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Evansville / Newburgh doctors

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Hello there:
I am searching for some names of open minded OB's in southern Indiana. I am currently with an OB at The Women's Hospital in Newburgh, but would very happily switch if I found someone who was right.

I am interested in things like delaying the cord clamping, avoiding induction/pitossin/epidural, skin-to-skin contact right away, laboring in any position that is comfortable or effective for me, etc.

So far the OB's I've seen want their patients on their back with fetal monitoring and an IV. I would be SO grateful to learn of a more open-minded OB at either Deaconess or St. Mary's.

I am currently seeing Dr. Anne Butsch as a general practitioner (St. Mary's) and she is very, very, very good. I highly recommend her to anyone. However, she does not manage pregnancies.
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Does it have to be an OB?
I had a family practice dr who would have let me do whatever I wanted and was safe --but ended up with a homebirth--
He was willing to be my back up dr --we love him !!
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I'm talking with someone from Evansville over on the Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island board. You might PM her and see if she can recommend anyone (she just moved away from evansville last year)

You can find her under a post titled 'homesick for southern new england'
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I would suggest checking out a meeting with the Evansville Birth Network. They meet bimonthly..the next meeting is in August and the topic is Informed Conset; however, they also have a yahoogroup you can join to ask questions and network between meetings. At the very least, perhaps we could give you some mother to mother suggestions on nagivating the maternity system locally. We have a nice blend of mothers represented..some choose OB care, some choose family practice providers, some choose homebirth midwives to serve them at home during their births. I hope you can join us for discussion
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