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They are beautiful!!!! Congratualtions :::::

I am glad everything went well and that you were able to keep them in longer than you expected - and their weights are excellent! As a fellow twin mom to be I am so happy to hear it all went well.

Take good care of yourself and your beautiful babies.

Welcome to the world Dylan and Ryan::::
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YAY! Congrats! The boys look great!
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CONGRATS! They are beautiful, and a good size for 33 weekers too! I hope their stay is fairly short and they are home soon.
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Congratulations!!! (brings back memories. My 33-weekers are now 6 y.o. and out riding their bikes.) I hope the NICU time passes quickly!!!
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OH mama, they are SO adorable! I love that they're doing so well and wanted to come by and offer you the most enormous congratulations and HUGE hugs. I hope you are also doing well after the section.

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Congratulations!!!!!!!! :
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:Congrats on your beautiful little ones!:
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Congrats on your two handsome little guys. Here is to a quick stay in NICU so you can hurry up and start hugging those boys at home!! Blessings to your family!
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And another congratulations on your beautiful boys!!! ::
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congratulations - and thanks for the pics.. gives us an idea what our LO are like around 33 wks sooo adorable.. reminds me me prego friend the other day congradulated me on making it to "viable":
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: : Beautiful boys and great sizes!!!!
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Look at those boys. So cute! Congratulations!
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Congrats!!! Enjoy those sweet wee ones! They are so cute. Love their names.

How are you doing???? I hope you are feeling ok and having a great day!!

Hoping your NICU time is short and those boys go home soon!

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Welcome to the world little guys! I'm so happy that you made it as far as you did in this pg. You did a great job baking them and they look wonderful. Hope the NICU stay is short and your recovery goes well!
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Congratulations! They are simply precious!!!!!!!
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Congratulations! They are darling and awesome sizes!

How are you doing? My dd was born on the 7th - also the result of PIH - at 31 weeks.

Hang in there mama! Hope your NICU time is super short!
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Thanks everyone
I am doing great, I am so thankful to get this far! Last time pre-e/HELLP set in at 25 weeks, and wow, what a difference 8 more weeks of pregnancy makes on these babies!
The boys are doing amazing, both are off of all respiratory support and only have IVs for some extra nutrients while they are figuring out how to eat They both started that and are getting it down pat, hungry little men.
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