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A whine

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I'm 40 weeks 6 days pregnant and finally totally miserable. I'm a hormonal slimy mess. I had a panic attack, 2 or 3 mini-anxiety attacks (very normal for me) and cried about 6 times yesterday. I'm itchy everywhere, everything is swollen, I'm getting stretch marks in places I didn't think possible, my skin is slimy to the point that I take 2 or 3 showers a day, and ugh.

On top of it, I'm so off balance that I just about fell FORWARD down the stairs, though I don't think my ankle is sprained. And I developed sciatica last night.

I can haz baby now plz?
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Seriously sending lots and lots of : :
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The end is the hardest part. Hang in there!
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It will be soon, mama. That baby is going to come out so healthy from being inside and getting nice and baked. Hang in there.
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hang in there mama. you can do this. look how far you've already come. that's what i'm trying to do! You can do it!!

:: labor vibes- i hope LO comes soon!
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Ugh, that sucks! Sending baby arrival vibes your way and big
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How are you feeling today? Hope you had a good night's rest and feel ready to tackle another day of pregnancy
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dear baby,

as much as your mommy loves carrying you inside, she's ready to carry you in her arms. we are all wanting to meet you, so in the most loving way possible, uhm, get out, 'kay?

mommy's friends
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Thanks for the support everyone. I"m doing MUCH better since yesterday afternoon. We went swimming (which was divine), had custard, cuddled, slept, and I'm ready to face my life again.

I also discovered that I've had "high" blood pressure this entire PG, and it's lower than it was at 8 weeks so I'm pretty not concerned about my highish BP now.
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Custard... it really does help many problems. I hope you have that baby out soon!
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