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Daycare and shedding, am I missing something?

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I was thinking about this today. Why are people concerned about their non vaxed kids and shedding, but parents who vax don't have the same concerns. In a typical daycare setting you would have kids of different ages, all on different vaccine schedules. It's not like every kid in the center/class get the MMR vaccine on the same day. So techinically any kid who hadn't had the vaccine would be at risk from shedding, right?
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Is not that the reason for not vaxing? You want your kids to acquire the disesases naturally? If you go to the grocery store, or a play group setting, how do you know which kid got a vax, or flu mist. I mean do people offer this info? So what is the worry?
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To be honest, I don't think most parents even realize that it was possible.

It is something that I was concerned about and looked into since DS2 was only about a month old when I had DS1 caught up on vax's. Personally I was reassured that while shedding from the MMR was theoretically possible, there were no acutal doccumented cases of a child catching measles from another child recently vaccinated with the MMR, and the only instances of Ruebella transmission I could find was a nursing mother being vaccinated and passing it through breastmilk, and I wasn't the one being vaccinate this time. Mumps I found nothign on, but Mumps certainly isn't common while unvaxed babies coming into contact with recently vaxed kids certainly is, so I judged the risk to be very low.

Chicken pox I was concerned about since I know that one can shed, so I talked to the nurse about it, and she said that that was why she'd already asked if I'd had chicken pox since DS2 was still young enough that my immunity would protect him. If I hadn't had my titers checked during pregnancy, I would have passed on that one, but since I knew they were high enough to consider me still immune I went ahead with it, and DS1 didn't end up with any pox or rashes or anything of that sort anyway.

I'm pretty sure they don't use flumist (or whatever the nasal one is called) here, or I would be concerned about that.

So basically I found the answers to my questions about shedding to be satisfactory enough that I wasn't concerned. But like I said, I don't think most people even realize that it is theoretically possible or actually happens with some vax's.
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Agree with the PP, I don't think the vast majority of vaxing parents know much about any of it. Ignorance = bliss
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I agree with most parents not realizing it's possible. And even with non vaxing parents - it's one thing to know it's possible but a whole different thing when it happens to you.
My oldest ( now a MDC mama herself) contracted rubella a few years ago from a child that had received the mmr. And my daughter had been vaccinated w/ the mmr ( twice).
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I honestly don't think most vaccinating parents know about shedding. And the ones that do, don't care. THEIR child got vaccinated, thus they are 'safe'. What happens to yours, is not their problem. KWIM? But on the flip side, assuming their child is 'safe' but come down with a vaccinated-for disease, they must have someone to blame, so they blame the unvaxed.
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my nieghbors kid was vaxed with rotavirus and passed it to my kid whom never got this vaccine nor would he... there is not real reason for rotavax in this country.. meanwhile her kid is vaxed and constantly sick, autistic ocd, they are plagued w/health issues. if thier doctor said to take an experimental vaccine she would put a bow on her kids head and strap her down, she is so excited about it... strange people in the world
shedding does not scare me as much a vaccines... nor does polio... people don't realise that the opposite about vax safety is true... reactions are probably more frequent and deadly than a treatable disease... nowadays i would think it would be even less of a chance of paralytic polio without the vaccine.. more than 99 percent of people who would contract it would pass it without any more of a complication than a flu.. and considering the connection with polio and ddt, change of diagnosis from polio to meningitis... i don't buy the big polio scare thing... sanitation is what made that disappear and that is a fact ....
vaccinated kids are sick... aluminum makes you sick, mercury makes you sick... and there are many more components that cause more damage in the body... i do not understand why people think that vaccination will wipe out disease... there will alway be countless other diseases .... this vaccination idea is ABSURD
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