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Leaking fluid!!! - Page 2

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BUMPING. Ashley, we are all dying to know what's going on!
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Not much of anything. I have semi-regular contractions, it hurts, they stop. I'm trying to avoid paying attnetion until I can't not anymore.

Tomorrow I'll be trying induction by diarrhea. Why yes I'm getting desperate.
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"Induction by diarrhea"... is that as much fun as it sounds?

: for a good labor and birth!
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Eh putting off the castor oil until tomorrow or Thursday. Today we're dealing with brownouts in my area, and it just seems like a bad combination.
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"Induction by diarrhea" + "brownouts"
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Have you tried/thought about trying acupuncture? Not that you're probably looking for advice at this stage of the game, but thought I'd mention it. Everyone I know who has tried castor oil has vowed to never do it again . . . not the best review!

Sending lots of spontaneous labor vibes your way!

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