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Well hey mamas,

So glad to pop in here and see some wonderful news and some old and new friends As Spring is here I spend as much time as I can outside. There is not much time for the computer. I just don't have good time management skills Looking forward to opening the windows. I hope everyone has a great day
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So glad that Spring is finally here
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sooo.... who is actually following here? lets get chatting mamas!
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Oooh yay! I wanna be friends ! I even brought something fun
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Hey mamas! Sorry that I've been so MIA lately. It's been a rough time here, but there has been some great news! I applied for a Bachelor of Social Work program back in January and was waiting patiently (or trying to....) to hear back. I was so happy to hear back from them yesterday saying that I got in!! I've been applying to programs for years and kept getting rejected, so to finally get in is a wonderful feeling.

Hope that you are all wonderful!!
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Hi Mamas (and papas?) I too am a loner, by choice though.
I have tons of people on facebook, old friends from hs etc..but that's as far as my friend thing goes. Depressing huh? I even avoid instant messages from people, and I dread seeing "you have 2 new messages" in my inbox on there as well.. I don't want to get personal with people.
I feel okay with it though. Most people in real life suck. I tend to get fed up or tire of "friends" in real life. I get bored with them, and I push them away. Well I lied a little just now, I'm NOT okay with it, I wish I could get along with people better, and have a special girlfriend to complain to about my husband; but I'm just so set in my ways now that I can't picture myself doing that anymore. I used to like people, well before my kids. I like my privacy and "freedom" of not having to go out and "hang" with them. KWIM? LOL This probably all seems weirdly worded to some on this thread, eh? It's hard to put into words I guess.
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Hello all How are things going? It looks like Spring might be here for good, at least I hope so. Been working in the garden when I can. Got a new puppy and adopted a new pig too I have been very busy with all the animals. Been feeling a bit on the lonely side, missing some real life conversation but I have the worst luck when it come to finding friends. Oh well, I guess it's time to get back outside.

Have a great day all!
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I think this is the tribe for me. We don't live where I grew up or went to college, so all my friends from those stages of life are far away, and I seem to find it hard to make friends now. I have some friends now, but they're not the same as my really good friends from growing up, ya know? I miss having that kind of friendship where I can call a friend up or show up at her door when I'm in tears over a fight with DH or who I can just hang out with, drink coffee or wine, and play a board game while laughing hysterically.

I guess that basically...

I just get LONELY!
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Hi there! I've just been really busy with school, but I'm proud to say that I've done all my work for the first module I've been working 9-5 and then studying in the evening, so I am really exhausted lately. I also get frustrated a lot more now, and get bad headaches too..... I'm a mess!

Hope you are all doing wonderful!
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I love this thread and decided to join...if there is any more room!

I just got back to mexico after living abroad all my life. My best friend is here but is moving away next month. I get along with a couple of mother´s from my son´s kinder...oh but nothing comes close to my "sisters"...miss ´em.

So I hope to meet you all, these online friendships seem strange to me, as if they weren´t real. But I wanna try.

Anyone around?

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Wondering where everyone is

I've traveled a long way through many threads and shiny new ones to finally arrive at this door. It is nice to meet you and find that I actually do have a tribe. Its easy for me to remain in my brain thinking that I am alone. All the pre-baby friendships seem to have retreated into the woods! aaarrgh! I work full time (wish everyday that I could find more balance between work and home) Mother of a two year old son, Benjamin. Liam our faithful black and white cat is ill without definitive reason and we accompanied him to the vet today. It really was time for the bubs nap and so he screamed despite distractions through our appointment. What a trip to remain patient and then off to work! Exhausted! What to do? Talk to me about two year olds anyone?
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I want some friends :)

Hi mamas,

I was wandering aimlessly through all the various tribes, while procrastinating from doing work for my J-O-B, and had come to the conclusion that I just don't belong anywhere. When lo and behold...the "I have no friends" tribe appeared before me. WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!?!?

Oh my goodness, I am SOOOO lonely these days. DS is 14 months old and I've had a slow disappearance of all of my pre-baby friends happening for the past 23 months or so (since I spilled the beans about being preggo). I have even lost friends who are mamas themselves! WTH???

A little about me: I'm a WAHM of one bouncy baby boy, Nickolas; wife to my DH for four years, Chris, the love of my life ; I am well educated (BS, MBA) and have had a career in the banking industry for 12 years; and am apparently...friendless. I am trying to be crunchy, but haven't made the full leap just yet. Breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and co-sleeping with my toddler who was born naturally and drug-free in the hospital.

Won't you please be my friend??? Pretty please with some sugar???
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Me too

I don't seem to have any friends right now besides my dog...between work and the children maybe I just don't have anything left..? But I used to have friends and would like to again...I'm just not sure how to make any in a small town with no time to spare and poor social skills.
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Just wanted to say hello!

Hello!! I am new to this whole blogging/forum thing and I just wanted to intro myself and say hello!! I am SUPER excited about being preggers again, and just want to connect with other mommies!!!
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I'll be your friend..we sound kind of similar...I am bored at my J-O-B and I wish I was a WAHM...now that I am expecting again I am finding it hard to balance career with family!! I have a 4 year old daughter with my DH, and we are expecting our 2nd, and I all I want to do is be the BEST possibly mommy and I feel that I could be so much more productive in my kiddies lives if I wasn't spending majority of my time cultivating my career
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Is this thread still around or is there a new one I'm missing?

I used to be a social butterfly! However since I've become a mom I've become really introverted. Even when I'm not SAH and have been working or in school, I've been really shy and kind of think 'well since i don't have time to go out i shouldn't try to make friends' or 'i can't afford a babysitter so i can go out so i won't ask if there's room for one more' ya know? However I'm moving in about a month to go to college and want to make new friends in the small town I'm moving to. Any advice or suggestions on how to regain a social life while juggling family, school and work?


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Needing some encouragement and social interaction as well. Not only do I have 3 kids aged 4 and under, but I just moved overseas....I feel like young children and isolation is a recipe for insanity.
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