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Turbo Jam Mom Group

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I love TJ and thought if anyone else does we can have a TJ group.We can encourage & motivate each other.I am ready to feel good again.

BTW My kiddos love TJ also : I think it is Chalean's bubbly personality.

I love the music hehe
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I'm ordering turbo jam next week!!! :

My friend has it and I love it! Such a great fun workout!
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I am excited for you TJ is soooooooooooo much fun.I really like Yoga booty ballet so you might look into that also. I feel I get more of a hardcore workout with TJ though.
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:: I love Turbo Jam!!!!
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I just love chalean.Puts me in a good mood all day:

Anyone try chalean extreme yet?Looks more bootcamp style
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Originally Posted by Aquafina View Post
I just love chalean.Puts me in a good mood all day:

Anyone try chalean extreme yet?Looks more bootcamp style
I just got this from the library today and am going to try it tomorrow, I know nothing about it. I am excited to see what it is though and will let you know.
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I was about to purchase 10 MInute Trainer...but TJ is actually less expensive.

But my husband is also going to be doing it. Is thisa workout a man would/could do, or is it really geared towards women?

Thank you!

Mrs B
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I wish our Library had dvds like that.All ours have is old 80's style exercises lol.Please let us know how you like chalean extreme.

Yes men can do it.There is a man in the dvd. Sometimes 2 or 3 depending on what TJ dvd you get.The music is great.You can find the TJ with 5 diffrent workouts on 2 disk on ebay for pretty darn cheap like 20.00 dollars.

If your hubby and you want a really really hardcore workout that will give you big results try slim in 6.

I did that one after my first ds was born and I went from a size 12 to a size 0.In 6 weeks and it keep falling off after aswell lol.It was very boring so personally I just didnt have the ump to do it again.If I did I would probbly be really tiny again.

For now I love TJ and will stick with that and I can feel major results in my bum and tummy.::
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Thank you! We don't need a "hardcore" workout...as much as one that WORKS! :-) DH and I both need to lose 30 pounds...but also want the muscle that comes with working-out.

I don't want to "bulk"...just be able to lift the dog, move the furniture... ;-) I don't shop on eBay anymore...so either am going to have to purchase from someONE or just buy FP on the website.

How LONG are the TJ workouts? ONe of the things that I like about Walk Away the Pounds is that the shortest workout I can do in 15 minutes. And that's what is drawing me to 10MT...I know that I won't get a model body in 10 minutes...but I can do a few 10 minute workouts here and there during teh day.

Mrs B
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The main TJ workout on the 5 workout dvd disk is 20 mins and you will sweat.The TJ live are around 30 mins.

I have always had good luck with http://totalfitnessdvds.com/ they sell TJ

you can also view most of the workouts on there and



Keep in mind I always do TJ low impact version and follow another instructer.....
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That is a serious workout!!! And some SUPER coordination! My hat is OFF to yoU!!!

Thank you!

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Loooooooooooooove TJ! Will start doing it again when I am recovered from my surgery!
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Did the learn and burn, it was awesome! Really made me sweat!!! Today I'm going to try one of the other work outs!
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Anyone wanna bring this back? I've started back turbo jamming after a long hiatus and would love some company. I saw great results with it the last time I stuck to it for a few months.

Here's to hoping for the best!
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I just ordered this and it should be here in a few days. I can't wait. I have been doing the 30 day shred but I am bored with it. I have heard great things about anything with chalene in it..
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I've been doing TJ for a while, but I alternate my DVDs. Alot of times I do the 20 minute workout when I am short on time. I love to sweat. I have a few other Beachbody DVDs. I have Hip Hop abs DD did it with my mom the other day with my nephew, it was so funny
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Right now, I'm just repeating the Burn part of the 1st workout. It's only 16 minutes but it leaves me red in the face so once I can handle it without wanting to not get out of bed the next day, I'll move back onto the other ones. This is just making me realize how much more out of shape I am today than I was 2 years ago, even at exactly the same weight. It's insane! But I just worked out, gonna go jump in the shower, and head off to work and I am super glad I started my day this way!
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I've been wanting to buy this workout series but now you guys have inspired me to head over to ebay and see if any are available! Can't wait to start!
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haven't done Turbo Jam, but I do Turbofire by Chalene Johnson......love it!
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