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bike setup

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has anyone been able to get a bike set up with a rear baby seat and a tagalong/trail abike? I've seena trailabike witha a trailer, but not a trailabike atached to an adult bike that already has a rear baby seat over the rear tire.
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maybe try posting in family safety? i see a few bike posts in there.
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Hm... OK since I'm majorly procrastinating on my grading, I googled some things and came up with examples of a FRONT bike seat:

Other good links (this one has pictures of lots of different bikes). Several families at dd's daycare commute with 2 kids on an xtracycle.

This seat might work with the tag-a-long - the problem with the tagalong is that it curves up over where the baby seat usually is.
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We have a tag-along with a front mounted seat, but never tried with a rear mounted one.
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