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Originally Posted by geo_girl View Post
It felt good to work out without all of the pounding of running.
That class sounds nice Charlene. I'm feeling a little pounded. Could do with some aquafit.

Originally Posted by PaytonPlace View Post
The last workout I did, I had cramping afterwards and it freaked me out a little. After I heard baby's heartbeat & I talked to my dr about it, I felt reassured that it was totally normal.
I get this too. Glad you're back on the wagon!

Originally Posted by Mulvah View Post
I need to get involved. I have much more energy now

AFM: having a hard week. My kiddo is sick, our dog ran away over the night of the 4th, and I'm having troubles with my maternity coverage. So, I guess now is the perfect time to exercise! I got a prenatal yoga dvd from a friend so I'm going to try it out.
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This week I've been waking up early and going outside on my brisk walks. Love the feeling of being outdoors instead of being inside on the treadmill!! Early mornings are the only time of day I can do that before it gets way too hot. This next week I'm going to try to bring back my strength training routine.
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Ahh, finally. I was walking the puppy, but not enough to really make me feel like I was working out. This morning I got up and did a brisk 2 miles. I feel so energized...I broke a sweat and feel great!
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Yea! We're back.

Mulvah and PaytonPlace - those morning walks are the best!

I haven't been good about posting but I'm still walking and strength training. I got two videos - a yoga and a cardio - that have been really nice when it is just too hot to get outside. I'm not usually a video girl but I like these.
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Anyone else still going strong?

At 26 weeks, I'm still doing 2-3 miles jogging/5 days a week. I do some other light walking and strength training, but the bulk of my workout is cardio. I'm actually proud of myself for sticking with it, even when I don't always feel like it.

What are you doing? Any videos that you really like? I really wish I could swim, but alas, no indoor pools nearby. I would love to switch things up, so I welcome suggestions. (I'm not really interested in yoga.)
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I'm really just walking...8 to 10 miles a week. It is an easy walks since I am taking my oldest to school & picking him up. I teach preschool in the mornings, so I am picking up kidlets alot...so not much ab work for me
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Well, I have finally begun! I got myself a Gazell machine and have started doing 15 minutes a day. I have actually been good at it missing only a couple of days since I began a few weeks ago. I am very proud of myself.
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Stepped my ass back into a CURVES center
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...still going to aquafit classes a couple of times a week.

...and already planning on asking for a personal trainer sometime in March to get back to where I want to be.

3 babies in 3.5 years has *NOT* been kind to this body

I *know* I"ll never get rid of the vericose veins that have suddenly started showing up, nor will I ever fit back into my "skinny" pre-pregnancy jeans, but I **DO** want to feel good about myself again.

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All I'm doing is riding my bike to work - it's about 6 miles a day. I *hope* to keep going until Thanksgiving, but we'll see. So far I've only gained about 12lbs. which is fine because MW told me 15 - 25lbs and I've been eating like crazy!

I still feel really good and getting on my bike makes me feel better. Especially after this morning...everything I tried on made my belly look huge. Not pregnant...just big. But, on my bike I still fee lithe and nimble. I'm hoping I can keep going for a while longer! Let's hope the weather agrees!
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I'm no longer jogging as my bladder does not enjoy the beating. But, I'm walking and I've been doing this awesome hill that is a killer climb so it provides some good cardio and toning. I also have a couple of videos that I don't particularly like but I'll do them if the weather is not nice. I've been double jogger shopping so that is currently helping me stay inspired. Overall I am doing fine with fitness but I feel a bit blah about it and I look forward to exercising with this little one on the outside. Keep up the good work ladies! If you all want to check in regularly for accountability purposes I'd still be game for that.
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I've joined a prenatal fitness class 2x a week. It's an hour, we do Zumba, pilates and yoga as well as a bit of weights for our upper body. It is good to be back on the exercise wagon!
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Again and walked the track near my son's extracurricular Engineering class. I'm trying to remember to do the stairs at work since I am on the fifth floor. Beyond that not much--but every little bit helps right?
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I've only been exercising 1-2 days a week, on average. I like to work out to videos at home. My favorite is Prenatal Fitness Fix with Erin O'Brien, but some days I just don't have the energy for it. I have some that are only about 20 minutes long and are less challenging in general and I need to make a commitment to do one of the *easier* workouts when I don't have the energy or time to do Prenatal Fitness Fix. I have to remind myself that something is better than nothing. My other goal is to exercise often enough that I have the energy and stamina to do the Partner Workout included in Prenatal Fitness Fix. I've wanted to do it and it's only an extra 20 minutes. My husband is willing to do it with me, but I just fear I don't have the strength or stamina. I'm going to try to make it a goal to work out every other day, with the exception of Sundays. Ideally I'd like to exercise every day, but I'm starting small.

Thanks for this thread! It provides the motivation and accountabilty that I need!
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Today is my last day of the week (I take off Sat and Sun from an actual workout) and I'm excited. I plan on doing my normal 2-3 mile jog and some strength training.

Originally Posted by BeccaBaby1 View Post
...If you all want to check in regularly for accountability purposes I'd still be game for that.
I'm definitely game! Your thread got me motivated to get moving(!) and I've stuck with it.

Originally Posted by rlmueller View Post
...but every little bit helps right?
Yes, it does!
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PoetryLover - I do that same DVD. I remember months ago when I first did it I thought it was a bit easy... I'm just not a big fan of living room workouts and recently I put it aside for about a month. I did it again last week and I was seriously sore for 3 days! Wowsers. No more dissing Fitness Fix for me.

Yesterday was our first really nice day of the autumn so I walked all of my errands and did probably 5ish miles. Today, as a family we're going to treck up my aforementioned hill. I'm so happy that the last part of this pregnancy I can be outside in an AZ fall/winter. The summer was hard.

What fitness activity are you all doing this weekend? Or... if you take the weekend off, enjoy, enjoy!
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I've going to going the gym 2-3 times a week, either swimming or doing yoga. Other than that, just walking around the block a few times per week after I drop the kids off at school. I find that i really do have more energy on the days that I do something...last night I slept horribly - probably only got about 5-6 hours of sleep - but I went swimming anyway and I feel ok now.
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I did a two mile jog today. I'm going to shower and then do a little bit of strength training.

I am so jealous of those of you who are swimming. I have wondered what it would feel like to be in a nice, big pool while pregnant.

I don't do a structured workout on the weekends. However, next weekend I'm hoping to head out for a nice, long walk. The weather is getting amazing!
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Hello Monday.

I'm feeling so... soft, squidgy, squdgy, today. I want to go take a nap but nope, I'm not going to do it (early to bed though tonight) - I'm going to go have a solid workout while the kiddo naps. Ready, set, here I go.
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I did a 2 mile jog yesterday. I'm starting to realize I have less ability to keep going to 3 miles.

Today will be much of the same, though I'm going to do some arm exercises as well.
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