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BMs before labor?

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Please talk to me about your poop before you went into labor. Don't try to make it sound appropriate--I'd like all the shitty details please.

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With DS I had a lot of "loose" bm's, not liquidy, but not solid, then had liquid fire coming out just as active labor started. Woooweee I really peeled the paint off the walls!

Are you having a change in bm's today??
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The entire week before Timothy was born, I was a bit "loose"... not diarrhea or anything, but just "soft serve", I guess. Rather annoying really.

It was normal the weekend I went into labor, but I felt like my body had been cleaned out the whole week!

And with my first birth, my body cleaned out right as I went into transition. So it can be different with each one.
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Ahhh since you asked they smell like I have lit them on fire! Awesome!!! And they're very smeary, nasty, and frequent. The MW got sort of excited about the poop.
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Originally Posted by pearl2 View Post
Ahhh since you asked they smell like I have lit them on fire! Awesome!!! And they're very smeary, nasty, and frequent.
Uh, mine too. For the past 10 days or so.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I don't recall anything about my poop before the birth of my son nearly 4 years ago
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Voltige, it is so nice to know that there are at least 2 of us out there who have the flameshits. Safety in numbers!!!
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With DD1 I didnt have anything out of the ordinary. I do remember that during her labor when a bit of poop came out during the pushing phase, I was throughly grossed out at the smell. LOL
This time I have had loosish stools for atleast a week now.
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For the last few days I have had extremely soft and extremely stinky poos! Is it crazy that I am excited about them?! I didn't experience this with my son but b/c they are coupled with non-progressing contractions I definitely think we are getting some place! Woo-hoo! This morning I woke up to lots of bloody show after a period of strong, intense contractions. Then my son woke up and my body mellowed out a bit so I've still (potentially) got a long road ahead of me but I'll keep you posted on my crap....heh.
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I just went from being horribly constipated to slightly loose stool for the entire week before labor began. Once it began, I had diarrhea. It's one of the reasons I ended up laboring/birthing in the bathroom actually. Much easier to be right there, ha
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Slept in late and went to visit the porcelain god...speaking of god, GOOD GOD that's some stinky mess. Febreeze really doesn't help here in this situation!!
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Different DDC but I'll chime in about my last one...no odd poops until I got to the birthing center, and then on and off within the 5 hours of my labor I had to race to the bathroom with explosive poops.

Eek. Well, better before labor than during, right?!
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The only thing I remember is that in the last 12-24 hours before labor really began, I went a LOT. Probably every four hours or so (and I'm a once-a-day kinda gal). I don't remember any difference in, uh, "quality". I just remember thinking, "Again? Really? Weird..."
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