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belly cast

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DH reallllly want to make a belly cast this time. I really do not care Now I just can not decide whether to do the whole belly and breasts, or just the belly. All of the whole torse ones I see are soo pretty, but i have a feeling that my teeny tiny boobies would not look that great on a belly cast... idk why, I just think it would look silly? Am i totally off my rocker? Does anyone have any pics of their belly casts with smaller boobs? Would it look silly if I only did my tummy?
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I haven't done a belly cast yet, but very much want to. Babies R Us has a kit for like $30. My mom is coming up to stay with us before and after the baby comes and I think I will see if she wants to put it on for me. She had one done when she had my youngest brother 10 years ago and just did her belly. I was thinking of just doing my belly only, too. I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum as you. My boobs are ginormous and out of control. They look like they belong on the cover of a National Geographic, all floppy and huge. If I had tiny boobs more in line with my smaller frame, I would probably include them. But you have to consider, if you are going to be hanging that somewhere in your house where people can see it, do you want everyone to be able to view a plaster cast of your boobies? I think belly is totally acceptable, and really, you want to do what you want to be able to remember about the pregnancy. To me, the belly is much more awe-inspiring than my boobs
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I don't see why your little boobs wouldn't look good. My big floppy amazon woman boobs won't look that great, but I'm doing it. LOL!
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I think the full torso ones are way cuter than just the belly ones, no matter what size the boobies are!
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The belly only ones I've seen don't really look like much. Like it's hard to tell what it is supposed to be without the boobs included. JMO
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i did one and my breasts are pretty small reletive to my belly due to igt. i can e mail you a pic. if you pm me. i love mine. you might consider putting your hads over your breasts or something and casting your hands too...ive seen some really awesome ones like that. we had tons of fun doing ours and im glad i did it. i think dh really liked it....he was giving me lots of kisses and funny looks while we were doing it...
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I have big old saggy boobs and I chose to include them in the belly cast. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I think smaller boobs would be cuter AND make the belly look bigger, which is the whole point, right?

If you decide to omit the breasts, you will end up with a belly "bowl" that would be very cute for newborn pictures! You can even plaster in a coaster over the middle of your belly to make sure the bowl will sit correctly. Then you decorate it and stick the new baby in it for a cute photo op!
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Belly Casts

Hi there,

I was really nervous about showing my breasts on my belly cast because I've never been particularly fond of their shape.. But I just went for it and called up a lady who works here locally and the experience was peaceful and the belly cast looks amazing. She made my boobs look great and yet still like mine! I'm so happy to have done this and I would recommend it to any of you who are still hesitating because it is really a great way to remember your pregnancy. Go for it while you still can!
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: ohh i'm glad this is back! i'm just hoping my sister (the artist of the family) can get up here to help me do the cast before i loose my belly! has anyone painted or otherwise decorated their casts?
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I think it's better to do the boobs and the belly, otherwise it is just an orb and doesn't look like a human form. Be proud of your body no matter what size your boobies are! They will nourish your baby whether they are big or small

I did mine last week and I ended up doing two b/c I wasn't totally happy with the first one. For the first one I was sitting semi reclined and I didn't think that my belly looked as big as it really is. So we did another one where I sat up straight on the edge of the chair and I think it came out way better. Now I am going to put on another layer of rigid wrap to make it stronger and then I am going to paint a big mandala on the belly and seal it with an acrylic finish. I am going to hang it on the wall in my birthing room and use it as a focal point during labor.
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