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Who's left this week?

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So it looks like everyone's having babies, and I know there are lots of us not done for a couple/few more weeks!! How are we all doing??

Me? I'm feeling "different" this week, new kinds of ctx, new annoyances. I would think I've been in early labor since Wed, but I guess not. I really really don't want to do this for 3 more weeks. I'm due the 28th, but my last 2 kids were 10 days "late" and I'll probably go late again. I have a brand new TMI thing going on that I really hope to get taken care of tomorrow...... then I think I'll feel better. I just want to whine and whine and whine. It's annoying so I try not to! A fave song of mine goes "You could wait all night, I'll never stop complaining........ This is the writing of the Whiner's Bio". Yep, that's me. Whiney pregnant lady. Things could be way way worse, so I have to try to stay somewhat positive.

How's anyone else doing?! Anyone want to help w/ my attitude adjustment?!
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I'm still here! I'm 39 weeks tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty good actually! Been staying really busy - just had family visiting since Monday that leave tomorrow and then I'm ready for babe to come anytime. Mentally I'm ready for her, but physically feel like I could be pregnant for another month! I never expected to feel this good!

Stuff comes and goes for me. Cramping is on and off. Same with ctx. No loss of plug or show yet, so ??? I think for me it might just hit me out of nowhere!
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I'm still here. It's after midnight, so that makes it my official EDD. If it weren't for the stupid blood pressure rising and putting me into liability range for the hb mws I would be perfectly content to wait another week or two. I feel fine. Tired and sore, but otherwise fine. Not feeling any big rush and my body definitely doesn't seem to be in any hurry. I'm not even having much in the way of contractions, which is unusual for me in late pregnancy {usually I have a lot of BH ctx the last few weeks, but very few this time 'round}. Mentally I think I could happily just stay pregnant for a few more weeks; I feel unprepared, mostly due to some PITA financial issues.

I've seen an acupuncturist three days in a row for BP and cervical ripening treatments. Sunday would be the ideal day for this baby to be born, for convenience. We'll see what happens over the weekend.
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I'm also still here - due date tomorrow (or in an hour and a half). Just found out that stbx wants me to induce soon because we will be losing insurance coverage at the end of the month, so got lots to think about over the next couple of days.
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I'm here, 39+2

I am really, really hoping it happens this weekend- but I realize that baby will come when baby is ready. I'm not terribly uncomfortable yet, just ready to be done now. I am missing my cousin's (she's my best friend) wedding tomorrow because it's 6 hours away . . . . and I'd love to have a REAL reason, other than that I *could* have a baby at any time. Being in labor or holding a baby would be great

The past few mornings I've had some mild cramping before getting out of bed, but nothing today. A bit more discharge, watery mucous yesterday, but nothing to get excited about. I didn't have any ramp up to my first birth though, so I don't know if I will this time either. We'll see!

I hope we get lots of babies this weekend though!!
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Here!! Never had a real EDD - discrepancies with LMP and sono date (first sono at 15 wks, gave an EDD 10 days later) so I'm either 40 wks today or almost 39 wks.

Have had a lot of stress - neighbors called health dept on us, (we rent a townhouse), property managers, a sheriff, the health people came into our home while we were out and searched for the birth pool, cited us in violation of having an "illegal pool" and threatened that we couldn't have a homewaterbirth here. This was Tues...site manager and his boss were awesome and gave us the green light to go ahead. Health dept says we have until July 16th to get rid of the pool. Ummm...okay!! Babe will surely be here by then!! lol

Oh, and we have an official inspection of the unit (we're the first tenants - it's a newly built complex) on June 26th, so I'm worried what will happen if I'm in labor then.
Other than that, nothing changing. Mw doesn't do internals, so I don't know if I'm dilated or effaced, but I dont' really care. Just tired and ready for Reid to be out.
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Still here. 40 + 4 and my chipper attitude is beginning to fade. Its supposed to be 95 degrees here today - that seems to be impacting my ability to cope at the moment. I'm really hoping for this weekend!
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My EDD is still 10 days away..... it's hard being due at the end of the month! I'm so happy for all the new mamas but I"m getting jealous now & just really want to meet my babe
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Due date is the 28th. I'm in no rush whatsoever. I've had some spats of regular contractions but they were pain-free so I suspect they were just BH. Perfectly happy to wait another week or so over here.
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Still here, EDD the 28th. Had a few contractions but nothing remotely regular so who knows. I'm really hoping I make it to Sunday at the least(not that I have any indication otherwise), tomorrow is dd1's 16th birthday & I'd like to not overlap them like that if at all possible.
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We want a summer solstice baby too . Dw was 39 weeks yesterday, and we just got back from a last-minute trip to the beach (4 hours away). It felt like we were tempting fate to go away, and it does feel good to be back in the nest, but now we're definitely ready for the baby!

Dw has been sleeping a lot during the day lately . . . getting up at 10:00 a.m. and then going for a nap between 1:00 and 4:00, sometimes longer. This is mostly to counteract the insomnia she's dealing with in the night, but is also just indicative of her general energy level, which is very low.

In the past week, I have definitely noted a shift in her general state; I now think she's ready to have this baby (whereas before I would say she wasn't). But I know that it could be another 3 weeks. Luckily, she is much more sane than I was at the end of pregnancy, and seems to really be trusting in the process and doesn't seem anxious or like she's thinking about how to jump-start labor at all (as opposed to me, suggesting hikes and acupuncture and spicy food oh my).

Our midwife is at another birth right now, and has been since yesterday, so our prenatal appointment was canceled this morning. Now we're thinking that we'd like for labor to not start until our midwife has had a chance to rest up (though I realize that she is well experienced in the art of staying awake for days on end) . . . so Sunday, the Solstice, would be PERFECT.

I just want to hold our baby so badly. Sigh.

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I'm left, but feel like it will be today or tomorrow
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I'm still here, and 40 weeks, 6 days.
My care providers are using a due date 2 days later (the 15th) so I have an extra 2 days, but I'll risk out of a home birth on Monday, June 29th.
Nothing much seems to be happening and I'm beginning to feel like I'm running out of time.
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I am 39+1 today and just waiting......
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Overdue, cranky and done!
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I'm still here... 39w5d today. I've been having ctx on and off all week as well as those pains that feel like the baby is poking my cervix. Ugh.

Wednesday was my 39 week appt and when my OB checked me she rebroke my pubic bone (it broke 11 years ago during another pregnancy). I begged to be induced, unfortunately the hospital's full...so I now am lying in bed in utter pain, with a script for percocet, but it's not helping in the least.

I'm trying to be positive, but my mom's going to be here Monday night. I *really* want to have the baby before she gets here just because I don't like her in my house, with my DH, doing all of her butting-in questioning of him. Ugh. Drives me crazy! Her younger sister is also coming up and I really don't get along with her well. Knowing her, she's going to want to be in the LDR to watch the baby come...no friggin' way, *but* that's another stressful confrontation I don't need.

My husband is considering making an amniohook of sorts, just to get things going... LOL Yeah, I don't think so!
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I just talked to my midwife. She called to book a non stress test and ultrasound for me late next week and the perinatologist on staff freaked out that I was post dates and hadn't had one yet. So now I have to go in on Monday.

I'm worried that the same person is going to be on on Monday and is going to try to pressure me into all sorts of interventions that I don't want. I'm either going to be there alone, or my husband is going to have to take a morning off work. He only started this new job 3 weeks ago, so anything he takes now will have to come out of the very little bit of time he'll be able to take once the baby is born, so I don't really want to waste it. On the other hand if the docs try to bully me, I could use the support.

I could use all the labour vibes anyone has to spare that this baby comes before Monday.
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40+2, had my membranes stripped yesterday, and ready to birth. No discomforts with pregnancy at all, just want to get on with life. Plus the cat is in labor now, and it looks like she might beat me.
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I'm 40+6 today, and have been having contractions on and off for almost two weeks. Mentally I'm ok hanging on for another week, but the physical discomfort is really getting to me. Was up a lot of last night with contractions, but now they've slowed down again.

The midwives are all really encouraging that I won't hit the 42 week/induction date...I'm already 3 cm dilated, mostly effaced, and his head is LOW. But, I'm just not in active labor yet.

Hoping these contractions pick back up... Ready to be holding my little baby boy!
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Still here 38w4d or 38w6d, depending. (but 38w6d is right )

Trying to decide when to start natural induction methods, at 39.5w or 40.5w.
Dp doesn't think it'll be an issue- he's pretty sure babe will be here before my next appt, which is Wed.
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