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The "due date"

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So for those of us who are left...
When is your "due date"???

Mine is today, Saturday June 20th 2009
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Mine is next Friday, 6/26.
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Mine was June 13th, based on ovulation or June 15th based on LMP.
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June 24th- based on ovulation. Absolutely positive, since I was seeing an RE at the time for IF.
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Mine is the 24th based on Ovulation. THough I've started going by the 23rd (the date the midwives are using).
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Yesterday, 6/19, according to the ultrasound done at around 9 weeks.

I happened to get pregnant the one time that I couldn't remember when I ovulated or when my LMP was. My best guess put the due date at around 6/5, but the u/s said 6/19 so that's what we went with.
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Yesterday, June 19th, according to conception.
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June 25th! Based on our 100% sure conception date of October 2nd. Speaking of which, I was realizing the other day that dw won't have actually been pregnant for 9 months until July 2nd. And now I'm wondering if that's when ds4 will arrive (exactly 41 weeks).

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June 18th!
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I'm due June 24. Yesterday I had mild-but-regular contractions from noon until at least 11:30 PM. I thought it might be the night! But then things tappered off... With my first pregnancy, I knew right away that "real" labor had started. With this pregnancy, I've had several episodes of "false" labor, and it can be a little confusing!
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June 29th... and I'm certain of it because I know what day we conceived. I have a feeling I will be one of the last ones, and have to hop over to July!
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I'm due 6/21 based on LMP. 6/24 according to the 6 week u/s though.

I'd really like the baby to come tonight or tomorrow so that I can be home (if I have to go to the hospital) before my mom and aunt get here on Monday evening.
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I'll be 40 weeks on June 30th, based on conception date.
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June 28th they say.
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next sunday the 28th! I would LOVE to not go over again. That would mean 2.5 more weeks, and I seriously cannot imagine. I feel the more I complain, the longer this is going to last! better shut my mouth I guess--or turn off my brain which is the real problem.
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My EDD is June 27 (by conception and early u/s) or June 29 (by LMP, which is what the m/w is using).
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