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Might finally be getting somewhere?!! 41 weeks

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Well, I just had the most bloody show that I have ever seen, even during full blown labor with my other two! I am 41 weeks today (or 41w 2d according to midwife) and have been very stressed the past two days. On Friday, my midwife checked me and I was still at 2 cm, -1 station and very stretchy (she could stretch me to 5 cm-no pain to me of course). She stripped my membranes and told me to start taking black and blue cohosh alternating every two hours and lots of Borage Oil. She also told me to try using the breast pump to stimulate contractions.

Then she had to do a non-stress test (policy at 41 weeks) and baby was not responding well. Her heart rate was non-reactive and staying very constant around 160. I guess they need to see lots of ups and downs and she was not cooperating! They had me changing positions, drinking Gatorade and then finally got her to have 10 peaks in her heart rate. So we barely passed after over an hour!

Then that afternoon we had to go for a biophysical profile (also policy at 41 weeks) and she barely passed that! I had plenty of fluid but she had to make a certain amount of gross movements (arms and legs) and fine motor movements (fingers) on ultrasound. And it had to be done in 30 minutes. The ultrasound tech was really nice and was tapping her with her wand and letting me get on my side and then at the last minute baby did enough movement to pass the test. It was so stressful though!

After those two tests, I've been worried that something could be wrong because the baby is not moving nearly as much as she was. My midwife said that sometimes babies get really quiet right before labor. I've tried to keep that in the back of my head and remind myself that if I didn't have to do those tests, I would still be feeling fine! Another added stress is that the latest I can deliver with the midwife is 41w 6d. After that, I get sent to an OB. Luckily this OB is really NCB friendly as is the hospital I would go to, but I really don't want a hospital birth! Not after two perfect out-of-hospital ones!

So, I am hoping that this might be the start of something today! I am having some nice contractions. Nothing close enough to time, but they feel substantial. I am working on cleaning up the house, charging the camera battery and writing some thank you notes. Wish me luck!
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Good luck Amy! Try to not to be too stressed about the results - it sounds like you are doing the right thing by finding things to occupy your time while you continue to wait.

Sending labor vibes your way :

I had some bloody show this morning too after a period of intense contractions. I've been having lots and lots of contractions for about a week but today they increased in intensity a lot! Like you though nothing that really deserves to be tracked yet! Maybe tonight after my kiddo goes to sleep...

Come on babies!
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Sending you good, healthy labor and baby vibes!
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Thanks ladies! I've been contracting all afternoon except for when I slept for about an hour. They are not consistent at all though, but getting more intense. Who knows what it means? I go tomorrow morning at 9:30 am to the midwife and surely all this bloody show means I'm a little more dilated.
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:: come on baby!!
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Wishing you luck Amy - come on baby!
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Well, here's my update:

My midwife put in a Foley catheter this morning. I was at 3 cm. This is a catheter that goes up into the uterus right inside the cervix and then a small balloon is inflated on the end of it. Then when you reach 4-5 cm it falls out on its own. I was crampy when she put it in, but it wasn't painful. We went and walked around the mall for awhile and then came home and did nipple stimulation.

The contractions intensified pretty quickly and the catheter fell out about an hour ago. They are still coming so I am feeling hopeful! If things aren't really rolling, she wants me to take some castor oil tonight. Fingers crossed!
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Here's hoping things are moving along for you!
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Hope you are holding your new little one by now, Amy!
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