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Soothing Breast Pads

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I was tempted to buy some soothies for starting nursing again. My nipples are really, really sore lately, so I think it might be a bit of a rough start. Then I had an idea.

I cut out some circles the size of breast pads from some left over organic bamboo velour. Then I filled it with those polymer crystal things you can get at plant stores. They swell up when you soak them in water and they hold the water without leaching it out. I put a 1/4 teaspoon of the pellet things in it just before I serged them all the way closed. I also put a few calendula petals in as well.

They are soaking in water now, but they will be brilliant for sore boobs if I store them in the fridge. I should totally market this.

Just thought I'd pass it on in case anyone is bored and wanted to try it.
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Sounds much better than the cabbage leaves I usually use!
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