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Hey ladies! Hope everyone is feeling good and having fun today

DH is asleep on the couch with DD1 and DD2 watching a movie with their toothbrushes DD3 is sleeping in the swing, which means I had my first free minutes in three days to jump on and say hi. Still struggling with dairy here, but I've cut most of it out, Anna is not screaming all day now, she is just having stints, and her rash is still working its way down her body.....

Nails - I've been clipping Anna's at least once a week or poor kid bloodies up her face.

Eating/Drinking disasters - i made steak and chipotle burritos... I had never made the recipe before.... Well, if you really want your LO to poop, I can send you the recipe, if you can tolerate the burning in your mouth.... I love spicy foods..... and this was a bit much even for me... still ate it all though
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Thank you ~ good to know on the whisper wear. Maybe I'll pass on it.

I have my 6 wk post partum appt this Thursday. A little anxious since it will be a full physical. Also because I am still having some bleeding which is concerning me. Definitely the longest that I have gone and still bleeding. *sigh* The last two days, I've had some abdomonal pain on either side so I'm hoping it's nothing bad.
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My 6 week PP visit has yet to be scheduled. I haven't even heard from my midwife since a few days PP. The assistant has handled everything since then as usual. Not that I'm surprised, I did end up delivering my own baby after all.

Laine is having some ezcema issues on her face. I'm not doing dairy so I can't really pinpoint a potential food problem. I never dealt with this with DS's food sensitivities so I don't really know what to think. I think I'm also getting the start of a yeast infection : I guess I need to up the probiotics.

The time seems to be passing so quickly here. Next month my brother is coming to visit with his wife and daughter and then my IL's will be coming for a visit so that should make July go by super fast. Before I know it DH will be home in the fall for R&R and I am very much looking foward to it. I miss him so much and its so bittersweet to watch Laine change and grow without him. She is his clone baby for sure and a constant reminder of him every day, that is very comforting to me.
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well we went to the waterpark for fathers day today and even though my grandmother kept her OUT of the sun seriously never a ray was on her she seems to have burned a little bit on the side of her face the she wasnt sleeping on and a little on her neck roll...i've held cold breastmilk on there with a wash rag but not sure how much more comfortable i can make her
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Addie got a burn on her face when she was 6 days old. I felt horrible.
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Same with Laine, she's out of the sun when we're outside. I think the car is the culprit.
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River got a bright red burn last weekend We were at a picnic my midwives hosted. I felt horrible! It was overcast most the time we were out. He took a nap and was covered except one side of his face.
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Sorry I've been away. Struggling with nursing still. LC had/has us using a Haberman to teach Marius to suck and I'm trying to get him back to breast now. Also doing suck training exercises. I hate bottles- they take up so much time. And my pump. It's evil. On the upside there, I got larger phlanges for my pump from the LC and suddenly I'm getting a whole lot more milk from the right breast and it's actually getting EMPTIED for the first time ever.
I haven't read anything in this thread, just wanted to at least tell you all I'm still alive and so is Marius. I hope you all are well.
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For those w/ babes with sunburns, a doula friend of mine suggested arnica for baby G's face. It went away fairly quick, but started peeling this week. He was never in direct sun either so I'm not sure why that happened.
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Originally Posted by lightheartedmom View Post


I was wondering if you ladies can help me on the whole topic of thrush. I bf'd DD1 for 2.5 years and never had anything even remotely resembling thrush or any other breast infection (lucky!!). My boobs are fine right now, but I just noticed today when Chloe was crying that she has one single, solitary white spot right at the back of the roof of her mouth. It doesn't go away when she nurses...I'm worried it might be the start of thrush, especially because I've been really remiss with my sugar intake lately. Does this sound like thrush? Any tips for heading it off at the pass before it gets worse? I'm going to cut out sugar, now. But...anything else to help her? Do you know if taking Apple Cider Vinegar would help? Thanks in advance!!
My DS has one of those too at the roof of his mouth. It's looked exactly the same since he was born. I remember my daughter had several, and the doc told me they were just some kind of normal cyst, don't remember the name, but they went away on their own.

I did have thrush once with DD, when she was two, and it was all over her tongue, but not any on the roof of her mouth like that.
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On the fussiness issue, we are at 6 weeks now and every evening Eli is pretty fussy between maybe 7 and 9, then he'll finally pass out after being rocked, walked, nursed, pacified, bounced, swung, etc. I've been really glad that I found a swing at a yard sale last week, because my frustration level has been kinda high this week but at least I can use the swing when I'm at my wit's end. Usually he stops crying pretty fast if I wear him, but for some reason I have resisted doing that as much this week- guess I was getting touched out or something.

I think DS is just generally a fussier baby. DH was getting pretty frustrated for a while because he feels like he can't read DS as well as he could read DD at this age.But DH is starting to connect better with Eli the past few days, because even though DS is still fussy in the evening, he has been super happy boy every morning lately, so DH gets to connect with him and see him smile before work at least.

I'll be taking DD to VBS at FIL's church several evenings this week and leaving Eli with hubby, so they should get some good Daddy-Son time, plus DS will get more practice using the bottle- a good thing since my first day back at work is in 4 weeks.
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Have any of you mama's gotten your cycle back yet? I think I am going to have a period in about 3 weeks, as a matter of fact I am pretty certain of it! i have had all the signs of ovulating! I am 2 mos pp tomorrow and truthfully I got my cycle back at 6 weeks with my 1st and 12 weeks with my second so this is not unusual for me, I just always wish I would get a bigger break!
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Originally Posted by AustGirl View Post

A TMI question for you ladies: Is anyone experiencing discomfort when visiting the toilet? I have sharp cramps with any pee or BM. Wondering if this is normal, or a typical caesarian thing?
I see several people have already responded to this, but yes, I had a lot of discomfort when peeing for a couple weeks after my c/s. It was like this painful pulling sensation. Not burning like a UTI, but deeper in, I guess my bladder or something? Dunno. Hurt like crazy, and freaked me out cuz I didn't have it with my first c/s.

Still spotting at 5 weeks pp. It wasn't too much yesterday, and this morning, but then just before lunch, I passed some more red blood. So sick of pads and spotting.

I think the Diflucan is finally doing some good. Except this weekend I visited my parents' and had too much sugar/carbs, and was having shooting/duct pain in my right breast. *sigh* I also have a milk blister on that nipple which is really sore, and teh LC noted it, but didn't give me any advice on healing it.

Giving babe nystatin 4 times a day is getting old fast.

He still sleeps a lot. He's sleeping right now. I sorta wish he'd wake up and spend some time being stimulated/played with so that he'll sleep better tonight. OTOH, he's so cute when he's all curled up [he's in his carseat].

My older son [5] got his first sunburn this weekend. We didn't get the sunscreen on him soon enough, I guess. Luckily it doesn't seem to be bothering him.

Before visiting my parents, my weight had finally gone below 200, so that was about 25 pounds in a month. I didn't weigh myself this morning, but I dread it. I'm in maternity shorts or stretchy soft cotton jersey shorts [read: very unattractive and shapeless]. And my boobs are huge [no milk supply issues this time!] so a lot of my tee shirts don't fit. I too don't want to buy clothes. Someone mentioned sundresses; how do you nurse in those? I hate wearing skirts in summer cuz my thighs rub together and get all sweaty.

Ok, I'm blathering when I'm supposed to be checking to see what's due back at the library.
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Originally Posted by luvmybabygirls View Post
Have any of you mama's gotten your cycle back yet? I think I am going to have a period in about 3 weeks, as a matter of fact I am pretty certain of it! i have had all the signs of ovulating! I am 2 mos pp tomorrow and truthfully I got my cycle back at 6 weeks with my 1st and 12 weeks with my second so this is not unusual for me, I just always wish I would get a bigger break!
I had menstrual like cramps Friday thru Sunday but no period yet. I feel like its coming though. I got it at 8 months last time and now I'm only 8 weeks!!
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AF was back for me at 5 months PP with DS, I had signs of gearing up to ovulate around 3 months though. I'm really hoping AF will hold off longer this time (at least until after September, wouldn't want her visiting during r&r ). You'd think nursing two of them would keep AF away longer but we will see.
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I got it back at 5 months pp with my first because my oversupply regulated itself then,w hich can trick your body to think you are weaning. With my second, I got it back at 15 months. I better not get it back for a long time.
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I don't remember when AF came back with my first...

I weighed myself this morning, and despite the visit to my parents', I'm down another 3 pounds since Wed. or Thurs. :

DS2 is 5 weeks old today. He has a little cough and is sneezing. He doesn't seem congested. But he keeps kinda gagging on his spit-up, and then coughing that sad little cough. When do I worry?
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Finally called to make my 6 wk pp appt. She "made" me schedule with the OB who delivered me, even though the MW told me I could schedule with one of them. And since she was putting me in with the OB, she couldn't fit me in for 3 weeks [I'm 5 weeks today]. Ugh.

Also, I keep getting bills from teh hospital. It doesn't look like the insurance co has paid much. I can't tell from teh way the invoices are written, and I haven't gotten EOBs yet for my hospital stay. Seems like I should be getting them soon.

I'm having some baby blues today I think. I'm feeling down. I keep thinking how fast he's growing already, and how this is my last baby, and I can't seem to make time go slower. And I know I won't be able to bring these little sweet baby moments back no matter how hard I try to inscribe them in my mind and heart. I hate feeling like this.

And I'm really behind on laundry. I put in some clothes cuz DS1 is almost out of shirts and shorts, but I really ought to have washed diapers. I really only have about a 1.5 day supply, and I just can't seem to wash them often enough. I can't wait to be able to use some of teh bigger ones. Except that means he will have grown up, and see my 3rd paragraph.
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Just a quick update that we are all doing fine! Lily is up 2 pounds from her birth weight in only 2 weeks, but now she has a yeast infection in her bends and folds. The cream the dr gave us really seems to be helping. I am just thankful that it's yeast and not MRSA. I have a community acquired form on the back of my leg and am on antibiotics for it, so any little thing that pops up on her I freak out about! Nursing is going great, but I am having to pump a lot more with her than with DD1. My family doc and my MW both said that it's normal to have more with the 2nd baby but still!! I never leaked with DD1 past the first few days and I leak now if I so much as cross my eyes!!

But, by far the best thing is she sleeps from about 9pm to 1am without waking!!! I'm thinking it's going to be a pattern since she's been doing it for about a week now. The down side to that is that she's awake from about 4 till 8 then crashes. She's pretty content to lay in bed and talk to whoever will listen though, so I'm not complaining.
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Things are going well here too. Dd seems to not be reacting to my food after all. HUGE relief! So it's just the insanity of 4 kids. LOL I feel like I don't have time for anything anymore. That was a fight btwn me and dh last night. It was our 13th anniversary, and we went to bed mad. Grrrrr. I hate that. Esp on our anniversary.
But, b/c of my busy-ness and trying to cut back, and current policies by the powers that be, I think I'm done here at MDC. I will just stick with the Facebook group. So please, pretty please post over there. i'll start some new threads soon, hopefully.
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