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Please, urgent.

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My husband is trying to sell his 2 door 69' beetle. It does not have seatbelts in the backseat and no A/C.

There is a mom who wants to buy it, she has a young child and an 8 month old. Yeah. Why she wants this is beyond me. If she buys it, she would obviously have to put seat belts in and said she would do that.

My husband flat out told her this is a car for someone who wants to fix it up as a project, and he does not feel it's safe enough for children. He flat out said "I wouldn't put my son in this car, as I don't think a carseat would install safely enough". She still insists on coming to look at it.

She is on her way to look at it now.
Please, can someone tell me if it's even possible to install a car seat safe enough in this old of a vehicle? it has 'sofa' life backseats. Not even that, but putting your poor baby in a hot car in this texas heat with no A/C?!?! For what my husband is selling it for she could totally find a 4 door civic or something! Should we refuse to sell, or am I being way too concerned?
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I'd refuse to sell it too, but I don't have anything to back that up. Good luck.
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I think it depends on if you think she's looking for a project car or regular transport. If you've made it clear that it's a project car, and especially if she could be buying something more reliable and safer for the same money, there's no reason she can't buy it to work on, drive around without the kids, etc. Could be a father's day gift too.

Unless from her conversations with you or having an already falling apart car she seems to trying to replace, I wouldn't worry about it. I've always wanted a beetle. I could see buying one if I had a garage, and fixing it up nice to tool around the quiet area by our summer house (We don't have a summer house, but someday it would be nice!)

I think it's a little sexist to refuse to sell it to a woman because she's a woman and a mom, personally. Might even be illegal if she can prove that's why. I would watch what you say if you tell her no.
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I think you're being very responsible to NOT sell a car to somebody who won't use it safely.

I don't see a problem with letting her come to look at it. Perhaps she's getting it as a 2nd car for DP to drive 1 mile to the train station every workday. Perhaps she (or DP or a close friend) ARE into fixing up old cars as a hobby. Maybe she knows this isn't the right car to buy right now, but she's always wanted a VW bug and just wants to look at it and daydream a while. Perhaps seeing how small and impracticle the car is will snap her back into reality.

But I do think you should talk to her about how she plans to use the car, and if she does, in fact, plan to drive small children around in it, you have every right to sell to somebody else.

I've always wanted a VW bug, painted orange with black polka dots, and vanity plates that read "ladybug". It's probably never going to happen.
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It's going to be to transport the kids, she said she needs something to go to the grocery store in pretty much. But she also said she wanted to fix it up for her older son to drive...but that means in the mean time there will be no AC because it's going to be quite costly to do that.

I think we are going to highlight how sucky this car is for her, and that she should consider something else and *hopefully* she refuses to buy.
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I'm not wanted to refuse to sell because she is a mom, but because she has specified this will be to transport her 10yo and 8 mo
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See if you can refuse to sell if she won't change her mind. That's dangerous!
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Originally Posted by nikkiethridge View Post
I'm not wanted to refuse to sell because she is a mom, but because she has specified this will be to transport her 10yo and 8 mo
I would let her come look at the car, and clarify that this is how she plans to use the vehicle. If that's the case, you have every right to refuse to sell to her.

It's your vehicle, and you're doing a private sale. There's nothing illegal about deciding who you want to sell to and who you don't.
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If anyone knows if it *is* possible to do a safe car seat install in this old of a vehicle, please chime in.
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Originally Posted by nikkiethridge View Post
I'm not wanted to refuse to sell because she is a mom, but because she has specified this will be to transport her 10yo and 8 mo
Yeah, I get that from your later post. I hope she doesn't take it. I would just be cautious not to say that you won't sell it to her because she's a mom or female personally. Just that you're not sure that you want to sell it right now.
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If there are no seatbelts in the backseat, a carseat cannot be installed there.

If there are no airbags in the front seat, a carseat can be installed there.

It certainly wouldn't be my first choice for family transport, but yes, she should be able to safely install a carseat in the front seat.

ETA: There are two children? No, it is not possible to safely transport two children in a vehicle with one seatbelt (front seat).
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I wouldn't sell it to her. It's NOT SAFE.

And in Texas? I live in South TX and it's over 100! No way could I handle driving around in this heat w/ no AC.
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Looks like it can be done.


(Those seatbelts look "old style," --but the concept is the same; new ones could probably be installed, too.)
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I might refuse to sell it to her too, but unfortunately, you can't fix her judgment on the whole situation, and that's what would really bother me.
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Yep it can be done, without issues.

Our '72 beetle has rear seatbelts which we retrofitted - provided that the fixing points are sound its not an issue, and they can be made sound very easily and cheaply :-) Plus if you are to transport a rear facing child you can go for a seat with permanent fixings if you wish. We've never found a need for AC, that's what the windows are for .

Apart from anything else, being rear engined is a huge safety feature - we had transport in the snow and ice this year, when to take out any other vehicle was just plain mad! Cheap to run, cheap to maintain... pretty much a perfect family vehicle in many ways :-) : Not to mention that ours is a very pretty shade of pale blue.
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As far as kids overheating, wanted to toss in a southern USA opinion - I live in waaay south FL, USA & it gets HOT & very humid (adding to the heat index) & am surprised at how many homes don't even use their AC in the summers here. People must either get used to it or don't feel threatened by the heat? I personally can't take it, can't sleep at night, feel fatigued by it, etc... but have at least ten neighbors (a few with babies/kids) who haven't used AC, even at night to sleep, for as long as I've known them (6 yrs).
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Yes it can be retrofitted. But it's spendy and I don't know why she would want it instead of a nice little safe car.
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I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone that replied, I seriously don't know what I would do without you ladies!

The women NEVER showed up, and also never called us back. I'm hoping that maybe she took the things my husband said into consideration (about saying he wouldn't ride with our baby in it) or maybe her DH or someone else talked her out of it. I hope she doesn't call about it tomorrow. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

Thank you all so much. :
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Glad she never showed! What an uncomfortable situation.
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Not even that, but putting your poor baby in a hot car in this texas heat with no A/C?!
The AC went out in my car and we can not afford to replace it at the moment. My "poor babies" have not died yet...
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