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Kohlrabi recipe

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In case you get your hands on any (it's common in CSA shares, for one)

Peel and grate 2-3 kohlrabis
Saute in butter or oil--8 min.
Add salt and pepper
Add 1/4c. parm cheese (perhaps the vegan sub. would work? or nut. yeast?)
cook 1 min. more

My kids loved it. I could've lived on it for the rest of the week. So I wanted to pass it on. FABULOUS!!!
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I like it sliced up raw with some sea salt! I had never seen this veggie before moving to Germany..its very popular here and supposedly very nutritious
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I get it for cheap at my farmers market and toss it soups and stirfrys. It would be nice to know of some traditional dishes that it was intended for instead of just using it as an add on extra veggie. I love the taste of it and so does my dd. She will even eat it raw & likes how its crispy.
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Similar to the first poster, we make hashbrowns out of it. Since we eat eggs, we do add those, but I think you could do it without them. It's got a bit more zing than hashbrowns made with potatoes -- it's our favorite discovery from last summer's farm box.:
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