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Leaking fluid!!!

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Finally, my water has "broke," or at least sprung a leak. Regardless, labor should start soon, and then baby, and then I won't be pregnant anymore!!!!!!!!!
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not in you DDC but : for baby to come fast! i cant wait to hear that baby is in your arms!

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Wonderful, easy labor vibes for you!
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Yay!!!! Hope you have an easy labor and will be holding your babe soon!
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OoOO I am jealous of your body fluids!! Good luck!!!!
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I was just thinking about you - so I am so glad to read this!! Good Luck!
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I can't wait to see your post that says "baby is here"!
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So not much going on yet. I estimate I lost about 1/4 cup of fluid last night. I've been having pretty regular contractions this morning, but of the very not painful variety. I'm sending DH to work and will be spending today getting the house ready for my homebirth!
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I'm so jealous! Sending happy labor vibes your way!
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: Yay!
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WooHoo!!! Very fun and exciting
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Good luck! Happy laboring and birthing :
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(Waiting not-so-patiently...)
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Contractions started at 6:30 this morning. For the past 2.5 hours they've been at 8-10 minutes, and getting stronger. I think I'm FINALLY in labor.

Of course my midwife is at another birth right now. I just really hope I don't hit active labor until she's done.
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Good luck!!!
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I've been keeping up with your blog - sounds like things are moving along!! I'm so hyped for you!
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I hope you're holding baby now!!
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Nope, not yet.
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