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the newbie w/ the slow labor here

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so slow I get to keep posting and asking lots of questions

I am just wondering when to go to the hospital. I thought it was a frequency thing, but I just called and the ob/gyn on-call says its more of an intensity thing. Which didn't really help me figure out when to say we should go! Its been *so* slow to start (started last night, got to 8min apart this AM, 6 midday, is now more around 5min and yes, more intense) but that's a long time! I'm wondering if I can spend another night here (not sleeping as well as last night) or if that's probably not going to happen, and do I settle in to the hospital nowish or wait until 4am?

ctx are almost a minute now, some more intense than others, lots of hip pain w/ them, etc. I guess somewhat intense? I can talk through some of them, some not. If I get up and move around I have more of them more frequently for a while then they spread back out again. Babe is still moving a ton so that's not worrying me at least.

will I just *know* ? Is it possible for me to have another 8-12hrs of this before i really need to go? Its not far away, maybe only 5min drive.
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HMMM if it were ME. I would keep the movement up as much as possible. It sounds good, but if you go to the hospital too soon, sometimes you end up not being able to move as much as you'd like. So keep moving and changing positions every 30-45 minutes. Keep in touch with your HCP and follow wour instincts.
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I tend to agree with Torre. If it were me I'd stay at home, keep eating and drinking and switching positions as my body directed. Even if you think you will rest less at home you will still rest more than you would at the hospital. I am assuming you are wanting a NCB here, so if I am wrong correct me. You're doing great!!
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It's not a newbie thing! This was my fourth and I didn't know I was in labor until I was at the hospital and they had me hooked up to time my contractions! LOL!

It sounds like this could be it. My labor progressed VERY SLOWLY for over 2 weeks and then went super fast once I hit active labor. I went in when my contractions were 3 minutes apart and had increased in intensity (although I could still talk through them, they hurt more than the previous ones I had been having).

I know it's embarrassing, but if you end up going in and they send you home, no big deal. It's happened many times. I'd rather have that happen then not go in and have a UC that you didn't plan!
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my hospital is pretty cool, in that the monitors are wireless so supposedly you can move around pretty easily, but home does have comforts that are nice, the mr. too can sleep better probably, and I am having a nice time working on my labor project (baby quilt) which I don't want to bring to the hospital. I'm just quilting sitting on my fitness ball, basically. If it was daytime I'd probably increase time at home I guess, but it shouldn't make a difference! Ill stay home until they are so intense I can't quilt between them maybe. Its not like it would take us long to get there, at least.

and yeah, seeking NCB I think the only reason I was thinking hospital is that when the babe does get quiet I worry (hasn't happened that much today, but I'm sure babe is getting tired so will happen at some point!) and want to make sure the babe is in a good position - not posterior, etc. I can't really tell. I have some backache, but not a huge amount, its mostly hips that hurt. But a doc/midwife/nurse might be able to tell position better than me!

Ill hang out a while longer then, and see what strikes me
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I haven't written my birth story yet but one reason it got crazy was b/c we were waiting for intense regular contractions. Whenever I was lying down they would be super strong and 5-7 min apart...when I got up and moved around they weren't as intense nor as frequent. They even seemed to slow to a stop sometimes. It turns out I was in labor, it is just diff. for every woman...I was 4 cm by the time I saw my midwife from there the pain never increased and I dilated very rapidly to 6 and then on up...I had very few contractions I couldn't talk through until my water broke which was right before the baby came.

I think you should go in b/c had we not we would have for sure had the baby in the car or at home unassisted b/c i had no idea that I was as far along as I was or that things were going so quickly! It just never felt as intense as I expected...and this isn't my first time in labor either.
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I think if you want to speed things along, keep up and moving. Put on some music and dance around ... dancing in labor is incredibly awesome and definitely gets that baby heading down.

And I wouldn't worry about staying home too long. Let the hubby sleep, spend time working on your quilt, and when you're ready to go you'll know. Besides, you guys are so close to the hospital that I wouldn't worry about that.

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I did want to add, that if you DO go to the hospital and you are not as far along as you would have hoped, you CAN go home!

I think going in as soon as you are not able to quilt is a FANTASTIC plan! thats your momma instincts talking little lady. Keep up the AWESOME work!!!! Your doing fantastic!
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so I think we are going to go in soon. I can't really quilt anymore, plus I think the mr. actually might sleep better there (since we can settle in) rather than here since he'll be wondering if I'm going to wake him wanting to go to the hospital

ctx are getting a bit more intense, and so is the nausea, so I figure go now, why not. They do have pretty comfy rooms, so bringing some books/CD's, etc.

wish us luck!
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Good luck!!! I am so excited for you
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Good luck. You're going to do wonderfully!
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Good luck - I can't wait to read that you're holding your babe soon!
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Hope you are holding your babe by now!!
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Yay! I'm so excited for you! I hope you're holding your baby!!!
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I keep checking back here, looking for news!
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Thinking of you Seafox!
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Good luck mama! you will do fantastic! YOUR AWESOME...:
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How exciting! Can't wait to hear the great news that you are holding the baby!!

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Wow - I'm SO excited for you seafox! YAY on no induction!!! Can't wait to hear more!!!
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Dropping in here to send my best good luck vibes and lots of love to you, mama! I hope everything has gone beautifully and that you are holding your precious little one right now

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