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Bleeding at 9 weeks: Update in OP

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This just sucks. I am sorry to everyone for the downer post but I just need to to talk about it. I went for a scan exactly 2 weeks ago because I was having some light spotting, and everything looked great, the baby even measured 8 weeks 2 days, almost a week ahead of dates. I was JUST at my midwife's 3 days ago, and heard a beautiful heartbeat with the doppler. Then last night I got home from a concert and saw bright red blood in panties, like a period. It continued through the (sleepless) night, and for now has tapered off to a brown discharge. I just don't t feel very hopeful this time. The bleeding/discharge is very tissuey (sorry for tmi) which really worries me. I have bled with all my pregnancies, but this doesn't feel right. I am so scared. Not only do I want this baby so bad, but I am just scared of the physical part of it, scared of the pain and of all the blood and having to see the fetus. I've gone through a m/c before at 7.5 weeks, but had the d&c because 2 weeks went by and nothing happened. I can go through natural childbrith (and have) but the idea of going through a m/c naturally terrifies me. I know there is still hope until I find out one way or another, but I need to mentally prepare myself for bad news. I have a scan at 2:15 and the hours are crawling by. Please say a prayer for me and this baby. Thank you for listening.

I cannot believe it! The baby was perfect, with heartbeat of 178 bpm. I am a little weirded out that he/she is now measuring a week and 1 day ahead, because I am POSITIVE of O date, but I guess ahead is better than behind, right? It was so beautiful I cried. The baby was actually sucking it's thumb nub and kicking. What a miracle.
Apparently the placenta has attached somewhat over the internal os, and the Dr. thought that's what caused the bleeding. But he said he truly believes it will resolve itself, and does not think I will have anymore problems.
Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. This group is wonderful.
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Oh no! Keeping you and your family in my prayers!
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You're in my prayers now.
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I hope this is just a small glitch in your pregnancy and that your bean is in there holding on tight.
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You are in my prayers and lots of positive thoughts. Hoping for the best! Huge hugs!
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hugs, mama. i had a loss earlier this year, and i'm very familiar with the emotions you're having right now. first off, your baby might be just fine, and none of this will matter. i'm hoping this for you. some babies give their mamas a lot of scare, but end up hanging on for the long haul.

second, you have the strength to have a natural miscarriage, if that's what you choose. for me, it gave me closure that i could not have felt otherwise. i was petrified, too, but it was very cleansing and healing.

here's hoping that baby's doing great!
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sending good thoughts
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Hoping for the best.
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Praying for everything to be okay.
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I hope it's just that random-no-reason bleeding some get in pregnant.
Peace and comfort to you.
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: for you and your baby. I hope with all my heart that everything is just fine. Please update us when you are able.

Sending you lots of momma-love....

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Sending you hugs and good thoughts and keeping you in my prayers.
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I am hoping that everything is ok. Huge
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umm, I hope this is just a scare... One of those painful reminders of how badly you wanted the baby to cling to in January when you are up all night. Sending you all of my peaceful, healing thoughts.
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Hugs, I hope everything is perfect...
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Sending positive vibes!
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Praying for you now. Hugs to you.
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Thinking of you...I hope you got good news at your u/s.
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I hope everything is OK, mama.
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I'm thinking of you too, and keeping: that all is well.
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