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nak-more please
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I overheard my 26 MO daughter saying the following:

"Your choclate is in my peanut butter. NOOOOO your peanut butter is in MY chocolate..." I said what did you say? and she looked at me like I had caught her - she gave me the strangest smile.

She has never heard this commercial. It's not even on the air anymore and besides, we rarely watch TV. Freaky huh?

My friends DD talks about the man who lives in the house with them and even gets up in the middle of the night to play with him.
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I saw my guardian angel. I awoke one night from a sound sleep - a very sudden jerk awake and I bolted upright and there, hovering over our bed was a vapory-white mist with a face that wasn't a human face. It smiled and me and vanished. It emitted such love. I woke up DH and told him what I saw nad he said you dreamed it. I said no, I didn't. Look at the cats. Their tales were fluffed out and so was their fur and they ran around like crazy.

I dreamed the space shuttle blew up the night before it happened. That freaked me out.

I have experienced many ghosts. postive and negative.

I have also had a past-life regression that was terribly disturbing.
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Cool story about your Guardian Angel Luckylady. BTW, has anybody read Expecting Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic by Martha Beck? It's about her pg with her Down Syndrome son and all the guardian angel experiences she has during her pg - sooooo freakin' cool!

Originally Posted by luckylady
I have also had a past-life regression that was terribly disturbing.
How did that happen? Did it happen on it's own? Or did someone lead you through it?

I have not... but I am going to see my astrologer who gave me a great reading back in January... she mentioned some very cool past lives and suggested that I come back to see some... especially since I'm pg and more "open" and this would accelerate healing. I'm doing that on Tuesday. I WAS concerned that it would be traumatic, but she reassured me I was safe and it's like viewing a movie.... I do trust her and I am doing it and am confident it will be fine. I'll have a guide.
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Ok...here's some more.

My Aunt N (different from the other one I already talked about) must be drawn to haunted houses or something. Whenever I heard her stories, even though she's a highly credible woman, I always wanted to discount it because it sounded too freaky. Since that thing w/my dd talking to my dead grandma though, now I know!

One experience of hers, this was a long time ago: She was living in an an old house with a room mate. She always felt a presence in the house but hadn't actually seen anything. One morning she woke up and a woman (old fashioned looking w/a bun) was leaning over her bed staring at her! : I mean like 2 feet from her face! The weird part is this didn't scare my Aunt N. She says that there was nothing scary about it, she felt safe, it was just a little weird.

Another thing that happened to her and my Aunt that I mentioned earlier. Aunt N was looking for a new place to live. They showed up to the place (old house) early, before the realtor got there. They heard one of those old parlor pianos playing away inside. It was really loud. They thought, oh well someone must be here. So they're knocking away but no one would answer the door. The music eventually stopped. The realtor arrived. They told him about the piano and he assured them no one was there and the place was empty. The went in, there was no piano to be seen. The realtor told them it used to be a prostitute type parlor. That was the exact kind of music they'd heard. She ended up NOT living there!

Another time she was living in an apartment by herself. She always felt a certain presence. It didn't feel negative necessarily (and obviously by now she was used to "other beings" hanging around) but she felt it was invading her space a bit. One night she was in bed and she felt someone sit down on the end of her bed. She looked over and no one was there but there was an indentation as if someone was sitting there. She was a little creeped. Then later she was taking a shower and distinctly felt like someone was watching her. It wasn't like she felt threatened or anything, she was just getting sick of this constant uninvited presence. As she tells it, she, right there in the shower, yelled out "Ok, I've had it! Look, I understand this is your place too and I don't care if you're here, but you've GOT to leave me alone. I'll mind my own business, you mind yours!" Apparently she never had a problem again. She lives somewhere else now. Don't know if it's ghost free or not. I'll have to ask her...
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Oh, there's something I forgot. One of my sisters was a really early talker. She apparently had no sort of distinction between this side and the other. She freaked my mom (and pretty much everyone else around her) out daily. She would be talking or waving and my mom would say, "Dd, who are talking to?" She'd say, "Oh just that nice man with a beard that's standing on the stairs right now." She did this ALWAYS. She doesnt see dead people anymore...just feels them now.
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WOW some of these stories are really freaky others cool.
Ok here's some of mine
I had a ghost in my house when I was in high school but he was always in the bathroom. I never saw him, but I knew it was a him. I felt the presence so strongly when I would take a shower. I was always so freaked out that I would take super fast showers and not close my eyes at all. I felt like he was watching me naked. But when I was in my mom's shower it wouldn't happen. Freaks me out just thinking about it.
My Grandmother and me have a special connection, I can feel when she is happy and sad and vice versa. We call each other when one is upset not even knowing something happened.
My mom also told me that when I was 3 that I knew my sister was going to be a girl even though she swore up and down it was a boy and I predicted when the baby was going to be born.
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subscribing to this thread. it scares me and intrigues me at the same time.
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When I was 7 my grandmother died in our house, and I was the one to find her. After she passed strange things started happening. The door to one of the closets on my room would open at night (I could hear the doorknob turn) and music boxes would play randomly. Years later, my mother admitted that she believed me when I said I saw my Mimi's ghost walk around the house.

We recently bought a house where the woman who lived here previously passed away in the living room. She lived her whole life in this house, and needless to say I was nervous of changing things when we bought it. (It's an old house, and we renovated for months before moving in. We changed lots of things) I didn't want to upset her (does that make sense?) so I had a little 'conversation' with her before one hammer hit the wall. I figured if that didn't give the house a better vibe, the homebirth we had 3 weeks after moving in sure did.

My high school boyfriend has some good ones - but I'll let Kharen tell them. She's married to him... Oh Kharen!! Tell the story of the little girl!
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I don't remember whether I could see/feel things much as a child. Honestly, I don't have very much memory of my own childhood. It is odd, because I know that other people can remember things but I never can. Anyway...as a teen/adult I have always been able to feel things. In one particular room of my parents' house (I lived in this room for only a short while, really) I always had trouble - even going through the room gave me problems. I can't say the chills, because it wasn't that, it was a really creepy, oppressive feeling. When I actually slept in that room it was almost overwhelming. As a teenager I didn't feel like I could admit to my parents that I was freaked out. I never told them about the feeling - or about the things I saw. One night it was a cloudy-type, very malevolent male person hovering about 3 feet above my bed (the top bunk) - I was freaked out but called on Jesus - and it WORKED (funny thing is I wasn't much of a Christian at the time). Another night I saw a very young toddler walking along about 2 feet in the air, very clear, he was wearing a striped full-length one-piece outfit in an older style (I don't really know when it would have been from), and he looked like he was too young to be walking. I learned later that an infant had died in the house long ago, and that the neighbor's toddler would talk about it from time to time, and baby toys and the mobile would turn on in their house with nobody around. Finally, in the same room, I didn't see but felt a young man lie down on the bed next to me, it was so scary that I demanded to move out of the room. My siblings never had problems in there.

When I was 19 I went to visit my brother at a boarding school he was at - as soon as I walked into the lobby I saw a corridor and was totally filled with dread about it. As it turns out, my brother later told me (without me telling him anything) that there was an evil 'presence' there that would grow more oppressive and malevolent as tension mounted in the dorms, and would become more placid if the boys intentionally tried to oust it (he says they were intentionally driving it away one day, and it had almost worked, when a councellor saw, got freaked, and started yelling).

Where we are now, there isn't anything bad. But one day, I entered the bedroom and felt 'something', and my daughter started talking to someone in the closet - I really freaked. She talks to 'nonexistant' people every now and then.

My DH's dad says that when DH was a young child, he would watch things around the room that weren't there, and FIL wouldn't think anything of it except that their cat would watch the same things.
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Very interesting stories here!

Yes, as Gillian mentions above, my husband (her ex-boyfriend ... yes, interesting story there ... the book will be published in a few years, I'm sure) has a good story about the ghost of a little girl his father used to see. For years, his father thought he saw a little girl in their halls. No one else saw her, but things used to disappear--shiny objects--and the family assumed she took them. One night, my FIL was in the bathroom and he assumed my dh ( a boy then) was waiting in the hallway for him to finish. So, my FIL looked out to tell my "dh" to wait a minute, and it was the little girl, dressed in Victorian clothing. I don't know much else of the story ... (G, do you remember anything else?)

We've had some other strange spirit stories in my family, but a former coworker of mine had one of the best ghost stories I've ever heard.

My coworker's family lives in a home in which an old woman died a few years ago. Things would disappear, there would be strange noises, but my coworker's family just accepted that Franny (the name of the woman who died there ... they looked it up!) was just an innocuous addition to the family. One day, though, Franny decided to become a more active part of the household. My coworker's daughter (then 14) was home alone and she went to take a shower. When she came out, her room was entirely clean: the bed was made, everything was put away, and the shoes in her closet were lined up in a line against the wall! My coworker's daughter called her at work hysterical and asking if she had just stopped home and was in her room. Of course, no, my coworker wasn't--and everyone else in the family was at work or school, and the doors were locked, so no one could have come in. My coworker knew her daughter wasn't trying to play a joke because even if she had cleaned up her own room (which was not very probably, according to her mother), the way in which the bed was made and the shoes were organized was entirely NOT something her daughter would think to do. A bit scary, but, heck, that's the kind of ghost I want in my house!!!
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Wow ... and to think my ghost post was my 13th! Agh ...
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Originally Posted by Kharen
A bit scary, but, heck, that's the kind of ghost I want in my house!!!
Yes, I would happily welcome that kind of ghost into my home!
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Kharen forgot the best part. The little girl in Victorian clothing followed the family when they moved from one house to another. Apparently she liked them! It was weird, when I was first told that story I was only told it was a little girl, but immediately imagined a small child with a brown Victorian dress and brown hair with ringlets. When I mentioned that's how I imagined her - I was told that was exactly what she looked like. Freaked me out a little.
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Wow! Ok a few from me.

I am sensative, have experienced things ahead of time. It drives me nuts because when they happen I SWEAR they have happened before until I remember. SO my mom is too, and she has stated that her Mother and Uncle visited her several times when she was younger and the day her and my father got engaged, they came back and told her she would be taken care of. :

I have gone to a few of my friends houses and have had to leave, no if ands or buts. Can't stay there no way no how. When my DH and I were house hunting we went to a few houses where I wouldn't even consider putting a bid on because of how I felt. Luckily the house we have now is great!

I can NOT go past graveyards with out feeling the ones that are there. Breaks my heart and freaks me out.
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I wish I would have found this thread sooner!!!

When I was 8 years old my dad and I were shooting near his home in Cle Elum WA. Dad brought his dog Rusty. After we had lunch in the hills we went to leave and out of the blue 2 coyotes started attacking Rusty. My dad fired a shot in the air, but it didn't stop them. So, my dad shot one and the other one fled. We had to rush Rusty to the vet hospital and a police officer went to check on the coyote and it was dead were my dad shot it.

That night I was sleeping in my weekend room at my dad's and I felt some thing jump onto the bed. I thought it was Rusty--but then I remembered that he was at the vet's for the night. I look down and there was a bloody-shabby coyote, with black-dead looking eyes, and it was growling at me with shining white teeth. I couldn't even scream. I couldn't move. I was seriously petrified with fear. (I'm even shaking now....and this was years ago)

The coyote jumped off my bed, and went down the hall into my dad's bedroom. I remember it even looked back at me and growled again. After it disappeared into my dad's room I got up and started screaming for my dad. He rushed out turned on the lights. I told him what happened, but there was NO coyote in the house. There was nothing. All the windows and doors were locked tight.

I spent every other weekend with my dad, and I begged my mom not to make me go back. A few times my dad even got a hotel room for us because I would freak out so bad. A few months later he bought a house on the other side of town, and I felt a little bit better.
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OMG Tamera! That story just freaked me out so bad! My whole body is tingling!
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I know, huh? After I got done typing it, one of my dogs came into the house and I jumped about 10ft.:LOL Yep, I scare easily since that incident.
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[QUOTE=feather]Last thing(could go on forever, sorry!) I see I am not the only one who gets teary eyed when I hear these stories. Why is it that when I hear a story concerning the supernatural, my eyes get all teared up. I mean, I am not SAD, so why does it happen???[QUOTE]

i know this is an older post i'm quoting but i'm just now getting back to this thread...and this question really got my attention.

i do the same thing too when i'm reading, not out of sadness but out of ohmygodi'mscaredtodeathness!! (could anyone read that word?)

i have always gotten freaked out like that and my spine goes all tingly. i think it is some sort of knowledge of the trueness of some things and how that's what makes them scary. like in movies, slasher stuff doesn't scare me because i see it as not real, but supernatural stuff will have me sleepless for months. i saw the movie "the ring" back in march i think and i'm still not quite over how freaked out it made me. my husband says i can't watch anymore scary movies. it literally makes me scared to death...okay not literally really or i'd be dead, but i do feel like i just may die when i'm that scared. but here's the thing...i'm still thoroughly fascinated with the supernatural. i want to hear the stories but i just can't handle pictures to go with it so movies are sort of too much for me. my imagination does enough on its own thank you.

when i was 13 i was going through a sort of 13 year old time and i was at a nun's house and everyone was praying in a circle with our eyes shut and i saw a devil dancing on the table in front of me and laughing at me and pointing. my eyes were closed so i know it was something in my head right? but i was so scared and just at that moment the nun put her arm around me and her coffee cup burst on it's saucer that she had in her hand. i didn't know this at the time because i was too rattled to notice, but she talked to my mom about it and she later told me and asked what was going on in my mind at that time. i told them and they prayed for me. i would see things a lot at that time, but i haven't really since. just have sensed things, no more visions. it was a weird time in my life anyway. well, i'm going to finish reading the rest of the stories now. it's 1:20 am and everyone is asleep, this is not good!
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