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Is advanced language/memory sign of giftedness?

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My toddler *seems* to be pretty far ahead when it comes to language and memory (though I don't have much to compare him to!) Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

At 26 months he is speaking in complete sentences (8 words or so) with adjectives (often 2 in a row), prepositions, past tense and will correct himself if he first says the wrong tense. A typical sentence for him is "Mommy dropped the plate on the floor and broke it." He has just started answering "why" questions with "because..." or even "it's because..."

Beyond that his memory seems incredible to me. Not just memorizing stories and rhymes like I think a lot of toddlers do when they hear them a lot, but he'll remember that he played with a particular toy somewhere he has only been once 3 months ago (even though we never talked about the toy since). Yesterday we drove down a street he's only been on once or twice, but it's a back way to our old condo (moved 3 month ago). As we came to the intersection (on "new" road approaching "old familiar" road--very little to see but trees) he said "We are going to drive right by condo." We were still 3 turns away from the condo--.5 mile or so.

Anyway, feel free to give opinions on if this is or is not remarkable, but really I am curious if this is likely a sign of overall giftedness or just early language skills likely to "even out" as he gets older. He isn't doing anything else I see that would make me think "gifted", but his language and memory blow me away sometimes!
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Hello Holiztic. I don't know from your post, and my DD is only 2.5, so I don't even technically know about her being gifted either, but I did want to say welcome to the forum. Sounds like he has a great sense of direction!
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In the case of our DCs, early language skills did not even out. They turned into early reading for our DS, and very proficient reading/spelling/vocabulary. And great skills at arguing as we approach the tween years, LOL.
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It can certainly be a big indicator but there are plenty of late talkers who are gifted too. Giftedness can manifest itself in many ways. My DS was a little late with starting to speak words and just jumped into full sentences a month after he started speaking. He tests gifted now and has continued to build a crazy large vocabulary. At 3.5 he started defining words for me and explaining which meaning of a word he was using in a given sentence...lol.
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I think is some it evens out, in others, not. For one of my children the development of language was pretty much on a normal timeline, but then exploded after age 2 1/2 or so into an advanced vocabulary and advanced use of language, coupled with a very strong memory.
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my son, and from all indications my daughter too, have pretty advanced language skills and their memory ability at that age amazed me. just like you are talking about, my ds could remember things we did once months ago. i have to say that my ds is bright and while he's probably above-average i don't think he's gifted. no early reading or exceptional skills in math, just a bright kid.

i'm not sure about dd, she's only 16 months, and though she has at least 100 words and is combining them (tooth ow, for example), i'm not sure if she'll even out or keep on at such an advanced level.

with my first i was convinced he was the brightest kid i'd ever seen, and most people commented on how articulate he was, but i've gradually realized that he may be smarter than the average bear but most kids aren't listened to the way we listen to him, and he talks like an adult because of that. people just don't seem to get that from most kids

which isn't to say your kiddo isn't gifted, just that my kids seem to have early language development and still be within the above-average but not gifted range.
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Your DS sounds like mine, who is 20 months. We took him to get ice cream one time and then the next weekend we took him to the park-when we started to drive down the town's main street (where the ice-cream stand also is) he goes "Ice cream! I have ice cream! Yummy!" and on and on...luckily he liked the park just as well, lol.
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I think that's ahead of the general crowd. My 22 months old is at the same stage and most people think he's turning three, which was how I realised my first inkling that it's ahead.

my elder one is a late speaker and average reader. To me he has no exceptional skills either. The things that did make me pause was mature speech, and his interests and questions are that of an older child. He has tested gifted with possible vision /processing issues. The tester suspects that he has been compensating for them through his intelligence. So if something doesn't add up, it may be worth to take a closer look.
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