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How old was your infant when....

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you took him/her out of the house for their first outing? Mine was three days old, I wore her in a sling and she was perfectly safe. I have a friend whose wife insists that he can't take his daughter out for a quick father's day breakfast (they are separated) at a bagel shop because their daughter is only 10 days old. She says babies can't leave the house until they are at least a month, but preferably two months, old. FYI she is a nurse.

Just wondering your thoughts on this....
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I started going for long walks with my babe when he was three days old.
But I would not be cool with being separated from my 10-day-old baby, even if she was with her dad. What if she got hungry and needed me?
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Originally Posted by Megan73 View Post
I started going for long walks with my babe when he was three days old.
But I would not be cool with being separated from my 10-day-old baby, even if she was with her dad. What if she got hungry and needed me?
Yea, we were out at 8 days, but I absolutely would not have let DS out of my sight at 10 days. Heck, I still won't at 11 weeks.
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three days; dh and i went for sushi on our 1 year anniversary.

eta- there's NO WAY, separated or not, that my child's father or anyone would be able to take him somewhere without me for about the first 6 months. i nurse on demand and if my baby demands to nurse when i'm not around... yeah, no. not gonna happen.
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leaving the house *with mom* and leaving the house *without mom* are, IMO, two completely and totally different things when you're talking about a baby that small. no way on earth would i let my baby out of my sight for longer than a quick shower would take, much less let the baby out of the house for a couple of hours with a spouse who i am clearly not getting along with. but i've taken my babies out for a walk around the block or whatever in a sling at a day or two old, and i remember going to target with my mom to buy some clothes that fit when DD1 was maybe 5 days old and baby slept happily in the sling the whole time.
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I think DD was less than 24 hours old when we went to the grocery store. But I wouldn't let a baby out of my sight younger than 6 months at the very least.
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4 days old in the middle of an Alaskan winter! We went out to lunch. I wouldn't go separate from her even now at 4.5 months though.
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We went to church at 6 days
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Three days old here, too....we went to a barbeque party at a friend's house, and she was in the sling the whole time. The older women at the party were just astonished that I was not in a hospital somewhere recuperating with the baby in the hospital nursery! It was so cute, though...it was just killing all of these ladies to play it cool and not snatch her out of the sling! They were very respectful, but they were dying to cuddle her.

I wouldn't be comfortable with my newborn going out without me that young though...as much for MY needs as hers!
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1 day
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With me...1 day old.

Without me, for longer than 1 hour--just today, and he's 3 weeks old. I was gone for about 2.5 hours and left him with my uncle while I went clothes shopping. I left him because it's 90 degrees outside and I didn't want to haul him in and out of the car in the heat to go shopping. My uncle lived less than 1 mile from where I was shopping. And it was during his nap time, so he slept the whole time I was gone.

I couldn't imagine keeping him in the house for 1-2 months. I'd go batty.
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4 days here with dd who is now 3 weeks.

6 weeks with ds, we were naive enough to listen to the pediatrician that said babies can't go out for the first 6 weeks. lol
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We went to the mall when DS was only a few days old. I hate being cooped up in the house. I doubt we will even wait that long this time around.
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The nurse who taught my childbirth class recommended avoiding going out in public for 6 weeks. I took my guy out around 10 days or so but I can't remember if that was the first outing. When he was 7 days old, I fed him then put him to nap in his Moses basket with my hubby nearby while I went to purchase a nursing bra.

I went to a bfing march 3.5 weeks pp and other mamas were surprised I was out and about with him so little....
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Oh yeah, just about immediately. But a young baby of mine wouldn't go anywhere without me. So any outing would be an outing with me.
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i had to take her out at 1 day - single mama, necessary ped visit. that first outing set the precedent, as i am not a stay-in-the-house kind of girl. i tried to keep us out of extremely public places for the first few weeks, but we did go to the woods for the first time when she was 5 days :

admittedly, i have left her in the care of others, since she was about 5 weeks old, amounting to once or twice a week, for a few hours, but even to this day i will not leave her alone with anyone who isn't also a mom. this has been the source of quite a few arguments between me and her dad.

i hated to leave her, but i really needed a break. being the sole parent to a newborn is incredibly taxing.
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Dd was out for daily walks from 2days old. Dh and I went out to eat w/ her when she was about a week as well.
With ds, we were at the ped almost every day the first week. He came w/ me to the MWs office at 4 days old as well.
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There is NO WAY I would allow my newborn anywhere without me.

An outing isn't really the same as an outing without mom, it really is asking too much to insist a new mom allow her baby anywhere without her.
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I had heard about waiting, but after 2 weeks I had to get out with my little man!!

That said, remember how you felt at 10 days. Still emotional? Recovering physically? I could barely take a shower wthout panic that my son would need me. I'd agree with the other moms that 10 days is too soon for dad to take baby out and away from mom, even for just an hour. But it is reasonable for dad to want to spend some time with his child. Maybe the mom could take a nap? Then the dad could have some privacy without taking the child away....
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I think DS was a week or two old, when we went out for the first time. I would've taken him out earlier but I just wasn't feeling up to it, until that point.
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