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Show off thread!

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I am just so smitten with my little one, I thought I would start a show off thread. Feel free to post pictures of your little ones too!

Welcome to the world, baby girl

Happy birthday!
So sleepy
Miss Bright Eyes
Snuggling Mama
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What a beauty!!!
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Oh I just love that first photo of her covered in vernix, with the big smile on your face. So beautiful!!

And was the birthday cake ON her birthday? If so let me just say WOW you look awesome for just giving birth Love the "0" candle... how sweet
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O.M.G. that first pic of you holding her, covered in vernix, just totally made me cry! SO SWEET! Beautiful. And that last pic of her smiling all snuggled up to you is awesome.

OK, I'm going to have to load up some pics to share too! My guy is 3 week old and has the worst case of baby acne I've ever seen though!
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Awww, I love all those pictures!! I have to admit to some baby envy here..I'm so ready to hold my lo!
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awww, those pics are great! She's beautiful, and you look fantastic

Come on people, share your baby pics too!
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I have a few pictures on my blog. http://sparm.blogspot.com/
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They're both gorgeous! Come on mamas - more pics - for some reason it makes the waiting easier having these great pictures of what's really at the end! It made me just go through all of dd's birth pictures and helped me get some much needed patience back.

Thanks for sharing!
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Cyan's pictures are all from the hospital at the moment since hubby hasn't updated in a while. Maybe today. She's much bigger now.
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AWWW cute babies!!
newborn pictures are hard for me, haha
excuse the stained sheet and my shadow. please?
my oldest wanted to hold the baby
must eat finger!
newborn looks like newborn
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These babies are adorable!!! :
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Adorable babies...thanks for letting us all peek! :

I melted tonight when I captured this photo of my two. I linked to the set in my birth announcement thread but here it is again since I keep updating it...
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thanks for sharing your babies! oh how i love the newborn pictures!!! i just keep thinking to myself that this is my last baby and i'll never have a one week old again.....the time just FLIES!

i already posted her "at delivery" pictures on her announcement thread, but my photographer friend gifted me a newborn photo shoot and she just uploaded the first of the bunch this morning! i am SO pleased!!!

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Such beautiful babies! Keep them coming!
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