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successful nursing

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Hip hip hooray! We had our first successful "official" nursing session tonight. She kept trying to fall asleep, but I am positive she got milk. And she protested when I switched her to the other breast. :

Hooray! My boobs work! My baby works! I gave her the bottle afterward just to be sure that she got enough to not wake us up at 2am. And then I even pumped 110ml. WOW. They're *really* working tonight.

YAY!! Needed some good news today. I was really down in the dumps yesterday. Think I had PPD pretty badly. Green beans didn't even taste good and they are my all time fav veggie.

Today has been a much, much better day.
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yay for successful nursing!! :
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WooHoo! : That's awesome! I hope this is the start of a long sucessful nursing relationship
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Yay! That is great news...:
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That is fatastic! Glad you are getting a pay-off for all your hard work!
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:::This gives me hope that mine will figure it out too! (pumping and feeding through syringe for Claire that won't latch)
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Yay!!! I'm so glad you nursed successfully!!! Way to go, Lilah and Mama's boobs!!! :::
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:: Yay! Glad you got some good news and Lilah is enjoying her mama milk
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That is so wonderful!::
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WOO HOO that is awesome. I am sure I will be coming to you for advice/help on the nursing. I am so glad she is doing well.

We get to try nursing tomorrow morning so send some of your good luck my way.

I am sorry about the possible PPD. Ask for help if you need it. You will never regret that part.
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I am so happy to hear that!!! I hope you can get help for PPD too!
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