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I thought it would be great to all post some of our babies milestones with there age. I always wonder what others are doing and at what age.

Liam rolled over today from front to back, he did it 4 times so I am pretty sure it was real. He is 2 months 6 days / 9.5 weeks or 3.5 weeks adjusted. I also think he smiled at me 2 days ago and yesterday but this could have been a bit of gas we will see if he gives me another.
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I got my first smile this morning while she was propped on my shoulder and having a chat. She gave a few more since then with lots of coos. She's 4 weeks today.
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Eli first rolled over front to back right before 3 wks. Dh didn't want to give him credit, but then he's done it more and more often since then, so definitely for real. First real social smile was at 8 days, but not getting them every day until about age 3 wks also.

We were looking at DD's baby photos yesterday, and realized that physically, DS is about where DD was at 3-4 months (and DD only rolled over once ever as an infant that I can recall, and not until 4 months). However, socially she was faster developing than he has been. Interesting how different they are.
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15 days. Not much milestones yet, but Penny lost her cord stom this am.
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I'm at 16 days...nothing really to report...Except it was kind of strange to see him pull his pacifier out of his mouth, yawn, and pop it back in again..lol I was like "You're not supposed to know how to do that yet!" LOL

he's also been awake a lot more recently, but not sure if that has to do with the fact he hasn't felt good the last couple of days.
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5 weeks old here, holding head pretty well, focusing much better and able to follow our voices, smiling up a storm as well, enjoying floor time and looking at toys. Batting at toys but more of a reflex than a focused event at this point.
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Yesterday River rolled from front to back 3 times, at 4 weeks. But I don't think it REALLY counts, because it was in the grass (on a blanket) and it was slliiightly downhill! lol. It was actually at my midwives' picnic and so they got to see.. they say it counts I've tried to see if he'd duplicate it at home on level ground, but both times he just got mad, but looked like he was trying.
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Baby G smiles at us now (for real, he smiles lots not for real, too! hehe) and coo'ed at me yesterday when I was talking to him.

He is trying like heck to roll over, if only he could get his arm out of the ay! hehe He rolls on his side and has done it to his belly, but it definitely wasn't intentional.
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3.5 weeks here. Not milestones per se, but I've noticed that she's much more alert--she spends more time looking at things. I realized that she was tracking my face from her stroller a couple of days ago. She's also definitely improving her head control. She turned from back to tummy once, though like LilStar's, I think it was kind of a fluke. Lots more smiles, but none that are convincingly social yet. She also started making little coos last week sometime.
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We've got a couple of smiiles here.

He's also being a bit more content today...Hasn't insisted on being held all day. I was able to run my steam cleaner over the couch and clean up the spitup stains..lol. He also laid on his blanket on the floor and watched Sweetie exercise on his Nordictrack. He just stared the whole time, it was adorable.

He's been holding his head up since the night after he was born. It's crazy! He's getting a lot stronger now too.

He's up to 9lbs 4oz! My chunker is growing!
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Olivia is already quite good at holding her head up. She was from the get-go, the nurses in the hospital said it was because she showed up so late! She's only 15 days, so the little smiles we've seen I can't say are actual "smiles", but they are certainly cute! Her cord stump fell off at 8 days, which I thought was early but her belly button looks great now.

She weighed 7lbs 9.5oz at birth, was 7lb 2oz when we left the hospital, back up to 7lb 9oz at 5 days, and was 8lbs by 9 days! She hasn't been weighed since.
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Anna rolled over yesterday. She's been holding her head up since birth - seriously really she has, we have hardly had to support her neck at all.... not sure how that is.... Lost her stump at 2 weeks, I think it was....

Still not looking at us though. She avoids our faces like the plague. There's been a few times I think she's looking at us, but then you realize its something behind you she's focusing on.... Not too worried about this yet, but if she doesn't start looking at us soon, I'm really gonna start freaking out.......
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Maggie (8 weeks) is just starting to smile in response to us. She has been smiling and giggling in her sleep since birth, but until this past week had not smiled at us (she smiled at my boob a couple of times before that though lol). There have been some coos and they are getting more frequent.
She holds her head up great....but she doesn't like to stand and bear weight on her legs too much. DD1 seemed like she could almost walk at this age because she used her legs to "stand" so much- Maggie really wants no part in it.
She is still sleeping like a newborn- most of the afternoon is spent in slumber land.
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Adlai has been a smiler since birth...but he started smiling directly at us around 3-4 weeks. He, regularly, makes good eye contact and seem to want to interact with us. He's now 5 1/2 weeks.

What I noticed this week was that he is now coughing and/or manipulating his voice to "call" us when we are not in his line of vision. It is sooo sweet.

He also LOVES lying on the floor by himself...my first NEVER enjoyed this. I can actually put him down and make dinner! wow.
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Emory has been a smiler since birth too, but in this last week and a half, she has been doing it when prompted and not just randomly (she'd 3.5 weeks now, so that's since about 2 weeks.). My first didn't smile upon prompting until 5.5 weeks, so that has been super cool. Someone told me that they "can't" smile that early, but its obviously BS because she's definitely got a big real smile on her face.

Also, her neck is really strong so she holds her head up pretty well when I put her up to my shoulder. She likes to mouth my face like she's giving kisses or something. I love it!

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Olivia gives those little bird peck kisses when I hold her up on my shoulder too! It's unbelievably cute, as she gains control of her neck and head. She's becoming more alert, and whenever she is awake she likes to be looking at faces. Course she still sleeps quite a bit, only 17 days
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BTW I was hoping this thread would continue as our little ones progress.

Liam is now smiling for sure! It happened at 2.5 months 1 month to the day adjusted and on fathers day!!! Such a great thing to see happiness, especially after 2.5 months on the planet.
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emma is 9 weeks, been smilimg "real" for a few weeks now, huge eye-crinkly grins when you sing to her and kiss her (and yes, at the boob, hahaha). rolls sporadically back to side, but not consistent. good head control, not perfect yet. talks talks talks-- no consonants yet, but cooing and squealing up a storm, all the time, major loudmouth she'll bat at toys, but not that interested yet-- only interested in laundry. she would be in heaven if i folded laundry in front of her all day long while singing laundry song-- she digs different colors and textures, laundry will actually make her calm if she's fussing.
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Laundry song? care to share, I always lovehearing other people's diddies
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Originally Posted by OceansEve View Post
Laundry song? care to share, I always lovehearing other people's diddies

rotfl, oh, it's not much of a song and doesn't rhyme. mainly consists of "look! daddy's green shirt, pretty green shirt, gonna fold it up, put it away... ready?. look! mama's white shorts, pretty white shorts, etc etc.

the "ready?" because you have to touch the fabric to her cheek before going on to the next shirt. she grins and babbles like crazy when you do that.
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