you ever feel that way around your kids? A deeply religious friend of mine says that children and animals are "close to the ground" - they're attuned to things the rest of us can't perceive.

The next part is long - my apologies, but I just wanted to share my recent experience:

For my part, since I was a little girl, I've "sent" and "received" messages from the people close to me - like good friends. The "you're reading my mind" phenomenon. I'll have a song in my head, and my DBF will start to hum it. I used to think it was just a coincidence, but last weekend, something really freaky happened!

See, I've been on a baby-name kick lately - lots of my friends are having babies. When my turn comes, I want to give my child a "different" name - mine is so common. For the last month or so, the name "Manon" has been on my heart. It's a French name - DBF and I are fluent French-speakers, we were both educated in French as children. Ages ago, we agreed that we liked the name "Madeleine" for a girl, although his background is German-American and he's also partial to German names - he jokes about naming a daughter "Kunegunda"(sp?) after one of his German cousins.

Anyway. In the last year, two family members have named their daughters "Madelyn" and "Madeline" so I don't think I'm going to use it. It's probably very silly of me to even be thinking of this now but as I said, it's on my heart, and it's actually a fun way to pass the time (and I'm a librarian and I love to look things up).

I live in Toronto, which is English-speaking, so I've been leaning towards French names, partly as a nod to the predominately-French speaking province of my birth, Quebec, and also because they're likely to be unusual in this city. The name "Manon" came to me. I didn't find it in a book, I just remembered it - I think my mother had a friend named Manon or something. At first I rejected it - I didn't like it at all. But it kept coming back to me and now I like it very much. Meanwhile, I didn't breathe a word of my obsession with baby names to DBF because, you know, men can get weird about stuff like that.

However, the other day, we were sitting in a cafe and I think I was reading about the top baby names or something, so we started talking about the subject of popular names and unusual names and so on and so forth. And I told him that I'd given up on "Madeleine" because two people in my family have used a variation of it. And he agreed that yes, it's become very popular. So I said, "What name would you choose instead?"

And he said, "Well, maybe an old French-Canadian name. Like Manon."

And I was

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Here is a good one.

I went to Egypt in 2001. When I returned I was showing my nephew who was then 4 going on 5, or thereabouts, a picture of the pyramids.

Sitting with my mother I asked him "Did you ever see these before?"

He replied "Yes."

I said "Where"

He pointed to the sky and said "From up there."

My mother damned near fell off the couch. I just smiled and gave him a kiss.
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When our kids are little and playing, cooing, talking, to beings we can not see.. I say they are playing with their angels..

When we were pregnant with our last one, my oldest son was laughing and waving.. I asked him what he was waving at.. He said the baby outside the window.. I said, you see a baby outside the window.. He said yes.. I asked if it was our baby.. He just smiled.. Now he loves, loves, loves babies.. And the babe we were then pg with is sooooo fond of his biggest bro.. I sometimes wonder if it's because they have been playing together for quite some time...

I, myself, have seen and heard and felt things.. We live in the country in a house that is over 100 yrs old, and i love that no part of the house makes me feel bad.. When I lived with my mother when i was ayoung teen the house we had made me feel awful.. When we looked at the house and after we moved in there was a flourecent lime green noose hangin from a pipe in the basement...I was the only one who noticed it.. I could not remove it even though i was tall enough.. My breath would stick in my chest if i walked near to it.. It took me 3 yrs to tell my parents about it.. They were like show me.. So i showed them.. Then they were like how did we not see THAT!! I don't know.. It was flourecent green and all.. One of my friends would not sleep in the basement because she said she saw a ghost one night down there... I never saw one, but i did have problems breathign when i was down there.. Not like an asthma attack or anything, but a hair sticking up on the back of your neck, it's hard to breath kinda thing..

My mother had more than one minister come over to "clean" the house and it never cleared the basement..

I think that this "sensing" of things does run in families... My mother is schizopherenic, but i wonder once in my teens (before it got really bad, and she was at least ok most of the time) if people with schizopherania really DID hear things we don't or can't.. Perhaps they are like some sorta psychics but have no filters on them.. I don't know.. That was what i though.. I though, How do i know they aren't really talking to someone I can't see..

I sleep with a fan on at night because otherwise it sounds like there is a radio or tv on in the other room that is just barely audible.. I can't sleep trying to figuire it out..

anyway.. Forgive my rambling.. I did freak my parents out as a child.. I spoke chinese before i spoke english.. My parents were stopped when they were 24 by foreign exchange students in college who asked them if they knew what I was saying.. They said i was just jabbering.. They said no she is quoting a philosipher.. That freaked them out and they left, but not before we had had a nice conversation.. I don't remember it, but both of my now divorced and not fond of each other parents confirm the same story.. I think that though is maybe past life stuff that just hasn't drifted off yet..

I always believe my children when they tell me about people I can't see, and things that I can't hear.. I believe them because it happens to me at times..

Warm Squishy Feelings..


( who is by the way not a loon.. :LOL )
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anyway.. Forgive my rambling.. I did freak my parents out as a child.. I spoke chinese before i spoke english..

You're like Kleopatra! Good book by Karen Essex. You should read it. She didn't speak Chinese but she had the gift of language.
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About you speaking chinese I think my kids have spoken foreign languages also as infants/toddlers. I define "babbling" as mama,dada and the like. But both my older 2 kids actually said what sounded like french or something. They would try and have a conversation with me and words came out but it just wasn't english but was way to clear to be babble. It's kinda cool .

edited since I can't seem to type and spell at the same time :LOL
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Wow, stories like these amaze me. My great aunt had these weird psychic ways, and everyone in my whole entire family was affected by them. she would see things happen before they did. and some times it was hours before and sometimes it was years before. she had this weird premintion that her son was ina teribble car accidnet and that his body was impaled in a tree. sure enough two days later, she got the call from the police. She also predicted that my other aunt waould have a set of twins, both boys, and that one would be profoundly schizophrenic and end up in a home for the mentally ill, 10 yrs later, my aunt gave birth to those twins. one now lives in a home for the mentaally ill. she also predicted teh death of another one of my cousins, and it happened. the list goes on. she was constantly TORMENTED by all the premintions, and things she woyld dream and feel. Too freaky
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My aunt committed suicide in 1986. I was 11 and we were very close. A month after her death, she appeared to me plain as day. She was wearing what she wore the night she died--a red silk blouse, blue jeans and a string of pearls. She smiled at me and waved. Her face looked beautiful and peaceful. Then she left.

I'm so glad she said goodbye to me in that way. I still miss her.
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My great aunt died a few days ago after a long battle with cancer.

After the funeral, in the evening, my whole family (mom, dad, sis, bro in law, nephew, DS and me) was at my sister's house, just sitting and relaxing.

Out of the blue, my 2.5 year old nephew says, "Titsie..." (the name we all called my aunt).

My sister said, "Titsie? Where?"

Nephew pointed a few feet away.

My sis said, "Titsie's watching us?" and my nephew nodded.

It was bizarre because my nephew hadn't mentioned my aunt for several days, and had always been quite shy around her while she was alive. Now he was calm and she didn't bother him at all!
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alright, here we go:

i lived in an apt once in a major city and it was a very old building on the fourth floor. it was a very nice place, but something always kinda bothered me about it. i found myself never sleeping in the bedroom. my cat followed me EVERYWHERE. he would sit on the counter when i did dishes and would stare down the hallway. he would growl at something in the bedroom window, even though there were other windows and the other windows had pigeons.

he would cry at the bathroom door to be let in whenever i was in there. once, after showering, i opened the door to let him in and he freaked out. his eyes got all big and he started backing up like there was someone behind me. he seemed miserable there and whenever i went to my parents for the weekend, i always brought him with but i don't know why. there were a few times when my boyfriend would be in the bathroom and he'd open the door and say 'what?' he swore he heard me calling his name. once it happened and i wasn't even home.

then my mom dreamt there was a blonde woman outside the bedroom window and told me to be careful. there was something weird about that room and when people were in there, they always acted funny. i found my sister in there once, just staring out. she didn't want to leave but i made her come with me. it scared me.

i made the decision to move and things got worse. i think i saw her twice. once, in the bathroom mirror late one night and another time in my kitchen. it was a young blonde woman. i heard someone whispering a few times and another time i felt like there was someone outside the door.

i think she jumped out the bedroom window a long time ago. i don't think all ghosts are bad but i know she was. when i moved, there were weird things missing.

thinking about it now gives me a headache.
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Wow, Plum, you have really been through scarry events in your hosue.

I have read all these other posts and they have not scared me at all. Reading yours? WOW !!! Goosebumps. Not to mention that I turned and looked over at my window after reading your post tonight, and jumped when I saw a reflection of me in it sitting at the computer.
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kinipela's cigar smell story scared me. yikes!
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I need to go put my kids to bed, so I'll have to keep it brief.

Love the Crystal Children & the Indigo Children books.

I know my kids see people on the other side. My youngest (1 at the time) actually brought a bowl of macaroni to the bottom of a picture of my dad who had recently passed.

My oldest sees things, can communicate with me telepathically & has predicted all the deaths in our family.

I encourage both of my kids to use this & I give them ways to practice.

I get a little freaked out thinking about "seeing" someone, but I can feel my dad's presence with me, he plays songs on the radio for me & I have touched my Grandma in my dreams.

I've never lived in a "haunted house" however, when I have felt negative energy around I either ask for a white light of protection to surround us with peace and love or I ask Archangel Michael to come & protect us. If there are any lurkers here for any reason other than loving energy, Michael will help remove them. It has worked every time I've done it.

And, my favorite, Martha the parking angel. When I have to park somewhere, I ask Martha to help me get a parking spot -- sometimes even with money in a meter. I am always grateful & thank her. The more notice she has the better, but even at the last minute she's gotten a few good spots for me. She's great at getting spots for us! My son even says, "hey, we should ask Martha for a spot."
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