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Selling Breastmilk?  

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Make sure it's for a baby. Some people are really weird.
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If it was for an actual family, and I didn't mind the pumping, I would consider it. I would be more comfortable taking money as a reimbursement for time/travel/supplies than actually selling it for a certain amount per ounce. IDK, it may even be illegal.
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I was looking for a family to donate milk to recently, and received a response from a man who requested that I donate milk to him because he "likes the taste." I guess I shouldn't have been surprised or offended, but I was both. I suddenly feel a new solidarity with my bovine sisters being exploited in dairy farms... If I saw an ad offering to pay for BM, I'd wager 10 to 1 it's someone with similarly inappropriate intentions.
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If it's for a baby, I would be fine with it (although I might see if I could donate rather than sell, because that feels more ethical to me).

If it's not for a baby, you should be aware that the going rate for fetishists is ~$10 an ounce.
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Originally Posted by MeepyCat View Post
If it's not for a baby, you should be aware that the going rate for fetishists is ~$10 an ounce.
That made my day...
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If you're interested in donating, you might check out MilkShare. They don't allow selling, only donating, but it's a really great way to help mamas who want to give their babies as much breastmilk as possible, and aren't able to produce a full supply on their own.

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i was contacted by a man too (i wonder if it is the same man)

i would never sell to a a baby. i would sell *small* amounts to fettishes, maybe milk that i was questioning, (ie how long has this been in here? )

babies need it, and they have no money is my philosophy, i do have my donor mom send bags and pay for shipping,
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What are you talking about?

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I've been in cancer treatment for over a year, and I have never even heard of an oncology patient being prescribed breast milk.  I've heard of limited runs of commercial ice cream made with breast milk - but it was very limited runs and ran into trouble with food licensing.  Breast milk may include stem cells, but it's unclear that those cells would survive food safety processing, or digestion, in any way that resulted in a benefit to the patient.


There may be some call for breast milk for adults for medical purposes, but the adults who contacted me about breast milk, when I had it to give away, were not pursuing medical needs of any kind.  I am not being hypocritical when I say that those guys (they were all guys) struck me as weird and creepy, or when I advise mothers who might want to sell breast milk to exercise caution in contact with that population.

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Hi Silvercloud.  I know what stem cells are, and I know that there's some exciting treatments (and more exciting potential treatments) involving transplanting stem cells.


Here's what's not clear:  It's not clear that eating stem cells has the same benefits as transplanting stem cells.  Usually, when I eat something, my digestive system breaks it down into its component molecules, and the benefits I derive from the food are related to those component molecules.  That's why, when I receive treatments of monoclonal antibodies (gene-spliced immune globulins that help fight the particular kind of cancer I have), I have to have them infused intravenously.  If I swallowed them, all I'd get would be a handful of calories.  There are some chemotherapeutic agents that can be taken orally, but gene therapies are all IV infusions.


In the past, when I've heard breast milk discussed for cancer patients, the benefits mentioned have been that it's a relatively high calorie, high fat food that's easy to digest.  (And I've never heard a doctor suggest it - it comes up often on certain kinds of discussion boards, but I suspect almost never in oncology practice.)  Ease of digestion is a big deal for cancer patients.  Unfortunately, so is infection control.  Cancer patients are often receiving treatments that kick the heck out of their immune systems, and need to be very concerned about potential source of infection.  Therefore, any foods they consume need to be prepared, processed and stored with care.  Breast milk would need to be heated (pasteurized).  It's not clear that stem cells survive the pasteurization process either.

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A couple of posts in this thread have been removed because they are not fitting with the User Agreement. In addition, as this was an old thread and the OP has been removed, I'm closing this thread.

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