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I had to put our boys in separate beds by 3 months too. They also were moving and groving and would bang their heads together no matter how far apart I put them. I was up enough as it was, I couldn't handle the extra waking from the head bashing too!

Hey Intertwined, if you ever want to vent about early moving and climbing twins, let me know! My boys were climbing onto kitchen cupboards by about 9months and walking by 10 months. I know lots of tricks!
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Originally Posted by obxbound View Post
My boys are 4 months old (my how time flies) and they are no longer co-sleeping with us. I do have them sharing a crib. I'm curious if your babies co-bedded, and if so, how long did you let them? They don't disturb each other and they actually seem to enjoy it. We will often put them down in separate sides of the crib and they move towards each other. They have to be touching. It's tooo darn cute for words!

Anyway...I'm just curious as to how long yours shared a crib and what made separate them.
my boys are 14m old, and still in the pack n play together ....
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Mine shared. They finally seperated for good when they were 4. When they were born the nurses placed them in seperate cots and they cried and cried. I swaddled them together with DS 'hugging' DD and they calmed down and slept. At home they slept in an old pram beside our bed until they were 3 mos. then moved to the crib where they slept happily together. On board our boat all three shared a bed when they were babies and toddler. It was like a big pile of baby every night, legs and arms in all directions, one using another's bum for a pillow, another with a foot acroos their eyes....but they slept and were happy and that was the main thing.
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We cobed because it gives us wonderful, glorious sleep! My babies will sleep 8-12 hours if they're sleeping side by side. They wake up every hour or so if they're not touching. So they co-bed and will as long as humanly possible.
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