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Midwife/Birth info for Italy

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This forum seems pretty dead, but I thought I would post this information.
. I also have been doing a mad search to line up a potential midwife for myself. Here is some good information I have found though. There is an online translator link as well on this page.


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Thanks for this info. I'm in Aviano and due in Dec. I haven't been able to find any info on midwifes in Italy. If you want any info on living here let me know...
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Let me know if you find anyone! I just found out that I am recently pregnant and will be about five months when we arrive in Italy. Most of the MW's I have found are in Rome. Here are some more contacts though, maybe they can connect you with someone that is in the region? I get the impression that there are doctors who do homebirths. The Midwifery Today web page has a link to nascerea casa, national association of homebirth, and lists a couple contacts for the region. Let me know how things go for!


The Birth Center,
At: Via Marmorata 169, sc. 3 int. 1, 00153 Rome
Tel: 06 5758648 / 06 57300707
Fax: 06 97614698

Marina Baldocci Obong,
At: Via Gravina di Puglia 44, 00133 Rome.
Tel: 06 2050737 / 338 3112339
Fax: 06 2050737

Valerie Barchisi
Tel: 06 5758648 / 06 57300707
Fax: 06 97614698

Nascere & Crescere
Anna Maria Gioacchini
Tel: 06 77250005 / 329 1644376

Other contacts:

Breastfeeding Information and Counselling
M.A.M.I. Movimento Allattamento Materno Italiano
At: Via Treggiai 11, 50020 Firenze (Romola)
Tel: 055 2341156
Fax: 055 39069711

La Leche League International
Tel: 06 5258365 or 06 9511170
Fax: 06 5258365

Ida Santellocco
At: Via Erodotto 7, 00124 Rome
Tel: 06 5053229 or 349 3853241
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I have sent several emails out... but hoping for some response here.

Does anyone have any contacts for an English-speaking midwife or Doula in Genova?

I have interests in a home birth, however will consider a birthing center or hospital if a natural birth will be respected. We just relocated to this area from the United States a little over two weeks ago and I am due in 4 weeks. We know very few people here and I have concerns for what to do with our 4 year old daughter when the time comes.

Also, since we are American citizens, we will also be paying all of our medical costs out of pocket. Does anyone have a price range of cost for delivery? No one I have spoken with seems to have any clue.

Any suggestions, thoughts, recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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This is the closest midwife service I found http://www.nascitadolce.it

It is in Siena, whether they would travel to Genoa, I'm not sure, they could probably give you info on midwifes in your area on the cost as well...Good Luck.

Thank you CaptCourt, I'm going to see if I can't find out any info, I have not seen any midwifes in the friuli or surrounding regions. I will let you know if I find out anything. Are you military?
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Yes, my DH is military.

I have had some luck finding providers in the region from the Nascerea Casa website. They may not be MW, but will do a HB from what I gather.


On another note, the nice thing I found out about Nascita Dolce Birth Center is that you can start living there at 36 weeks I believe.
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I would love info on living there. Do you have to be military to be able to afford it or can people just move there and be ok financially, in your opinion?

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