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Our baby is here!

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Ezra Sebastian was born June 12th at 1.36 am. Another VBAC!
All is well we are home and enjoying the babymoon
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: wonderful news mama!! congrats!!
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Welcome Ezra and congrats Mama!:::
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Welcome Ezra!!!!

What a cool name!
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Congrats!!! My grandpa's name is Ezra and June 12th was his 83rd birthday!!! What a funny coincidence!
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Congrats mama and welcome Ezra!
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Congratulations!!! I LOVE the name Ezra!!!:
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Yeah!!! Congrats mama and yeah on the vbac!!
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thanks mamas...i'll post a birth story if i get time!
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woo-hoo! congratulations!

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OOOH Congrats!! Ezra is one of my favorite names, mostly because the few Ezras I know are such fabulous men!
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