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Dr. Dean Edell

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I listen to his show a lot and yesterday he talked about this study... I am so glad that my son is intact, I read somewhere that as an adult the amount of foreskin cut off in a circ as an infant equates to 15 square inches of tissue, I'm proud that my son will have that 15 inches... heck, I want to experience a man who still has that 15 inches too!!!

Nine out of ten women prefer having sex with intact men
Here's the article: Male Circumcision Reduces Female Pleasure

http://www.healthcentral.com/drdean/deanfulltexttopics.cfm?ID=60750&storytype=DeanTopi cs
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I couldn't get your link to work but what you read is true.

There is the belief that "circumcision is just a little snip." The only people who would say that is someone who doesn't know what a foreskin is and hasn't seen one. Look at your husband's hand. That's how much is cut off. In a baby, it's the size of the baby's hand and it maintains that relationship through out life. Imagine getting that much skin removed from any other part of your body and it will become clear to you that the medical industry has sold us a bunch of lies and myths. Removing that much skin can't not affect the function of the organ and the effect is also felt by his lover as well. Women who have not had sexual relations in a long while will become very tender at the vaginal sphincter and the first time will be distracting for most and painful to some with a man who has had that much of the skin removed from his penis. Some women will never lose enough of the tenderness to have comfortable relations with a circumcised man. However, with an intact man, the skin moves up and down the shaft of his penis, not in and out of the vagina. For these very sensitive women, it can mean the difference between comfortable and enjoyable sex and sex that is just not worth the price they have to pay.

My ex-wife is an example of those women who will never be able to tolerate it. After 7 years, sex was still uncomfortable regardless of how much we did it.

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