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Dr Suzanne Mack in Denton Tx

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Just wandering if anyone had any experiences with her. thanks!
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I know she got into trouble a few years back for something to do with her medical practice...not sure she is even practicing anymore.
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Yes, I have had recent experiences with her.  She is still in practice in North Denton and doing a very fine job of getting to the origin of what causes the problem, not just prescribing something to treat the symptoms. My mom who lives in an Independent facility had to be hospitalized 5 different times in a 6 month period for stroke like symptoms, irregular heart beats, diagnosed as PVC's. Because the strokes occurred in different locations, of the Metroplex, she was admitted to 3 different hospitals.  After extensive evaluations by each hospital, she was sent home and prescribed 2-3 different medications.  Each time the emergency room took numerous MRI, sonograms, cardiology evaluations, EKG, brain scans, blood tests, and multi-day heart monitoring.  She was told she had to be on BETA blockers for the rest of her life, cholesterol lowering medication, blood pressure meds, the usual stuff that is prescribed for folks over 75.  I had to take off work for each event and arrange child supervision, ( as I am a single mom) to go to stay with my mother.  The never ending medical emergencies were unbearable for me and very disruptive for my family.  Mom was constantly worried and nothing they did got her relief for very long.  The medications were causing her side effects so she was constantly complaining about the new symptoms.  You get the picture.  Dr. Mack was my last alternative.  She did an extensive evaluation of Mom and determined her primary problem was that she was extremely deficient in Magnesium.  Mom had mild deficiency in other minerals as well.   Within a few days of starting specific supplements, Mom's complaints turned into positive comments about her well being and with gradual supervised treatment Dr. Mack was able to stop all prescriptions except Thyroid.  Three years later Mom has had no further health issues.  She is strong and vibrant, still living independently and walking several miles per day.  The odd thing is that other persistent problems commencing 15 years earlier, like chronic leg pain and problems swallowing food, cleared up over the next few months and she has been symptom free.  In my opinion Dr. Mack saved the quality of my Mother's life and reduced my burden as a caregiver tremendously.  So my experience is a great one.  Hope people can stop spreading negative rumors and encourage patients who really want to be healed to get to the root of the problem so they can stop treating the symptoms.  

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