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So here I am dreaming about minute maid apple juice boxes and eating sub sandwiches at a cafeteria-style table, and I go to roll over and my water breaks!! Most of it got in the toilet so I didn't mess my sheets! YayayYAY let the fun begin now! I have period-like cramps and now some bloody show so this is it!!!

Secretly I was hoping to hear a little *pop* but oh well! And I am so thankful it didn't break at the pool or Chinese restaurant last night!!
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LOL!! I had a dream 2 nights ago that my water broke. I woke up and was SO disappointed!

Have fun!
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So excited for you : (and a little jealous too)! Keep us updated!
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Good luck! :
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ELV:: mama!!!
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: easy labor vibes!!!
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Sounds like the perfect wacky pregnancy dream to go out on! lol

Looking forward to hearing about Soda's easy and peaceful entrance into the world! Good luck!
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Hannah Claire is here after a 42-hour labor! I've got a doozy of a story to tell later!
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Yay! Congratulations!! :
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oh my goodness, mama!!! congrats and welcome Hannah! now go rest!
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42 hours?! Wow! You are a Super Mom! Congratulations on your little girl! :
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Wow 42 hours!? You rock! Welcome Baby Hannah!! I can't wait to hear your story!! ::
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Woo-hoo! Welcome Hannah and Congrats Mama!:::
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