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Curly? Straight? What will it be?

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Hi ladies,

Does anyone have any scoop on whether babies born with straight (really STRAIGHT!) hair will likely go curly later in life if they are part African? My son is 3 mo and his hair is still super straight and getting lighter in color. I have really thick but smooth blonde hair, DH has coarse jet black hair with beautiful tiny ringlets. I must admit, I was hoping my son would inherit the curls. I love him to pieces in any case, just the way he is. Just can't wait to see what will happen!
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I have to say both my nephews (mixed black/white) started out with pin straight hair, during the first few months Nephew 1s hair became soft ringlets. (I begged my sis to keep his hair long but she started shaving his head short ) Nephew 2s hair was coarser and less curly but curly none the less. My dc mixed white/Mexican/Ecudorian had hair that changed at least every 6 months! So expect your lo's hair to go through alot of changes in the first year! Hope this helps!
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My DD had super straight hair as a baby and now that it's longer it's got big soft curls. DS has the straight hair since he's a baby, but I expect a similar outcome.
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i have one mixed child and one all-white child. my sons hair started out in thinnish loose curls but by age 2 or 3 was thick coarse and not at all curly.

i have a friend who had three children with the same father, shes white, hes black. each of their kids have totally different hair from one another, and only one of them has the same hair type as they had at birth
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DD had straight hair at birth that keeps getting curlier as she gets older (she's 5 months now). Just recently she's started to develop ringlets.

She's a mix of about everything but Asian. Although my mom claims there's some Mongolian there.
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I can't wait.
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My kids are 1/4 AA (DH is biracial) and theirs got curlier the longer it got. They had very little hair until after a year, and what they did have was straight. Now we are bordering on little afros, LOL.

I have a mommy friend - her DS's hair was straight as a stick until he hit puberty and then it got super curly.
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Both of my kids are biracial. They both started out with very straight hair, especially my daughter whose hair was down to her shoulders and curly only at the bottom. Then around the time that she turned two it got curlier and curlier. Now, at 6 1/2, her hair is curly whirly and very soft. My son's hair got curly around 1 or so I think, as soon as it got a little bit longer it started to curl up. He is almost 4 now and has VERY curly hair but very soft and loose.

I love the element of surprise when it comes to kids and their looks. I thought for sure my kids would have black hair but their hair is actually light brown, even lighter than mine which is medium brown.
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I'm not biracial but i had straight hair till puberty and now its curly.
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My friend's dd is half AA (mother) half white (father). She is almost five now and her hair is poker straight. It is also really thick, dark brown, and simply gorgeous, but it is TOTALLY straight. Not even the HINT of a wave, much less a curl.
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Hair has a funny way of changing... My brother and I are both white and our hair started to get curly after puberty. Neither of our parents have curly hair, either! I can't wait to see what my LO's hair is going to be like!
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I am black and I was born with super straight hair but around one it started getting curly but now my hair is very kinky as you can see in my siggy pic. My niece is also black and born with very curly kinky hair and it is still the same way and maybe even more kinky. So it may depend but mostly the hair texture changes a lot, at least what I have seen.
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Originally Posted by futurmama8 View Post
now my hair is very kinky as you can see in my siggy pic.
OH, I LOVE your hair! I think DH has always secretly (or not so secretly) wished our son's hair would go curly so we could get him a sweet mohawk.
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Thank you. 3 months is a little early for the hair to start changing. Tell your husband to be patient, he can get a mohawk no matter what .
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My DS(black/white biracial) had very dark black straight hair when he was born. Within a few weeks, it all fell out and he was almost bald for 7-8 months. When it started to grow back it was very blond and straight. Stayed that way until he was about a year old and got some length. THen it started to curl and was a very frizzy little afro, lol. When we got it cut when he was 2, it grew back into softer ringlets, which is how it has been ever since(he is 14), at least when he doesn't get the curls shaved off. :-(

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When I was placed with my son (who is AA, or possibly biracial)at three weeks old, his hair was straight. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3181/...7a69e86659.jpg As he grew, his hair gradually got curlier: 6 wks old http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2014/...2c93a273e0.jpg , maybe 4 or 5 months old: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3105/...dcf781317b.jpg , nine months old: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3138/...25319d5360.jpg , 11 months: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3118/...2a17230af1.jpg and 15 months: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3297/...6f40dfa2f8.jpg

This is his most recent pic, at almost 17 months old, now that i've cut all his hair off: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3311/...b6215e0840.jpg

And yes...i've posted all those pics just to show off my beautiful boy!

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Originally Posted by queenjane View Post

And yes...i've posted all those pics just to show off my beautiful boy!
Thanks, Katherine! He is GORGEOUS, but I'm sure you know this.
His hair as a wee baby looks a lot like my son's (as does his skin tone. I would say he is most definitely a multicultural baby!), but your boy's is thicker and darker. The progression is incredible though. Nothin' like an illustrated example, I guess. Thanks so much!

Also, I vote for growing his hair back out if that's open for discussion.
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I'm black & white, and I had straight black hair when I was born. It stayed that way until I was 6 months, and then became 1/2 curly, 1/2 straight. It developed into a full-on fro by the time I was 7, and it's now dark brown. I'm also excited to see how my baby boy's hair will turn out he's only 3 months and has straight auburn hair. DH is 1/4 Native American and a ginger, so bets are flying!
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I am scottish/white and dh is north african, I was expecting our kids to have dh's hair, jet black and really curly, well imagine my surprise when they BOTH inherited my hair!!!
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Our son has blondish colored straight hair! Check out our pictures in my sig, we both thought he would have dark somewhat curly hair. Genes are so fascinating! Can't wait to have more children
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