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Castor Oil?

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What'd ya'll think?
I'll be 42 weeks on Thursday, I'm having contractions that don't seem to be intensifying....
I've taken castor oil before (for other reasons) and it didn't make me very sick and didn't make me gag like I hear a lot of people say, but am I being dumb for being so impatient?
My MIL is flying in tomorrow and I REALLY wanted to have the baby before she gets here, otherwise I just have something else to feel uptight and nervous about.
And my mom flew in a couple of weeks ago (from across the country) to be here to help but since nothing has happened we're discussing her leaving and coming back in a few weeks. Which is okay, but kind of sucks.

On another note. Did anybody feel like they had the flu before labor got going? That's how I feel today and last night...

Wait, or try to move things along? It has to happen soon, right? Maybe I can speed things up?
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I would try stripping the membranes before trying the castor oil.

I do hope you go soon. Good luck to you.
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