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update on Lilah

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PAK sorry for typos.... thought some levity might be in order for thoswe of you who are still counting down the days

lilah and family are doing well. she is now 6lbs 1oz and 20in long. she's 9 weeks old and was due 6/7 (for anyone that missed my fun...).

since spending 7 long weeks in the NICU, I/we have:
-graduated and come home
-gained about an oz a day avg.
-stopped spending so much money on gas (har har)
-graduated from the eye exams until she is 1
-graduated from the cardiologist (forever)
-been out to the store having fun
-told one person to not touch her
-asked two nurses to wash their hands
-become intimately acquainted with this silly breastpump
-graduated from preemie sizes to newborn sizes!

it sounds weird, but i think she is working on holding her head up. she sleeps well and has a sweet little personality. i'm really enjoying singing to her and snuggling. it's like we're finally getting to be a team, learning about each other instead of visiting all the time. MUCH NICER.

OH!!!! this is the great part. she likes to comfort nurse after her 10pm feed. night before last, she was nnursing and i actually saw a drop of milk running down her cheek!! her face was all wet and she was happily sucking. i was even able to hand express a little. that's a big milestone.

(sorry no new pictures- but she is a cute little piggy)
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I am SO glad to hear she is doing well!!!!!
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It sounds like things are going wonderfully! I'm so happy for you all
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That's awesome! I was just thinking that I hadn't heard from you in a while, so thanks for sharing all that with us!!!
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That is so wonderful :
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WOW! 6 pounds already. She's really growing!
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I am so glad to hear she is doing so well! I always look forward to Lilah updates! She is such an angel!!: I hope you are feeling more relaxed now with her home and the home-life 'issues' gone!
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What a fantastic update :
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Wow, she's really catching up! Great job! :

Isn't it so nice to actually be able to do whatever you want with YOUR baby and not feel like the hospital owns her?
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YAY Lilah Grace!!!
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That's so amazing!! She is so strong! And you aren't so bad either :P
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Originally Posted by dmariev View Post
hope you are feeling more relaxed now with her home and the home-life 'issues' gone!

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I am so happy for you!!!
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I'm glad things are going well! I'm looking forward to the next batch of pictures. She is such a little cutie.
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What a wonderful good news post!
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Glad things are going so well!!
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The only thing missing from this post is pictures! We haven't seen your little cutie for ages now! Seriously though, I'm so glad everything is going well! :
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:: What FANTASTIC news! She is growing so well, it must be all of that mama and daddy love she is getting Can't wait to see more pics when you get a minute, she is such a little cutie
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Such wonderful news! She sounds like such a sweetheart!
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i love seeing posts from you on your sweet baby's (and your) progress! i'm so glad you and lilah are becoming the mama/baby team you deserve to be!
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