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Wow! That looks like a fabulous kitchen. It's twice the size of mine with much better cabinets. Our kitchen is a tiny U shape and none of the drawers are wide enough to accommodate a flatware holder and the majority of the cabinets are in the corners which makes it really hard to get things in and out. I keep most of my stuff on shelves in the garage as I just don't know what to do with my kitchen.

I'd love to have a kitchen as nice as yours. Perspective, huh?

i must agree as well. your kitchen is fabulous (minus those counter tops that is! lol!) my kitchen is TINY! and we just remodeled it this year too! my background is interior design, so i chose to use open shelving to store our everyday dishes and have all of our food in the cabinets behind closed doors. i have another extensive pantry in my basement and store small kitchen appliances and bulky items in our dining room buffet.

here's my kitchen.....

photo #1
photo #2
photo #3

and here's my dining room buffet where we store other stuff plus our fine china and crystal.....

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