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Originally Posted by tbone_kneegrabber View Post
We moved when ds turn 1 from an apartment to a house. I like to think of our house as "kid friendly" as opposed to "baby proof"
Yes we have outlet covers
and these that cover plugs (I love them) because ds was unplugging everything!
we have our tv in a cabinet that has a latch (mostly so ds doesn't want to "watch" as he says ALL DAY, out of sight out of mind kinda deal)
we don't have toxic chemicals in the house only some things in the basement, and that door has latches that ds can't reach
no cabinets have latches on them in the kitchen, but there is also nothing really breakable, we don't have "fancy" things like crystal or china
We do have those door knob covers on the inside of the bedroom so if ds wakes from a nap or in the evening and doesn't cry he can't leave the room and roam the house that the only on that is really "proofing" anything

most of the stuff is just organizing the house in a way that is safe and effective for having little people around.
omgsh why did i not think to google for those things. what a lifesaver. it's not even an issue of babyproofing, but just stopping her from doing the most annoying thing ever lol

thanks :::
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I don't baby proof my house and I have pretty inquisitive children. Thats one of the reasons I don't baby proof, my oldest has the mindset if its locked/inassesible she HAS to be able to get in it. After she tired to climb over the babygate and ended up hurting herself I started to teach her how to safely handle things instead of keeping away from them.
For one, I don't have poisonous cleaner. If I get anything that could get them sick (like lime away or bleach) its rarely and for a specific reason. I buy it and use it the same day. Everything else is natural cleaner that they wouldn't get sick if they get into. It is kept under the sink and my two year old will get into it and hand me the bottle of whatever I need.
To me educating her on what to and not to do is long term safer than preventing her getting into everything. No matter how safe my house is other people (especially ones without children) don't have their house babyproof and I can't expect anyone to babyproof just because Im coming over with children.
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When I picture a person who doesn't baby proof, I picture my neighbors who sit on the couch while their 10 month old bangs on an old glass cabinet door, yelling at him till he cries and crawls away. Same goes for light sockets, electrical cords, stairs....

We didn't pad every corner. We didn't lock every drawer. But I wanted her to be free to explore her environment safely.
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Originally Posted by Daisie125 View Post
Yes, I'm aware there is always something. But I make sure those somethings are minimal in my home where at all possible.
Sorry, but I was replying to this....

Originally Posted by Daisie125 View Post
They have free access to the living room, dining room and bedrooms, there is literally NOTHING they can get into.
Either there is literally nothing, or there is always something. It can't be both.

As for the rest of the thread, it seems like there are different ideas of what baby-proofing is. I think of baby-proofing as something done to keep children safe. It seems like some think of baby-proofing as something done to keep material objects safe from children. I don't collect things or have pretty knick-knacks everywhere, so it never occurred to me to think of it that way.
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I can't help but think of the story in "Adventures in Gentle Discipline" in which the mother says that she was the best mom ever, she never babyproofed, she baby proofed her kid, she had advice on how to do that for everyone, and then she had her second, a girl. And it all went POOF. (There was a picture, and you could just see the twinkle in that little girl's eyes, it was funny- like she was planning how to dump the $15 bottle of walnut oil, stored on top of the refrigerator, down the toilet, as soon as the photographer left her alone for a tenth of a second.)

Maybe her kids don't need babyproofing. Lucky her! On the other hand, I seriously doubt that those kids will be the ones to discover the lowest point on the ocean floor, or new species in the Amazon.

At least, that's what I tell myself to make myself feel better about wheat flour all over my kitchen floor.

(Re: no poison in the house... No vinegar? No multi-vitamins? No alcohol? No essential oils? No hammer (my toddler has already mastered breaking things with a real hammer, don't ask how, I never said I was a great baby-proofer)? Really? Gah, how utterly inconvenient. That sounds like baby-proofing to me, but a really inconvenient form of baby-proofing. I'm glad it works for you, though.)
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Originally Posted by 1littlebit View Post
how do you guys not baby proof? like for your own sanity? DS's idea of a good time is opening every cabinet with in reach, pulling everything out of it and dragging it around the house, collecting anything electronic and dumping it in the toilet. we baby proofed out of sheer frustration.

Maybe i have no sanity to save?

My babies LOVED opening cupboards and pulling stuff out. They still do. I don't mind a bit. Around the age of 12-18 months, i also taught them how to put things back IN to cupboards. And no, they are 2 and 4 now and still aren't buying the fun of that.

So i let them dive into cupboards, they've gone into every one in the kitchen, looked at stuff, smelled, (tried to) pour, etc. Now that they are 2 and 4, I think the thrill is completely gone. They know where everything is, and mostly what it does.

I babysat for many many years and even as a 12 yr old babysitter, I was known to a group of parents in my town for having the ability to completely head off tantrums and also to get kids to sleep. Back then, that i am aware of, at least in my town, we didn't even have cupboard locks or outlet covers. Childproof caps were JUST starting to come out back then. I think i have a good ability to let kids be curious and then let them know what we shouldn't be fooling around with. My kids are actually VERY aware that outlets are dangerous to the point where I think they actually might be scared of them. They will NOT go near them. I think its because everytime I use one, I tell them "now Mama has to be very careful, because this thing can make BIG Owwa." When it comes to what little chemicals under the sink (which all do have childproof caps, but thats besides the point), as soon as I have heard that door open, my ears and eyes are alert - I watch to see what they are looking for and what they try to take out. They ask me what it is, and I tell them and say it burns the skin and can make Owwa. I tell them, we use it to clean X, and then I might even open it and have them smell it so they can see its really nothing for them. Then i ask them if they want to see a spray that KIDS can use, and I make them a spray bottle of water and say "this is the KIDS cleaner - do you want to use it to clean your chalk board?"

Now, I know this works. I know by the way my kids now talk about that cupboard. They think its boring, and not for them.

As for the other cupboards, pots and pans, etc - yeah they have ripped through those. I think its fun to see what their imaginations come up with for each thing that they find. My daughter found a sealing ring for my jars and calls it her "Sleep Ring" and claims when she can't sleep, she will put it on her wrist and it should make her tired.

The benefit to that of course, is when I ask them "do you guys know where the egg cups are?" and they point to the right cupboard.
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We have all the sockets covered for ds, because he is very interested in sockets . We have still had lots of opportunities to explain that sockets are dangerous.

But we do not babyproof cabinets or drawers. We keep some cleaning products under cabinets, but mostly vinegar and water . There are some other things, but they are pretty mild (shampoo, H2O2, Dr. Bronners...). Anything potentially very dangerous is kept on a high shelf in the laundry room. Whenever ds (2) goes under the sink (and he does), he bypasses anything with a label and grabs his own water-spray bottle.

"Sharps" (knives, scissors) are kept in a drawer within ds's reach. He knows that they are in there (he knows what is in every drawer), and he doesn't open it. He knows that he must not touch "sharps" because they can "cutchoo" (cut you).

So the talking/teaching works for us with sharps and chemicals, but not with electrical sockets. I have to be *so vigilant* about replacing the outlet covers after using and outlet, because he will immediately try to plug something in (usually the thing I just unplugged--vacuum mostly).
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My MIL is like that too. We lived with her for a few months (longest few months of my life,lol) I had a newborn, a just turned 2 year old and a 4 year old. MIL had a million 'dollar store' ceramics all over her dang house.
I had to bite my cheek to not laugh when one of my kids broke one of her knickknacks. I wanted to say "What did I tell you" but I didn't say a thing.

eta: I also had friends that followed Ezzo that felt like this. I guess it is a common Ezzo teaching.
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Originally Posted by Pinkbruise View Post

We're expecting #2 in September, and we have DS who will almost be 4 then . . . Do I need to take away all of the tiny things DS has that a crawler might put in their mouths?
Depends on your take on things...
My friend has a 6 yr old and a 1 yr old and her 1 yr old was playing with some very tiny plastic beads on the floor left there from the older child. My daughter, who is preparing for her own sibling, said to my friend: "She shouldn't play with those, she could choke." to which my friend responded "Yeah, she doesn't choke on them, she just swallows them whole."

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Interesting thread...I think you have to find a balance between safety and living in fear. I lived with my mom and she refused to babyproof at all, instead insisting that yelling "no" and slapping hands was a better method. That was pretty much hell for me. My MIL is the complete opposite...she freaks out about everything and everytime she hears a news story about a kid getting hurt she calls to make sure we heard it and do what's necessary to protect our daughter. DH and I defiitely take a middle ground approach. Things that are obviously dangerous we put away. We don't lock cabinets, but chemicals are up high as well as anything we don't want broken. I would rather not have to call poison control when the prevention method is so simple. We never really used the outlet covers because a short period of redirection worked - on the other hand, there was a time when she found the outlet covers at our church. She was so curious that she kept taking them out and putting them back in. That was frustrating! But, I want my home to feel like a safe place for my kids - i don't want to have to say "No, danger" all day long. But, I also want her to learn about things that she will encounter other places.

Of course, I think I would prbably have my house set up different if I wasn't home all day with DD. I certainly wouldn't feel like a babysitter or nanny would be as diligent as I am.
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Astrogirl my son and your kids would get along great! i have ADD i can't have him pull everything out of all my cupboards all the time or i would give up and my house would be a pigsty. i do leave him his own cupboards to play in.. the pots and pans are unlocked and the tupper ware. but i don't know how you guys do it!! the other day he was in the bathroom and in less then five minutes he had broken the child proof lock and pulled everything out from under the sink. the Q tips are all over the bathroom floor (still) and he ran around the house with the plunger! i shoved everything but the Q tips back under the sink... we keep the Bathroom door closed unless we are in there. but if i left all my cupboards open everything we own would be all over the house.

i so wish i could leave him to it b/c he would love it... but he only gets to cupboards so that mommy stays sane i am working on teaching him to put things back though... he thinks its so much fun he dumps everything on floor to do it again! imagine my surprise when he decided that he was done before he put them away for the last time .. apparently he considers the floor their proper home!
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My dd's doctor told us that, although parents tend to worry about their kids getting things like meningitis, 80% of the infants he treats have actually had some kind of accident to do with household stuff.

That made me think. So I went out and got some corners for our coffee table and stuck them on, and within 3 minutes, DD had figured out how to prize them off.

Generally I'm taking the line of letting her explore as she wants but keeping a close eye out and warning her about dangerous things. I've shown her many times how to get off the bed safely, for example. Not sure how much it's sunk in as yet though. I won't leave her alone in the bedroom until I'm more confident about her survival skills (I'm a huge fan of the Continuum Concept but think that industrialised-society babies grow up in a vastly different world from hunter-gatherer ones. The hazards our babies face are oftentimes things they have no instinct to avoid).
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I don't really baby proof anymore either - we do have outlet covers though. Other than that, since we've moved, we haven't added childproof locks to the new cabinets or anything. We do have a guardian angel window guard on one window that stays open a lot, since it's at floor level and a child could easily fall right out.

As for the toxic cleaners, maybe your friend doesn't have any. I don't. Under my sink right now I have vinegar, baking soda, some dish soap, Bac-Out and a bar of Ivory soap. There are no cleaning supplies in the bathrooms or closets, so there's nothing they could really get into there, either. And all other things like peroxide, alcohol and sunscreen are stored up high in our hall closet. (I should baby proof the hall closet anyway - the kids are constantly in the BandAids.)

Originally Posted by sunnmama View Post
We have all the sockets covered for ds, because he is very interested in sockets . We have still had lots of opportunities to explain that sockets are dangerous....I have to be *so vigilant* about replacing the outlet covers after using and outlet, because he will immediately try to plug something in (usually the thing I just unplugged--vacuum mostly).
I gave up on this with my now 3 year old DS. He learned how to pull out every cover (even the fancy ones that cover what's plugged in at the time) by 20 months. He also knew how to open "childproof" medicine bottles. Anyway - I gave up trying to keep him from the outlets so I instead taught him how to plug things in safely. Now the "magic" of it is gone, but any time the vacuum comes out he asks if he can plug it in, so that's his job.
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how do all you non-babyproofers take a shower??
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this sounds like the pearls... house-proofing a baby.
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Originally Posted by snoopy5386 View Post
how do all you non-babyproofers take a shower??
If the baby isn't mobile, they sit in a bouncy or something in the bathroom. If the baby's mobile, they get to roam around. Easy. I have glass shower doors to see them when they're in the room. My master bath does not have a door (it's down a long hallway), but I wouldn't lock them in anyways. They're able to crawl out of the bathroom and explore whatever's in their reach.
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We don't baby proof a lot either. We have a baby gate to block the stairs off, and the cupboards were locked up but other then that, no proofing here.

I'd just smile and nod, maybe ask how she does it?
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Originally Posted by snoopy5386 View Post
how do all you non-babyproofers take a shower??
I usually shower when the kids are with Dad in the morning before he leaves for work, when the kids are taking naps, or when the kids are in bed for the night.

If I have to take a shower when they are awake I tell the big kids to play in their bedroom (right beside the bathroom), and the baby sits in the bathroom in a bouncer and waits for me.
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Originally Posted by EdnaMarie View Post
Maybe her kids don't need babyproofing. Lucky her! On the other hand, I seriously doubt that those kids will be the ones to discover the lowest point on the ocean floor, or new species in the Amazon.
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We're another non baby-proofing family. What cleaners we use (we prefer baking soda and vinegar) are up high, but that's more because of the kitchen layout. We have used baby gates for short times as needed, but that's about it. I know that my kiddos could navigate stairs by themselves long before other children their age I've met, and those kids usually have houses where the stairs have gates all the time. I think it's just what they're expected/allowed to do.
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