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A "people" rant

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So someone tell me why everyone insists in calling to 'remind' me to call them when baby is coming. Um, ya know, it really amazes me that some of these people are actually women who have had children. Maybe they just forgot that you have to go through labor.
And really, I don't want a crowded room wile I'm in labor! I know DP's stepmom is insisting on coming, and she will probably stop to pick up her SIL, because they seem to think everything is a family affair, and DP's mom is coming, which is fine with me (I know she will not interfere, she will just do her best to be supportive) but I am tired of people acting like they are just as involved in this as me. DP's stepmom tries to treat me like I'm her 16yo kid, and it's annoying because she isn't even old enough to be my mother. And, um, why do these people seem to forget that I've done this before? I mean come on! I don't need you to to tell me that I will be tired and in pain! I KNOW!!! And I know babies wake up a lot to feed, and no I don't want you to come stay to help with night-time bottle feedings! How many times do I have to tell you I will be breastfeeding!?!? Oh, breastfeeding is hard? Really? Cause I seemed to do JUST fine doing it with DS for a year!!!
Ok, I know maybe I'm being a BIT sensitive, and she is *I guess* trying to be helpful, but it's hard to look at it that way when I'm sitting at home with a headache and nausea and contractions that go nowhere, and I get a call form her asking what's going on, and saying "well, I'm just sitting here waiting for this baby ya know, so I thought I would call" HA! I got so irritated that I told her she would just have to deal with waiting cause no one is waiting as much as I am!!

Anyways, just wondering if I'm alone here. And needed to get it off my chest.

Rant over, thanks for listening dears!!!
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I feel your pain... NOBODY IRL knows my due date (husband and midwife know and some internet buddies, but nobody else) for all the reasons you state! I went through that with my DD and went a week past my due date. It was so horrible that I told everyone they would meet this baby by the end of July!

Hope your wait isn't much longer!
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I hear ya!! We told everyone not to expect any phone calls until the baby is here This of course made them a little pissed off but oh well. I want to labor in peace. Good luck
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I'm getting a lot of "You must be so ready to be done" comments. And I've gotten a few calls from DH's family asking if I've had the baby. As if we wouldn't let them know. And they act all hurt because we're not calling them every day with updates. First of all, we're busy, second of all I don't have any updates, third of all, if something were going on with my uterus or cervix, I wouldn't be sharing it with them!
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Yea, I remember this issue from last time. Nobody was really calling and bugging me, but if I didn't answer the phone or return a call *immediately* people started assuming I was in labor. We didn't call anyone when I did go into labor, and since I delivered around 1am, it was the next morning before anyone knew anything!

This time it will be a little different, only because I'll need to call someone to care for DS while we go to the birth center. Hopefully it will only be his sitter, hired to be on call 24/7- but I do have friends as back-ups. If I call one of them the news will spread quickly.

I don't even like calling anyone these days. There is always that pause. . . of them waiting to see what I have to say. I feel obligated to start with "no, no baby yet" It gets old.
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